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Staker Request Proposal - Blank Copy
« on: June 13, 2012, 21:10:51 PM »
Staker Request - Instructions

- You must be a Licensed Player to submit a Staker Request.

- Add the name of the event you are seeking staking for in the subject line of your Staker Request.

- Copy & paste as a new topic on the Staker Exchange, and complete the blank Staker Request form below.


1 ) Real name and online player names & sites.

2 ) Brief description of your proposal (eg - I am looking to sell 25% of my action at UKIPT Nottingham £770, at a premium of 1.1.)

3 ) Brief player bio explaining why you believe you should receive Staker support, including previous Staking record.

4 ) Links to player record at the Hendon Mob, Pocket Fives and sites like Sharkscope where available.

5 ) Event details: date, description, buy in, guarantee, added value, likely player numbers and quality.

6 ) What percentage of your action you"re looking to sell, and whether your proposal is dependent on selling out.

7 ) The premium you are looking to achieve and clarification of what 1%, 5% and 10% will cost.

8 ) Any other relevant details (eg - do your Stakers retain the same share in you should you win an added value seat to a further event.)

9 )  Advice on how you would like to receive payment.

10 ) Any other details that will help Stakers to invest in you (eg - it may help your proposal if Stakers can follow updates from the event and if you provide a tournament report after.)

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