APAT hosted the 888poker United Kingdom Open at the G Casino, Manchester over the weekend of 3rd-4th December. With a £100 buy in and a 10,000 starting stack, 45 minute clock tournament, the 119 runners created a £11,900 prize pool including added value of a tournament entry from APAT to the winner. Play in the early stages was fast and furious and players sought to build their stacks early. Zhang Yangran and John Anderson were way out at the head of affairs from the mid levels of the day, both amassing impressive stacks over double that of their nearest competitiors. Craig Dawson was their nearest challenger, playing consistently throughout a day that saw fewer players return for the second day than normal.
The APAT United Kingdom Team Championships was held at the G Casino and featured a sold out field of twenty three teams of eight players each drawn from some of the largest UK poker communities who were once again treated to a 10,000 starting stack, 45 minute clock tournament in keeping with APAT's aim to bring affordable deepstack poker to recreational players. The 184 runners created a £9,200 prize pool,half going to the top three teams (points scored for the top 50 finishers) and half to the top individual finishers. Once again APAT provided added value with a UKIPT seat to the individual winner of the Championship. As expected play was extremely competitive throughout with the best performing teams in early play Hetton Social League, Hendon Mob and blonde Poker: All three did not lose a player until well into day one play. In the last level, Rob Swindells who had been near the head of affairs all day, won a big pot against Alan Lake of Black Belt Poker, pocket Queens against pocket Tens to move into a dominating position.
The centrepiece of the five day APAT WCOAP festival at Nottingham's Dusk Till Dawn Club was the No Limit Hold’em World Amateur Poker Championship main event, which attracted 405 runners over two starting days, creating a £42,900 prize pool with a first prize of £12,900. The event was run in partnership with www.DTDPoker.com who provided several added value seats to Dusk Till Dawn events for WCOAP Champions. 199 players took part in Day 1a, each starting with 15,000 chips and a deepstack structure affording bountiful play. After 14 levels and 12 hours play 26 players made it through to the final day. On Day1b 206 players began and, with somewhat tighter play to the fore, 38 players made it through.
114 runners participated in the WCOAP Omaha Championship, the concluding event of the 2011 World Championship Of Amateur Poker festival at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. Players began with 10,000 chips and a 30 minute clock providing ample scope for play in this ever popular game. Chris Peers the Heads Up WCOAP made a determined attempt to follow up in this event but exited with two tables remaining. APAT National Champion Steve Redfern unfortunately bubbled the final table, his second bubble finish of this WCOAP, although on this occasion he secured a minor cash. The final table line up, which included international team players from Spain and Italy was as follows: 1    Daniel Partridge 2    Neil Dobney 3    Juan De Diego 4    Henry Griffiths 5    John Valentine 6    Ritesh Chauhan 7    Ian Thompson 8    Andrea Lombardi 9    Joanna Sharp Finishing 9th, in his second WCOAP final table of the year was Dan Partridge, being eliminated by Andrea Lombardi. Chip leader Henry Griffiths then accounted for Jo Sharp, Aces cracked by King-Queen-Jack-Nine.
The final table began with three young players, Liam Batey, Liam Crawford and chip leader Daniel Partridge all holding over 250,000 chips. Short-stack Lukas Dasynski, the winner of the APAT Welsh Amateur Championship earlier in the current APAT season, was eliminated on the first hand of the final by Partridge. Portugese player Nuno Andrade, a member of the medal winning Portugal team in the WCOAP Team Championship, was then extremely unlucky in consecutive hands. He pushed Pocket Kings and was called all-in by Ian Gregory with Ace-Five suited. Gregory rivered a gusthot straigt to leave Andrade severely low on chips. Next hand, finding King-Queen he shoved and was called by the big blind Partridge with Four-three. Andrade flopped a King but two threes fell on the board to knock him out sixth. Partridge by now had a commanding position, especially after he knocked Gregory out in fifth. Partridge was playing with flair, in most pots. Liam Crawford fell in fourth at the hands of APAT regular Phil Tompkinson, losing a race with Ace-Queen against pocket Tens. Tompkinson himself fell in third, Liam Batey flopping top pair maning local player Liam Batey and Daniel Partridge began Heads Up with equal stacks.
Forty-eight players participated in this popular Championship, now a mainstay of the World Championship Of Amateur Poker festival. Six thousand starting chips and a thirty minute clock with Limit variants of the various HORSE disciplines afforded plentiful play with the unfortunate first exit, APAT stalwart Gerard Smyth, not departing until well into the fourth level. After over eight hours play the final table lien up was reached as follows: 1 Steve Redfern 24,800 2 Phil Mildon 23,100 3 Ben Burnhill 13,200 4 Andrew Duncan 23,400 5 Dave Howard 105,700 6 Paul mcGuinness 42,200 7 Andrew Macleod 41,900 8 Paul Robinson 13,300 Mildon and Duncan thus made their second Championship final tables of the WCOAP festival, with winning WCOAP team event captain Paul McGuinness following up his team's triumph with another strong showing in his own right. Ben Burnhill, Paul Robinson and Steve Redfern fell before the cash positions were reached. The minor cash positions were filled by Andrew Duncan, in fifth, and Philip Mildon in fourth. Dave Howard knocked Andrew Macleod out in the bronze medal position to enter Heads Up with a commanding lead against his Welsh competitor.
Fifty two players representing thirteen countries participated in the APAT WCOAP World Amateur Team Championship held over two days at Dusk Till Dawn and sponsored by DTD Poker. The format, once again, called for players to play No Limit Hold Em and Pot Limit Omaha Sit N Go's, Heads Up and then a Multi Table Event to determine the Championship. Over the course of the first day the pace-setters were Italy, leading after the Sit N Go rounds and holding onto that lead in the face of a superb performance from the German and Republic of Ireland teams in the Heads Up Games. At the other end of the table the England team suffered a disastrous start, with all four players elminated early in the first games before they recovered to a middle of the field position by virtue of scoring the most points in the Omaha Round.

Sixty Four players participated in the APAT WCOAP Heads Up Championship at Dusk Till Dawn sponsored by DTD Poker. Early rounds saw one off matches before the competition moved to a best of three format at the semi-final stage. Peers from Middlesborugh beat local player...

Cumbria's Jon Seal won the Seven Card Stud WCOAP Championship event, sponsored by DTD Poker, beating local player Peter Thorpe Heads Up after a hard fought final table.  47 players sat down to play a discipline not often found on the UK tournament scene these...

In the late hours of last night, APAT Scottish International Grant Spiers took down the prestigious 888poker Scottish Amateur Poker Championship, beating James Kearns heads up for the title, Championship Cup, Gold Medal and £3,095 first prize.  Spiers will also represent APAT in a UKIPT professional...

Courtesy of 888.com the individual winner of the Championship wins an entry to a UKIPT main event as part of an overall sponsorship package where APAT members have the chance to win added value throughout a packed season of Live and Online National Championships and leagues.  In addition, each of the season’s seventy five amateur, professional and online tournaments are run completely registration free for players.

Points positions for the team eventstarted from 50th place down, and at that point Edgeworth Cricket Club still had seven of their eight players remaining. Short-stacked Noe Purdie then went on a tear, her stack climbing from 6,000 at the last break of the night to end the night chip leader ahead of a player high in the chip counts all day, Phil Jones.