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APAT Forum Guide - Adding a video
« on: April 12, 2013, 15:50:08 PM »
APAT Forum Guide

Adding a video to a thread

Step 1 - Getting the YouTube URL

1. Firstly, the video you want to add needs to be uploaded to YouTube.

Once on YouTube, you will need to copy the YouTube webaddress which will be something like ""

Highlight this address and right click and "Copy"

2. Once you"ve copied the YouTube URL, login into the APAT Forum using your username / password

3. On the thread you want to post the image to, click "Reply" or "Quote" as usual.

4. Right click and click "Paste" to paste the Youtube URL from Step 1. This should put the web address of the video onto the thread.

5. Now, highlight the whole the URL in the thread like this :

6. Now, click on the "YouTube" button here :

7. The thread should now have the "youtube" tags around the YouTube URL like this :

8. Click post! Happy days.

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