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2018 WSOP fantasy game
« on: March 13, 2018, 17:16:49 PM »
It's coming around to that time of the year again when I intend to run the annual WSOP Fantasy Poker game.
The last few years it has been a great success and combined with Staker has been great fun!
Kicks of May 30th so a couple of months to tweak or discuss how the game runs this year.. although personally I thought last years ran excellent but we are always looking to improve.
Scoring as per last year 1-25 points?
Picks keep the same 10 players of choice..(perhaps allow 2 subs up until event 10 for those who perhaps don't turn up)?
Entry fee £10?

Obviously since John and myself have run this from day one it takes an awful lot of time and effort for Mr Murray to do his exceptional updates and spreadsheet skills.. Personally I would love him to carry on, but he has expressed that he may not want to this year.. if this is the case would anyone like to take on the job? I would but I'm not going to lie I'm useless at spreadsheets etc.. happy to sort out payments prizes etc as in the past.

Also would Mr Duffy be his kind and generous self again and be adding the awesome added value as in previous years  ;D ?

As stated plenty of time to decide just thought we can discuss and see if there is interest like in past years.

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