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New to staking???
« on: August 22, 2013, 21:21:06 PM »
Hi all

I noticed people often looking stake players and so thought i might ask a few questions about being staked if you don"t mind.

A bit about me. Basically I"ve never played that much online, I"ve always been a live player but I"m looking to change that. I started out playing home games, pub games before moving on to the local G/Mint/Genting casinoes (Merseyside/lancs/Manchester) playing a mix of MTT and Cash. I started building a nice bankroll of about 8k which to me is a lot of money and was aiming to move up to the UKIPT scene. I"ve never been staked but was approached by a few locals that I turned down mainly because they were not the types of people you want to get into monetary agreements with (taking their money on the felt was often scary enough). Then two years ago I had to move due to work and family commitments to Tunbridge then East Sussex and used that BR personally. I completely fell of the poker scene due to lack of Casinoes in the area. Online I play every now and again but nowhere near enough frequency. Embarrassingly I only have Holdem Indicator for a HUD (helped me improve my live game a long long time ago).

I"m now looking to get back into the game either live or online. Bit concerned my online stats might put people of staking me (andyhuk - stars).

My questions are;

1) what are you looking for when staking someone?
2) what would be the best options for me stake wise (feels like I"m starting a fresh)?
3) any other advise?

Thanks for your help



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Re: New to staking???
« Reply #1 on: August 22, 2013, 22:13:06 PM »
Well your online stuff, I just had a look at your Stars does show that you have had a good year this year and have been profitable by the looks of it. To be honest it is a bit hard to tell as the stats are not unlocked. If you want to unlock them and need help doing so drop me a PM.

As far as what I am looking for in staking. Ideally a good sweat. I am not overly worried about winning or losing but winning is always nice so I try to only pick stakes that should be profitable. It is more of a game really to try and show I can pick players who will mak me money. Sometimes I don"t mind punts for other reasons though. I therefore like long term stakes with updates. There are also less swongs in long term stakes so people are generally happy to stake people long term more than short term.

As far as stakes go it is hard to advise on this, looking at the games you play people will not be surprised that I would recommend looking for a stake to play the 180 man type games on Stars. They don"t have the swings of the big MTT"s so make up tends to be less. If you need it (which I doubt to be honest) people like myself on here would happily watch you on a session using Teamviewer and advise on Strategy, although there are better players around that us to be honest.

Do you have a Hendon Mob link? They are always worth posting.

If you are posting here you will need a staking license first. PM me if I can be any help.

Still trying to think of something amusing to write in this bit.