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Re: Noble Thoughts of a Sealander
« Reply #45 on: October 08, 2013, 10:51:36 AM »
:) Finally I made it  :) and this is the reason why I wasn"t online much lately, I am in England

it was just the "small" move yet, as most my stuff is still at home. We going to move within England last spring, so I thought the best is to bring now just bits, and make the big moving with a proper car once we have the house in Westcliff. Now I am in Chadwell Heath.
As most of you all know each other in person and me due to being in Germany not have met any of you, and if you would like to meet a bit a chaotic person  ;) please feel free to send me a pm.

The "moving" was ofc a tiny bit chaotic. As I keep my flat in Germany, due to several reasons, first it is real cheap rent, second my flatmate who is my best friend stays in germany, would have been nice though could I have brought all my friends with me. And I go home regulary so it is just nice to have my flat and not being a guest of my mum, granny, friends whatever. I do miss my friends really, and feel still a bit like an orphan here.

As I keep my flat I had somehow the idea to decorate it, so I was busy with first empty my room, which includes a couple of hundred books and so on. Than painting and all the stuff, put things back. But all looks nice now and I have a nice "holiday" flat in Munich.

I go back in November where I will bring some more stuff with me. So till we have the house, I will move with suitcases lol
Andy had picked me up, mainly that I have can bring a lot with me. We have been on the exact limit for luggage. Lufthansa allows 1 suitcase a 23kg a person, plus handbag plus handluggage max. 8kg. lol Well we had a suitcase with 20kg so full that it nearly exploded, one with 22.8 kg, one handluggage with 8.4, one with 8.2 and my handbag, the biggest I could find with 7 books in it lol

Books are really my thing, I love reading, i had bout 600 books, where I was busy the last year in sorting them out, and gave some away, to cousin and to a charity. So perhaps about 100 I gave away. It was really important to bring some books with me. Which most people could not understand. I got recommend a kindle quite often. But some of my books are really old, from my childhood still. Others are from studies, some are rarities and so on. And most of my books are not free on kindle. So it would not make much of a sense to me, to throw books i have away and pay for them again on kindle. The next thing is that in some are notes I put in, which are my study books, not that I use them much anymore but sometimes they helpful for work. My childhood books are memories. So no throwing away of books. Another suggestion was to just leave them in Germany and buy my books new in England. Which I find incredibly silly. I am not really Rockefeller. So with bout 500 books, where some of them are quite expensive it would be something I could not efford. Plus why should I want all my books double, not even I are this obsessed with books. And most my books are in German and there aren"t really many german book shops in England.
So no really no one can convince me in getting rid of them.

So I choosed a few  ;) books to come with me now, both handluggage have been filled with books, one contained two tshirts though as well. There been books in the suitcases and in my handbag. And lol i could not bring all of those I decided for now with me. So when we packed I had to decide which to leave. This made me to forget other things lol As I was just about to get shoes and other stuff when I saw oops books need a sort out, so I did this and forgot bout the shoes.

So I arrived in England with one pair of shoes, the ones I was wearing. i as well have forgotten jimmy jammys and ermm knickers  :-[ this problem is sorted though, I just bought. I still not have bought shoes yet, been in several shops not saw so far any I liked lol

I am quite happy that the online league has not started yet, as I not had time to play. I am not completely settled yet, a few thing still need to find their place. Well at least with only one pair of shoes I not have to worry to find a place for shoes lol

Tomorrow finally I have a day off, as I am already back to work, and decided to have a nice poker playing day tomorrow.

I shall post if I do nicely.

It is nice to be back on Apat, and I really, really hope that now finally I come to meet some of you