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Apat Passwords (VERY IMPORTANT)
« on: October 01, 2012, 14:46:02 PM »
Hi guys and gals,

Last night before the 1st game started i got a call from Gaz suffolk about trying to register for the apat site. He forgot his password lol. I had to inform Leigh at apat to get him in the tourney. When i finished work i saw John Hubbard, he got blocked as he also forgot his password and didnt get to play the match at all.  :(

IF you forget your password for apat just sign in the private games lobby on the poker site using the password "apatmember" for any of the games and email me so i can contact apat to make sure that you are not an "unregistered" or a "ghost" player.

Everybody forgets sometimes but we can get round it so all is not lost. cheers, Capt Flash  ;)
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