APAT | Satellites
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From as little as 25p, you can start your journey to any APAT National Event including the World Championship Of Amateur Poker


Step 1


On the half hour


Step 2


On the hour


Step 3


Thur & Sun at 9pm

The Best Satellites For Your Bankroll

Join the satellites at the level that suits you, and use your tokens to play APAT Online Championships, APAT Live National Championships or join us in Manchester for the 10th Annual World Championship Of Amateur Poker

  • Step 1

  • 24p+1p

    • Play the Step 1 Satellite on the half hour throughout the day
    • Win a Step 2 Token (1 gtd)
    • Min 3 Runners
    • 30 mins late reg

  • Step 2

  • £4.70+30p

    • Play the Step 2 Satellite on the hour throughout the day
    • Win a Step 3 Token (1 gtd) – Check lobby for 3 gtd & 5 gtd sats
    • Min 3 Runners
    • 60 mins late reg


    • Play Online Side Event

  • Step 3

  • £28+£2

    • Play the Step 3 Satellite at 9pm (Thur & Sun)
    • Win £150 of APAT Credit (1 gtd)
    • Min 4 Runners
    • 60 mins late reg


    • Play Online Main Event

  • APAT Credit

  • £150 Gtd every Thursday & Sunday

    • Use APAT Credit to play any live event in Season 11
    • Play a main event and side event
    • Save up credits to play a schedule at WCOAP
    • Get cash back for travel expenses on balances less than £82 (payable at your next live event)

APAT Credits –  Examples

If you’ve won an online satellite and now have £150 of APAT credit, we will contact you to confirm your balance.  There are a number of ways you can use your balance throughout the season for APAT Live events.

  • You could decide to play an £82 National Championship and request the remaining balance of £68 to be paid out to you in cash at the event towards your travel costs.
  • You could play any event and just keep the balance in your account and look to win further credits.
  • You could just hold onto your credits and look to add to them, perhaps with a plan to build enough to play a schedule of events at the WCOAP or ECOAP.

APAT Credits do not have an expiry date, and can be used in full or part payment towards any APAT Live events.