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Title: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: MAIR on May 23, 2008, 12:13:44 PM
Although I write my own blog, I thought I would also write it here on APAT's new Blog section of the Forum.

My name is Mary and I live in Edinburgh, im a very amateur poker player, I have my ups n downs and I am involved in quite a few communities online which I enjoy as well as trying to make my fortunes playing Poker.

Here is my first posting:


Played in the APAT English Open tonight.  81 runners and right off I doubled up to 10k and then took a lovely pot when my A10 on a 10 high board was pushed by a guy with 710 and I took him out too.  I was CL until after the 1st break and then basically stayed tight and holding my own for some time.  I wasnt getting any hands or an opportunity to get any chips, taking the blinds every now and then but nothing much, was shortie for long enough and struggled to hang in there and make it to the FT and the money.  Bubble went on forever, with me hanging by a thread with my measly 10k in chips, but made it to FT.  Doubled up at one point and ended up going out in 7th when my A8 AI hit the big stack's 55 and I didnt hit, but was good and cashed for $40, so $29 profit there and some Ranking Points and felt good about my overall performance.

My mate Kenn is playing in the Partypoker $1 million Finale tournament on 31 May, structure is as follows:

Tournament name: May $1 million Finale
Buy-in: $640
Start time: 12:45 ET on Saturday, May 31
Guaranteed prize pool: $1,000,000
Starting chips: 20,000
Blind levels: 20 minutes
Well I've purchased a stake in him of 5% so VGL to Kenn will be railing and cheering him on.

Daniel Negreanu's new poker school has opened,  I quite fancy joining it, and have a promo code for 40% off the initial subscription offer.  Ive been reading mixed reviews on it and will look at them more over the next couple days afore I sign up.  A few are saying there are not many videos on at the mo, and to leave it a month but the offer is only open til 1st June so will look to making a decision shortly.

Bankroll is doing well, got a few things in the pipeline, new League about to start on 1 June on RTR, different set up this time and looks to be a goodie, so looking forward to that.

Might play the Sunday 100k on Stars and also the Britbloggerment this coming Sunday.  Nothing much else, will dabble in a few tourneys here n there and post any results.

GL at the tables all.

Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: MAIR on May 24, 2008, 19:00:23 PM

Played 1 tournament yesterday, a $3.30 90 Man KO on FTP.  I played a tight aggressive game and I did very well in it getting to FT and sitting middle of the road chips wise.  Blinds were huge at this point and the chips were flying back and forth between the 4 of us left, CL going from one to other regularly.  Not one of us was giving in tho and it was ages before the chap went out in 4th place.  I was very short stacked with only $9k and blinds 1k/2k so I pushed on my BB with 710 and CL called with 8J and none of us hit.  Happy to take 3rd place for $31.50 as normally I used to play these and donk out early.

Didn't play any more poker last night, my mate from the States was online and I played Pinochle instead, was quite relaxing and away from the norm of a poker evening.

I have the APAT Ukrainian Open tonight on Bluesqare at 8pm.  Hope to do at least as well as I did on Thursday with my 7th place, but we will see, I do feel I have improved a lot in my MTT play and a lot of it is to do with the fact that I have more concentration.  I really took the time to review how bad it really was, I would easily get distracted, would be doing other stuff as well as playing, and really how can I concentrate when doing these things as well as trying to win a poker tournament.  With the increased level of concentration I have picked up so much more about the players during the tournament and also evaluating my own play more, which has helped a lot.

I do intend to get some sort of training online, either through PXF or PokerVT.  Ive been giving it serious consideration as to which is the best to go with.  PXF does have a huge database of training for the MTT player, and by far is the best and most respected in the MTT training field.  They primarily concentrate on STT and MTT tournament training and really that is my game, I don't do cash games I am a tournament player.

On the other hand, I have massive respect for Daniel's new poker site just opened this week.  The only thing that is putting me off is that it is relatively new.  From the feedback received, they do not have a lot of videos on as yet, but the huge features they offer to name a few, Daniel's Small Ball Strategy, Ongoing Hand Analysis, Poker Math, N-SPAT Testing, Interactive Games to improve your game, Online Poker Strategy etc etc the list goes on.  A lot to consider before making a final decision but the more I think of it the more I feel that some form of training is needed and needed now.  I need to get out of those bad habits in poker, I need to become more aggressive in my play, change my game to a large winning player, not just a player who mosey's along playing the game, enjoying it but not getting much return from it.

I am a small stakes player in the sense that I don't have the huge bankroll that some of my fellow poker players have, and I tend to stick to these low level MTTs and STTs.  I occasionally will play a lil bit of a higher buy in ($24+2 Gtd Tourneys on FTP) but not much, but moreso than not you will find me playing the $3 & $6 tournaments on FTP and Stars.  What I need to do tho is learn more skill of poker to enable me to move up within my bankroll rather than being afraid to up the stakes, even slightly.

