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An idea to help team members
« on: October 21, 2012, 17:20:57 PM »
1. Give your players a list of all other players in their team.
2. Tell them to quickly visit the tables they are on (when the next league game starts).
3. Click each player in turn, and tag them. e.g. using the colour blue to signify a team mate. Type their real name in the notes if you wish.
4. Now you know who your team mates are :)

Suzanne Hayward        suzanne66
John Patten                kloobes
Steve Archer              LukeBox
Neil Sillick                   NeilSlick
Stuart Greenan            Sleeves141
Patrick Kelly               ThePaster
Holly   Lamb               hollbeans
Bob   Bulman              bobbymouse
Darren Moore             ISeeDead$$
Steve Lavery             lavski001
Stuart Pillinger           sm2000p
Jonny Mawer             beezleboss15
Harvey McGivern        thegamblershouse
Grant Saunders          pokernuts07
Tom   Steuart-Feilding   tfeilding
Sukanya  Panyadee      ice1119
Steve Penfold             sential
Nurahan Harharah        Rehan
Simon Tolly                 meyun
Frazer Bolt                 caetus

Hope this helps.