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APAT Seat Exchange - Rules & Guidance
« on: March 28, 2008, 13:45:25 PM »
This discussion board has been initiated to allow members who have won or purchased seats; and then find their plans have changed, to sell or trade with members who are seeking seats to those events.

The two key rules are as follows:-

1)  Transactions cannot occur at a value above the advertised buy in price for the event.  This includes speculative added value, eg "percentage of any winnings".

2)  APAT Customer Services must approve each transfer to ensure player lists are completely updated.  If Customer Services are not made aware of a transfer, the purchasing member will not be allowed to play the event.

APAT bear no responsibility for the processing of monetary transactions between members and once initial contact has been made through the board, would urge members to detail and conclude their transactions by private message (pm) on the board.

APAT reserves the right to remove this service if it is being abused or requires more resource than available.
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APAT Seat Exchange - Rules & Guidance
« Reply #1 on: September 01, 2010, 11:29:05 AM »
Paulie"s Guide to Selling or Buying an APAT Event Seat

As many of you may have noticed, I"ve fallen into managing the Seat Exchange Board and I thought I would write a few notes which might make it easier for APAT members to sell, or buy, a seat to an APAT live event while at the same time, making the Seat Exchange easier to navigate.

Firstly, please note that I am NOT responsible for overseeing the actual name changes on APAT's player lists. That role is fulfilled by APAT Customer Services.

Once any transfer has been agreed and payment made, the SELLER should confirm on the appropriate thread for the event.

We can then pick up the details for updating player list, whilst at the same time giving the player confirmation that the exchange has been confirmed.

  • Name of Seller (First & Last)

  • Poker Site ID of Seller

  • Forum Name of Seller (not required but useful)

  • Name of Buyer (First & Last)

  • Poker site ID of Seller

  • Forum Name of Buyer (not required but useful)

  • Name of the Event (useful during multi-event periods such as WCOAP)

So, how to get what you want...either selling or buying?

There are some basic principles which I have noted that many players just ignore or don"t consider.


Be specific in your post title. All too often I just see "Seat Available/Wanted" and then the rest is buried in your post.

Be Contactable

That means post up an email address if you can. Don"t rely just on PMs. Ideally, post up your mobile so they can text you.

Sellers - Be Proactive

Is someone already after what you are selling? People post requests all the time. Take a minute and check what"s been requested already, ideally starting at the bottom for people who requested first. Contact them...don"t wait for them to come to you.

Buyers - Be Patient but Persistent

If you see a seat available, don"t just post on that thread...Email/PM the seller and keep at it if you don"t get a reply. Don"t spam the seller but these days, 12 hours should be long enough for most people to read their email. If you haven"t had a reply, send another request.

Buyers - Don"t Bump your Requests

If you keep bumping threads just so your request is at the top...I may just delete the bump posts. I"ll keep things organised if I can.

Sellers - Keep your Sale Thread updated

If I think a sale has been completed, I"ll lock it off. I"m quite careful about it but mistakes happen. So, once you"ve sold the seat and Customer Services have confirmed, just post on your thread and I"ll do the rest.

Buyers - Finalise/Update your Request Thread

As I said, don"t bump unnecessarily, but once you have what you want, post on your thread and I"ll lock it off. If you were asking for more that one seat, and have got part of your full request, post that too. I"ll update the title for you as long as I know.

OK, I"m not trying to be the Seat Exchange Nazi but just even thinking about some of the ideas I"ve put up above should make things easier for everyone.


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