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Title: Missing blog posts.
Post by: Matt D on November 01, 2016, 20:47:33 PM
I"ve started repairing blog posts. It"s a tricky. mundane task involving a fair amount of SQL queries to find/replace certain characters/strings. Predict it"ll take a few weeks, but have made a start on Paulie"s blog here:,7090.0.html

As posts are fixed on that blog, as a side effect it will fix posts on other blogs (due to the global find/replace nature of the fixes). e.g. replacing all the instances of "I"ve". These were previously stored in the database as "I've", but have to be stored in the new database as "I've" or the post won"t display.

It"s gonna be fun, so bear with me :)

If there are any posts anyone particularly wants fixed, please link them here and I"ll get on to those next. Merci! :)
Title: Re: Missing blog posts.
Post by: duke3016 on November 01, 2016, 20:55:13 PM
Don"t envy your task one little bit.
Title: Re: Missing blog posts.
Post by: Scousebill on November 01, 2016, 21:35:30 PM
It"s not a blog post query but you might be able to get it fixed. Why are there only 3 Aces available above. ^^^

Ac  Ah  A s but no A Diamonds

It shows sometimes when Lucy is doing live blogs and we have to presume when she shows  8d we have to presume that it was also the Ad that is missing.

Title: Re: Missing blog posts.
Post by: Matt D on November 01, 2016, 21:50:25 PM
Hi Bill,

There are 4 aces (5 in fact, as the Ace of Diamonds is repeated twice).

Ac ad1 Ad Ah A s

I think it might be the Aces of Spades that is often missing from blog posts. That"s because whereas the other Aces are represented by the following:

(replace first letter with a capital in each case).

ac = Ac
ad = Ad
ah = Ah

Ace of spades cannot be represented by "as", as otherwise the word "as" would be displayed as the Ace of Spades. So for this Ace, you have to type "A*s" (replace the asterisk with a space) = A s

(or you can click the emoticons when you make a post).

You"ll also find flops listed like:

9s Td Qc

That"s because the 10 of any suit is represented by e.g. 10 d (remove space = 10d)
Title: Re: Missing blog posts.
Post by: KarmaDope on November 02, 2016, 22:03:18 PM
The picture of the Ace of Diamonds is often missing because the code for it is the letter A followed by the letter D.

As a word, this also means something that is often blocked by most browsers because we hate adverts. So it blocks the picture.