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Okay Guys and Gals

I need some help!!!!

I'm looking for 7 players to join me and represent one of the APAT teams at the forthcoming Grosvenor APAT UK Team Championship in Blackpool, the other team will be captained by Dawn Cooke.
Dates for your diaries are 3rd February 2018 to 4th February 2018.

If you would like a chance to represent APAT then please pm me with your request and just in case I don't know you that well, a brief synopsis of your playing career and or Hendon mob link so that I can cast my beady eye over your skillz  ;D

Please, please, please, make this a hard selection for me, I'd like as many of you as possible to want to come and join me.

I would also like to get my team details out as early as possible to enable people to book hotels etc for the weekend and bearing that in mind I'll set a cut off date for applications of 28th July 2017

Thanking you all

Ian Thompson (McPables)
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Hi, my name is Alvaro Carvalho (nick:Almacarvalho/Majoralma). I'd like to send my Poker "CV"  in order to try to have a chance to compete for Team UK Team Poker Championship in blackpol 2018. And I love this game (Mental game) I play poker live and online since 2008. I'm an amateur and play poker for pasion and as a part-time, but i play to win off course. Live poker give me the ability to socialize.

In attached I send some results and rankings. Alvaro Carvalho.

best regards
Thank you

Alvaro Carvalho


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Afternoon Mr Thompson....wazza has informed me this is the perfect weekend? Team environment full of what I do best, drink 👍🍻 with some poker thrown in lol! Be great to be included. JR


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I would like to put myself forward for selection. I usually get overlooked for team events but I would give it my best shot if selected. If I played Poker as well as I drink then I would be in with a good chance of winning the whole thing.

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