Author Topic: APAT Scottish (Edinburgh) Updates Day 2  (Read 4849 times)

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Re: APAT Scottish (Edinburgh) Updates Day 2
« Reply #60 on: March 04, 2018, 20:59:36 PM »
Huge thanks to all the casino staff and to all our members and players this weekend... it has been a great few days.

Special congrats to our APAT Scottish Amateur Poker Championship players who cashed:

Paul McHenry
APAT Scottish Amateur Poker CHAMPION (for a 2nd time!)
Gold Medal, £2,610 & GUKPT Main Event Seat (£560)

Craig Smith
National Championship Silver Medal & £1,690

Jamie Lackenby
National Championship Bronze Medal & £1,105

4th £750 Remo Catani  
5th £550 Tom Clark  
6th £385 Andrew Rooney  
7th £290 John Cochran  
8th £245 Mark Fullarton  
9th £225 Sandy Drennan  
10th £195 Peter Guild  
11th £185 Pauline McIntyre  
12th £160 Paul Green      
13th £160 Stephan Prandstatter  
14th Kevin Power
15th Stephen Waugh
16th Isabel Boyle
17th Barrie Penman
18th Jean MacLeod

Saturday PLO Side Event:
1st Ben Caird £263
2nd Roddy Morrison £160
3rd Dave Stones £105
4th Norbert Bobra
5th Tomasz Bishara

Saturday NLHE Side Event:
1st William Ward £300
2nd Peter Macdougall £220
3rd Ewen Robertson £145
4th Andrew Mackenzie £100
5th James Mackenzie £60

Sunday PLO Side Event:
1st Dave Kingswell £300
2nd Ian Thompson £180
3rd Sean Snell £130
4th Nick Vidler £50
5th Dave Stone

Sunday NLHE Side Event:
1st David McAlpine £368
2nd Andrew Guild £368
3rd George Hepburn £368
4th Barrie Penman £155
5th Michael Walker £110
6th Cameron Williamson £90
7th Ryan Meikle £75
8th Alan Ellis £50                  

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