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Game 4 and an update.
« on: April 01, 2012, 03:04:03 AM »
Sorry I could not send out reminders this week guys but the forum is running so slow that its impossible to send pms :(

Here is an update for those of you who have not joined the facebook page.

After an unlucky start and no points we managed to get on the scoreboard last week with 4 points :) 3 of us made the top 27 and John Patten aka Kloobes played a superb game and took it down in 1st place wooohoooo, quite an acheivement as he also made the last 27 the week before. The added points by myself and Neil Sillick (xvegasdreamx) was enough to secure us with the points we needed for 2nd place....well played team :)

There has been lots of debate on the forum about the structure as you might have seen. The first week was deemed to be too long, which it was tbf, and the second week was too fast. The 3rd week finished even earlier so Des has decided, along with the captains, to add 3 more levels in the early stages of the game. I think this time we will have it spot on.

I have, with the help of martinvilla, set up a spreadsheet so players can see which games they played and where they placed and I will post a link up on the forum. Typical of me though, I have balls it up already.  I dont have any of the score for the first match :/  Its not really important as none of us were in the top 27 but if you can remember roughly where you finished I can add it to the chart just so it looks like I know what I am doing.  I do know we had 34 players so I will expect 34 pms...hopefully :)
There will also be sattelites running tonight on Stars for all Apat members for entry into the big £1 million later on this year at DTD. The sat starts at 8pm and details can be found here  it sounds like great idea so I hope lots of you will join in.

TEAM SW NEEDS YOU!!! Reg now before you forget ;)