You all probably read this blog and think, my gawd she talks some, but you know what, I enjoy writing about how I feel, and I enjoy writing about my poker.  It helps me analyse things a bit more and put things into perspective and the more I do it, the more I will learn from it.

As always, good luck at the tables all.


Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: AMRN on May 24, 2008, 19:39:16 PM


Didn't play any more poker last night, my mate from the States was online and I played Pinochle instead

So, at weekends, you play with wooden puppets who have desires to be real boys?

Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: APAT on May 24, 2008, 19:41:44 PM
Enjoying the blog Mary, but I had to admit you got me with "Pinochle" also.  A game designed to grow and grow on you, no doubt  ;D
Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: Chipaccrual on May 24, 2008, 19:55:21 PM
Isn"t wikipedia great.  Sounds an interesting game.
Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: MAIR on May 24, 2008, 21:01:50 PM
LOL, I have played Pinochle for about 10 years, its addictive and requires a lot of math thinking and strategy.  Im a card game freak really If I dont know one I learn it, just bridge to go..but not old enough for that yet lol
Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: Santino67 on May 25, 2008, 12:19:01 PM
Well Done Mary in Ukranian Open, another FT  8)
Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: MAIR on June 09, 2008, 08:27:41 AM
Havent posted here for a bit so here is a roundup :D

June 3rd

Well I played in 2 HU League matches for RTR, one was with a group of us and I have to be honest and say I played my absolute best, unfortunately Stars wasnt with me on it and I got sucked out on so badly that eventually I was beaten.  The Final HU battle between Mik n dD was won by Mik , WTG Mik.

The 2nd one was the new HU League which has just started last Sunday, There are 3 groups, A, B and C and I am in Group B with Hammerheid and Lukybugur.  I ended up taking Lukybugur out when I slow played him and oopsie bye bye him.  Then it was a battle with Hammerheid, he went all in twice, behind, and sucked out, Stars doing its usual, and he ended up winning the bloomin thing.seriously I dont know what is wrong at the moment but even when in front Ive not won, its getting ridiculous.

Hammerheid played in the Sunday 100 Grand and did he do well or what.  I watched him the whole way and he was playing an A game.  He should be very proud of his finish 22nd out of about 22,597 players for $316 when his JJ push all in was met with QQ, flop brought a Q and J and then the turn was another Q arghh for Hammerheid but he was delighted nonetheless and very pleased with his performance.

Ive decided to start myself a wee challenge on FTP.  Plan on playing low stakes cash tables to build up FTPP's for ages now Ive been intrigued by the Iron Man Challenge, and aim to play every day to get that green tick and also build the bankroll.  Ive lots more reading to do about it to see how you qualify etc, so will be doing that later on today.

I am definetely gonna give Stars a miss for a wee while, just play the League game on Sunday and concentrate my playing over on FTP.  Primarily cash tables with the odd $3 KO slotted in somewhere.  Will play a few $24+2 game too, my best result from one of these tourneys is just under $1,800 taking 2nd place, and have had the odd cash or 3, so will see how it goes.

June 5th

I have been playing poker lately, enjoying it in fact.  Ive concentrated my efforts on FTP and been playing the MSOP on there and also the $9.5k Gtd $26 Tourneys.  Ive been doing no too bad, enjoying myself immensely.

Last night Neil and I played in the MSOP Event $22 Entry and we both went deep, I bubbled just short off the money but Neil went on and took 22nd place which was absolutely fantastic just over 2,000 players too and he cashed for $123 odds.  We were on a 50/50 deal so I got some o that tyty Neil.

So just playing away, nothing concrete, just make up my mind what I am playing as I go along.  I am so appreciative of Neil's confidence in me, that guy sure does build my confidence up.

June 7th

A successful day of poker!! Tonight's game was fantastic, I love playing the $24+2 tourneys on FTP, I had some success a while back when I came 2nd, but not been as close as that since, so to get 4th tonight for a lovely payout was brilliant.  I am really pleased with my performance, and it was unfortunate my 99 didn't hold in my exit hand against AJ when he hit a J.

$9.5k Gtd - 744 Runners - Entry $24+2 - Position 4th for $1,264.80 - You collected $40.00 for 10 Knockouts

The $3 KO 90 man earlier on today was a different matter, I owned that tournament, when it got to final table i had about $150k compared to the rest of them with their $20k stacks it was a case of saying Next? for who I took out lol, was great and another enjoyable tournament.

