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APAT are delighted to announce details of the 12th annual World Championship of Amateur Poker (WCOAP).

The WCOAP will take place online at partypoker due to the Covid pandemic, with events playing out between January 23rd and February 8th, 2021.

The festival is the highlight of every APAT season and will feature 16 multi-format bracelet events with buy ins ranging from $55 to $530.

For the first time, WCOAP will feature a mirrored mini series of 15 events with buy ins at an affordable $5.50 per event.

WCOAP Main Event Bracelet

The entire series will guarantee prize money of over three quarters of a million dollars to players, in addition to offering a bespoke bracelet (pictured above) for the winner of the Main Event (event #16) and an added Millions seat worth $5,500 for the highest ranked player of the WCOAP.

WCOAP Main Festival

Each event will award Bracelets, Medals and Ranking points towards the Player of the WCOAP leaderboard. The start time will be 7.15pm GMT for all events on day 1 and day 2, apart from #11 Heads Up Championship which will start at 8.05pm GMT (no late registration).

Standard WCOAP Bracelet

Players will have to have been a member of APAT prior to the event start to claim an added prize.

Date#Event DaysBuy in
(& fee)
Sat 23 Jan1International Team Championship (invite)2 $  55.00$0
Sun 24 Jan26-Max Knockout Championship2 $  55.00$75,000
Mon 25 Jan3Mix-Max Championship2 $  55.00$25,000
Tue 26 Jan4PLO8 Knockout Championship2 $  55.00$15,000
Wed 27 Jan5High Roller Championship2 $265.00$75,000
Thu 28 Jan6FL 7 Card Stud Championship2 $  55.00$2,500
Fri 29 Jan7PLO Knockout Championship2 $  55.00$15,000
Sat 30 Jan86-Max Championship2 $  55.00$25,000
Sun 31 Jan9Knockout Championship2 $  55.00$75,000
Mon 01 Feb10PLO8 Championship2 $  55.00$10,000
Tue 02 Feb11Heads Up Championship2 $  55.00$10,000
Wed 03 Feb12Super High Roller Championship2 $530.00$100,000
Thu 04 Feb13PLO Championship2 $  55.00$10,000
Fri 05 Feb14Turbo Knockout Championship1 $  55.00$40,000
Sat 06 Feb15Turbo Championship1 $  55.00$20,000
Sun 07 Feb16Main Event2 $109.00$150,000

WCOAP Mini Series

All events will mirror the format of their counterpart in the WCOAP Main Series, but be available at 10% of the buy in (plus fee) price.

Date#EventDaysBuy in
& fee
Sun 24 Jan26-Max Knockout2 $    5.50$10,000
Mon 25 Jan3Mix-Max2 $    5.50$5,000
Tue 26 Jan4PLO8 Knockout2 $    5.50$3,000
Wed 27 Jan5High Roller2 $  27.50$15,000
Thu 28 Jan6FL 7 Card Stud2 $    5.50$500
Fri 29 Jan7PLO Knockout2 $    5.50$3,000
Sat 30 Jan86-Max2 $    5.50$5,000
Sun 31 Jan9Knockout2 $    5.50$10,000
Mon 01 Feb10PLO82 $    5.50$2,500
Tue 02 Feb11Heads Up2 $    5.50$1,000
Wed 03 Feb12Super High Roller2 $  55.00$20,000
Thu 04 Feb13PLO2 $    5.50$2,500
Fri 05 Feb14Turbo Knockout1 $    5.50$7,500
Sat 06 Feb15Turbo1 $    5.50$4,000
Sun 07 Feb16Main Event2 $  11.00$20,000

Player of the WCOAP

APAT will allocate points in the Main Series and Mini Series to identify the highest ranked players in both. These players will win a Millions Online seat worth $5,300 and a Millions Mini Online seat worth $1,100, respectively. Players ranked 2nd to 10th in each leaderboard will win a $55 online ticket. These prize will only be available to players who are members of APAT.

For full details, see the WCOAP 2021 and WCOAP Mini Series pages within Events, above.

The APAT Show

The APAT Show will stream live at 10pm GMT every evening to cover off that day’s activity, news and player interviews. Cards up coverage will be shows on February 4th, 6th and 8th.

The APAT Show streams in the APAT Facebook Group

The WCOAP Main Series will also award Gold, Silver & Bronze Medals

Member Only Added Value

Please note added value will only be available to APAT members. This includes WCOAP Bracelets, Medals and the highest ranked player of the WCOAP prize.

The terms & conditions of the WCOAP can be found here.

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