Author Topic: STAKE AVAILABLE-Fri/weekend Micro MTT Schedule  (Read 1425 times)

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STAKE AVAILABLE-Fri/weekend Micro MTT Schedule
« on: June 29, 2012, 00:11:18 AM »
Hi guys

Nice little schedule here for the right person/s to run:

17:00 $3.30 $4k Gtd
17:30 Hot $11 $25k Gtd
18:00 $5.50 $5k Gtd
18:40 $5.50 Turbo Satty to Big $55 at 20:00(seat to be used if won)
19:00 Big $11 $60k Gtd
19:00 $3.30 $5k Gtd
20:00 $5.50 Turbo $10k Gtd

Total Stake=$45.10

Please apply with link to Opted-In Stars OPR and a brief bio as to why I should give stake to you.

Happy for this to be run whatever day suits and if goes well may offer again next night.......may also offer to multiple horses if applications are good.

Would prefer above schedule to be run but if sliight changes suit better pls let me know in application and I will take a look.

Stake to be run at 60-40 my favour with NO make-up but I do expect stakeback to be applied prior to winnings being calculated.

I do expect some kind of rail to be kept so I can take a brief look at how things going, this to include tourney id and bust hand link via pls.......if time/concentration etc permits I also wouldnt mind seeing links to any major swing hands but not gonna insist on this!!

That is all!!

Apply away guys & gals and lets see what ya got!!