S13 Prague – August 2019

Following on from APAT’s first Season 13 stop in Namur (May 9th-12th), we’re delighted to confirm that APAT’s next S13 stop will be to ‘the City of a Hundred Spires’ – the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague – from Thursday 29th August to Sunday 1st September 2019 to host the European Championship of Amateur Poker (ECOAP) at the Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin, situated right in the heart of Prague’s historic core and adjacent to Old Town Square.

Further Season 13 stops are expected to be confirmed by 30 Jun 19.


Rebuy Stars Casino Savarin: Na Příkopě 10, 110 00 Nové Město, Czechia
Tele: +420 606 040 610
email: floorman.savarin@rebuystars.com
Web: Casino Savarin
Facebook: Here

The casino is open 24/7.  Players need to register for free at the Casino reception with photo ID and receive a membership card, which must be used for all visits (scan the card and enter) and is required for all cash transactions.  All formats for cash games are offered and run in CZK (1€=25CZK), limits from CZK 25/55 up raked at 5% capped (€15).  Dress code is ‘casual’, no sports clothing.  The poker room is non smoking, and smoking is only allowed on the outside terrace next to the poker room.

Overview of events*

   Buyin    GTD    RE    Stack    Clock    Late Entry
   Thursday 29th August 2019
   14:00   ECOAP Team Championship    € 120    20 min
   18:00   NL Holdem – Warm Up    € 36    €10,000    unl.    25,000    20 min    12 levels
   Friday 30th August 2019
   12:00   NL Holdem – Turbo Satellite to ECOAP ME    € 24    10 Seats    unl.    10,000    15 min    10 levels
   15:00   NL Holdem – ECOAP MAIN EVENT – Day 1A    € 120    €20,000    2x    40,000    40 min    9 levels
   20:00   NL Holdem – Turbo Deepstack    € 56    €5,000    2x    50,000    15 min    12 levels
   Saturday 31st August 2019
   10:00   NL Holdem – Turbo Satellite to ECOAP ME    € 24    5 Seats    unl.    10,000    10 min    10 levels
   12:00   NL Holdem – ECOAP MAIN EVENT – Day 1B    € 120    €20,000    2x    40,000    40 min    9 levels
   15:00   NL Holdem – Turbo Satellite to High Roller    € 36    10 Seats    unl.    10,000    15 min    10 levels
   18:00   NL Holdem – ECOAP High Roller – Day 1    € 250    unl.    30,000    25 min    10 levels
   20:00   NL Holdem – Bounty    € 56    €5,000    2x    20,000    15 min    10 levels
   Sunday 1st September 2019
   13:00   NL Holdem – ECOAP MAIN EVENT – Day 2    40 min
   14:00   NL Holdem – ECOAP High Roller – Day 2    25 min
   15:00   ROE (NLHE/PLO)    € 56    1x    15,000    20 min    8 levels
   17:00   NL Holdem – 6 handed Turbo    € 56    2x    30,000    15 min    10 levels

*13% is deducted from all buyins, with the remainder forming the prize fund.

Along with a 40k starting stack for the Main Event, the event structure can be found HERE

The top three teams in the Team Championship, along with the top three individuals in the Main Event, will each receive the coveted National Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.


On The Day

Players can buy-in at the venue for available seats on a first-come-first-served basis from 2 hours before each tournament, and players will be given 2 copies of their receipt – 1 is for the dealer and the 2nd to be visible at the player seating position at all times (including breaks).  As soon as a player takes their seat they receive their chip stack from the dealer on handing over their receipt.  Any player who fails to take their seat by the end of late registration will have their chip stack reduced by the relevant blinds every 20 mins / orbit.

Reserve A Seat In Advance

Players can guarantee their seat for the Main Event by reserving in advance via the APAT Eventbrite facility, which will close when all allocated seats are reserved, or at 11pm on the evening prior to the event start day.



Live Updates

A live update/blog will be provided throughout the Team Championship and Main Event.

Terms and Conditions

Please note the event is subject to the terms & conditions of the Amateur Poker Association & Tour.  All events are subject to APAT/Venue discretion on the day, and structures/levels may be altered and timings changed if viewed in the best interests of the event.  As a player with the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, we would like you to be aware of your expected role in our collective responsibility to ensure that the weekend is memorable and enjoyable for not only every participant, but for all involved within the venue.  We would appreciate you doing your bit to ensure that everyone comes away having had the best possible experience with APAT.

Event Details