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Title: A Day At The Races II
Post by: Chipaccrual on April 07, 2010, 22:37:37 PM
After a very succesful attempt at a horse racing and poker weekend last year, I think everyone was in profit for the weekend (ty Neil), it has been suggested that we give it another go.

There is a two day meeting at Nottingham Racecourse on Friday 7th and Saturday 8th May, with the Saturday being Ladies Day.

All we need then is a local poker establishment to meet everyones likely choice of game and buyin for the Friday/Saturday/Sunday Evenings/Nights/Early Hours.

Ahhhhh, Dusk Till Dawn, the perfect choice.

Racing tickets in the Premier Enclosure are £16 for the Friday and £19 for the Saturday with the option of a package deal for those wanting the added value of bets, food and drink.

Not sure exactly what"s on that weekend at DTD, but it will involve cards and chips.

I"m not sure I can make that weekend myself yet, but as a certain Mr Swindells already has a pass, then it"s an open invite to get an idea of interest.

Just post if you are interested and your likely attendance for any or all of the days.

Oh, and it"s the weekend before APAT Vienna, so if you aren"t going to be able to make it over to Austria, then this might be a great alternative poker weekend.
Title: Re: A Day At The Races II
Post by: allinbob2 on April 07, 2010, 22:55:00 PM
Such a great idea, I would love to come but!!!! mrsallinbob would not be happy, a bit more notice to wine and dine the wife before hitting her with poker AND HORSE RACING at the same time.  The Ireland APAT leg and horse racing would be a good option.  There is always horse racing in Dublin failing that Shelbourne dogs is a super night out.