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General Discussion / Re: APAT IRISH OPEN
« Last post by JoanGreen on December 04, 2020, 15:45:15 PM »
I am wondering how the tournament went. I wanted to play in 2020 but the pandemic had different plans. I have been really upset about it but hey what can we do if everything is closed. To not go crazy while staying at home during the self-isolation I started playing games in different online casino rooms. My main focus also shifted from poker to slots just because they are a lot more interesting and a little more risque). I have tried a few different casino rooms but my personal favorite is joker388. It is fairly new and so their prize pools are not that high just yet but they are on the path to greatness that is for sure. I think that if you guys never tired slots before you should give it a go. It might actually be something you will enjoy.
General Discussion / Re: PokerStars funds mystically disappear!
« Last post by tripledouble on November 09, 2020, 09:37:29 AM »
Indeed there is such a problem. I personally know people who have been lied to by online casinos. That's why in the future you are advised to check if they have a certificate or a license. The list of online legal casinos can be found on the government's website. Try to avoid casinos that are made by Arabs and Indians! However, they mislead simple people who want to rest, to relax.
General Discussion / Re: PokerPlayer Mag two-day ?
« Last post by Tedy321 on November 06, 2020, 20:30:49 PM »
Anyone else playing this one tomorrow?
I have entered  because my mate qualified in an online freeroll satellite, and he has a spare place in his car.
£100 fo
I"m looking forward to it, hope there are one or two Apaters.

I want to start
but I'm afraid, it's real to win something?
General Discussion / Re: PokerPlayer Mag two-day ?
« Last post by ThomasArnold on November 06, 2020, 19:43:35 PM »
Did you win something?
Really great plays, I could learn more from this, because I am not that great at playing poker now... I play on and people who play there now are much better than me. I need a place to learn and the good thing is that they even have an app from which you can learn more because you can play more from your phone. I think that playing from an app is much better implementation because people have more time to play on their phones. At least that is the situation for me. Other online casinos should give this a try.
Online Poker / Re: Online Sign Up Bonus
« Last post by Elephant402020 on September 19, 2020, 16:26:42 PM »
Oh thank you for a useful information! Its really cool to find out different new platforms and links
Live Poker / Re: Genting poker venues.
« Last post by IrishTom on September 14, 2020, 18:48:54 PM »
I believe it's still a game of wait and see - far from out of the woods yet - especially regarding live poker.
Live Poker / Genting poker venues.
« Last post by CapriGXL on September 14, 2020, 14:04:09 PM »
What's up y'all.

I know it's been tough these last month's with all live poker at a standstill and all the consequences of the same.

With Genting announcing the closure of all of its poker rooms, I was just wondering what plans are in the process for 2021 when things start to return to normal. I know all the backroom guys n gals here are probably working hard to plan stuff since the Genting annoucement.


Some time ago I noticed that Matt (Dale!) was auctioning off his very fancy poker table for Raise! For Jack and I was planning on doing something similar with a set of my poker chips for Ben Walton's charity 'Amelia Wants To Walk'. I suggested we'd probably be able to raise MORE funds for these two great charities by creating an affordable raffle that might be attractive to the poker community at large.

There's now less than two weeks to go now until the draw for this charity raffle so I'm punting this around the place to try and get as many tickets sold as I can. The prizes are guaranteed and not dependent on selling a specific number of tickets.  For a mere £5 you could win this extremely fancy full-size casino-grade poker table and Ceramic poker chipset, so if you haven't already bought a ticket or two (or ten) now is the time!

Only 85 tickets have been sold so far so you've got a very good chance of winning. The winner also gets a night of poker dealing services courtesy of either myself or Ben and by entering you'll in turn be raising much needed funds for our two chosen charities - 'Amelia Wants To Walk' and 'Raise for Jack'.

Big, BIG thanks to everyone who has entered thus far or shared the link with their friends. If you don't want a poker table but want to support the good causes please do share the link with your friends (and your enemies) and the very best of luck to all who enter!
Online Poker / Re: Welsh Online Poker Championship
« Last post by MalYoung1 on September 07, 2020, 16:40:10 PM »
Congrats with that Patrick! Guys, everyone who plays poker, I'll tell you my story about it. I hit the jackpot last weekend. We used to play in different casinos with my friend and won nothing. And my friend found this casino W88. We thought we won't win anything either, as usual. But I played poker and won everyone, I don't know how it happened, but I was just terribly lucky. And my friend was playing dice and decided to bet all the money he had and won a double bet !! So good luck everyone!
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