Author Topic: Fancy a Fantasy Football flutter without the pain of transfers?!  (Read 1114 times)

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I organised one of these last season amongst my friends. The picking of a team is more a head scratcher than it appears!

Using the Daily Telegraph (

- Pick a team, using any one of the permitted formations (442, 443, 451, 532, 352, 343), with a budget of just £40m.  No restriction on number of players from any one club. Finding that extra £0.1m has never been so difficult.
- No transfers. Get an injury? Bad luck son, don"t pick a sicknote.
- £10 to enter (via Stars transfer to dwh103, or bank transfer - I"ll PM those who need the details). Payout along SNG lines and finalised as soon as possible.
- Send me your team via PM before next Saturday. I"ll post my team before the season starts.


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