Author Topic: Match 6 11th November  (Read 2232 times)

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Match 6 11th November
« on: November 11, 2012, 21:20:37 PM »
I was card dead all night then 2nd hand after the 9pm I gets  Kc Kd ... Capr1con bets 700, others fold to Stumps who raises to 3800 so I shoves for my final 5200..  Capr1con folds and Stumps calls..   Ad Ks

I"m looking at a nice little double up here, back to nearly 12K

Flop  10c  8c  Jh rag then we all know what hits the river, yep,  Qc

I know it is a bead beat and that happens in this game, but why does the machine leave it to the River so many times.

Less than an hour earlier we had the same scenario with  Kh Ks v  Ac  Kd when river again hit  Jh to give the straight.

I suppose I jinxed myself by looking at the chip leaders and comparing them with the leaderboard...

Nevermind.. That"s Poker.  :"(
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