$3 90 Man KO - Position 1st for $72 - You collected $6.00 for 12 Knockouts

Looking forward to the weekend, let the good cards continue and the run of good cashes continue.

Cheers again to the RTR boyz for railing me, appreciated!

June 8th

Saturday night and I was looking to relax n play a couple o the tourneys on FTP.  I was reg'd for the $24+2 $9.5k Gtd KO and the MSOP Event 13.  I was tired, and not giving the tournaments my full concentration and ended up going out without cashing.

Wee one woke up so I went through to settle her and ended up falling asleep myself and woke up about 3am, wide awake, so I decided to join the $23k Gtd $75+$5 KO tournament.  Had some great hands to keep my stack on the up and was always well above average throughout the tournament.  It paid from 45 players from 471 runners and was sitting in the top spots from 37 players onwards and was CL for quite some time.

I ended up making a stupid move when i was sat on about $199k guy goes all in when its my BB and im sitting wi 99, for $68k, there had been one other caller so I pushed in the hope to shove him off the hand, but nope he called and had KK, the AI guy had A6 and hit his Ace so he took a nice stack and that was me down to $100k.

Had a few races from then on, one being my BB again dealt A9 and I push and smaller stack calls me with A10, I hit 2 pair and he hits a runner flush with his 10c to take the hand.  I then am dealt AJ diamonds again on BB and I push for $54k and he calls me with KQos and this happens:

Full Tilt Poker Game #6740263276: $23,000 KO Guarantee (50508908), Table 38 - 2000/4000 Ante 500 - No Limit Hold'em - 4:41:59 ET - 2008/06/08
Seat 1: Royalkc1 (199,370)
Seat 2: xxMAIRxx (55,333)
Seat 5: chesspoker09 (89,116)
Seat 7: homazi (201,783)
Seat 8: adubyal (175,000)
Seat 9: dineroconqueso (59,192)
Royalkc1 antes 500
xxMAIRxx antes 500
chesspoker09 antes 500
homazi antes 500
adubyal antes 500
dineroconqueso antes 500
Royalkc1 posts the small blind of 2,000
xxMAIRxx posts the big blind of 4,000
The button is in seat #9
*** HOLE CARDS ***
Dealt to xxMAIRxx [Ad Jd]
chesspoker09 raises to 12,000
homazi folds
adubyal folds
dineroconqueso folds
Royalkc1 folds
xxMAIRxx raises to 54,833, and is all in
chesspoker09 has 15 seconds left to act
chesspoker09 calls 42,833
xxMAIRxx shows [Ad Jd]
chesspoker09 shows [Ks Qd]
*** FLOP *** [Td Th 7d]
*** TURN *** [Td Th 7d] [Kd]
*** RIVER *** [Td Th 7d Kd] [Kh]
xxMAIRxx shows a flush, Ace high
chesspoker09 shows a full house, Kings full of Tens
chesspoker09 wins the pot (114,666) with a full house, Kings full of Tens
xxMAIRxx stands up
*** SUMMARY ***
Total pot 114,666 | Rake 0
Board: [Td Th 7d Kd Kh]
Seat 1: Royalkc1 (small blind) folded before the Flop
Seat 2: xxMAIRxx (big blind) showed [Ad Jd] and lost with a flush, Ace high
Seat 5: chesspoker09 showed [Ks Qd] and won (114,666) with a full house, Kings full of Tens

and out I go, he was very nice about it in fact whole table where, told him no bother, it happens and wished them all luck and was quite happy overall with how I played the tournament and how well I did in the Knockouts, cashed for 11 KO's @ $15 a pop for a total of $165 and $233.15 for 13th place a grand total of $398.15 - a profit of $323.15.

I am finding when I have completely no distractions eg. kids snoring their wee heads off in bed and Im sitting here relaxed with my music I do get real deep and play well.  As with anyones kids, they will go to bed but some nights they don't go to sleep right away and its those nights when they try their ham and want a drink or something to eat and its 10pm at night and they should be zonked for school in morning and Im in a tourney then I have nae chance really as I give them my undivided attention when they need me, as it should be, and tend to lose track of where I am within the tournament.  I wouldnt have it any other way and will make the most of those quieter times when I can.

Anyways tonight's another night, may play some cash later when wee one is down for her nap, I'm on track to qualify for Silver Iron Man status this month, so plugging away at it and if anything should hopefully get Bronze status.

GL to all.

Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: lukybugur on June 09, 2008, 08:37:19 AM
Nice one M. It has been a pleasure staking, sharing and railing you for the past week - you"ve been pwning! Long may it continue!
Title: Re: Amateur Poker Lass fi Edinburgh's Blog
Post by: Santino67 on June 09, 2008, 11:59:53 AM
Well done Mary, hope you"ll still make it to Dublin.