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ECOAP 1-5 Aug 18 (Coventry)
« on: July 23, 2018, 00:10:11 AM »

APAT will host the European Championship of Amateur Poker alongside Grosvenor's Goliath 2018 at Grosvenor Casino, Coventry 1st-5th August 2018.

The APAT schedule of events during Goliath:

   Wed 1st Aug      14:00      ECOAP (International) Team Championship Day 1 £110   
   Thu 2nd Aug      15:00      ECOAP (International) Team Championship Day 2   

   (the above team event is invitation only)

   Sat 4th Aug      17:00      ECOAP Main Event European Amateur Poker Championship Day 1 £110   
   15k starting stack / 45 min clock to HU (30 min) / Freezeout / No deals
   Late Reg / Alternates up to and including second break (after level 6)
   (this is an amateur poker player ONLY event)

   Sun 5th Aug      12:00      ECOAP Main Event European Amateur Poker Championship Day 2   
         12:30      ECOAP Round of Each (NLHE/PLO) £58   
   15k starting stack / 30 min clock / 1 Re-entry allowed / Deals allowed via TD
   Late Reg / Alternates up to and including second break (after level 8 )
   (this is an OPEN event - open to ANY poker player)


The top three finishers in the APAT European Amateur Poker Championship will receive the coveted APAT National Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze medals, and the European Amateur Poker Champion will win the ADDED VALUE of a GUKPT seat, worth £560.


For the Main Event simply download the software for APAT/Grosvenor HERE and buy in via the Online Holding Tank - select the Grosvenor Live tab, then the APAT tab and click on the event to enter - this facility will close on Thu 2nd Aug at 16:00.

PLEASE NOTE: that if you do not subsequently de-register from the Online Holding Tank before it closes then at that time you are registered for the event - you do NOT need to turn up at the venue and register as APAT will have done this for you (and paid your buyin to the venue), and your chips will go into play from shuffle up and deal, whether you have been/are in attendance or not, and your blinds will be posted when due.  Also, after the Holding Tank closes, if you are unable to use your seat, then you will need to off-load your seat and you may wish to utilise the APAT Seat Exchange facility HERE for this.


Reserve a seat for the APAT Main Event by clicking on the button above - this facility will close when all allocated seats are reserved or at 21:00 on Fri 3rd Aug latest.

Clarification on the APAT Eventbrite facility is available HERE, and ALL players who reserve a seat must register in person, and pay the FULL buy-in and reg fee, at the venue poker room (in the casino, NOT in the Ricoh Arena) cash desk AT LEAST ONE HOUR before the event advertised start time, otherwise the seat will be freed up at this time - EXPECT AND PREPARE FOR LONG QUEUES!  

NB:  A CHANGE TO THE USUAL APAT EVENTBRITE for the APAT Main Event during Goliath... seats are reserved until ONE HOUR PRIOR TO EVENT START TIME.

ALL players bought-in in advance of the event starting (either via the APAT/Grosvenor Online Holding Tank or direct entry with APAT (eg prizewinner/added value) will have their chips put into play at the start of the event and, if not seated, will be blinded out from the start.  You DO NOT need to register in the venue prior to the event start - APAT will provide your name to the venue and register you into the event (and pay the venue your buyin) - so just turn up and take your seat (even if late arriving) - any player who registers and buys in at the venue will also have chips put into play at the start even if they are not seated.


Grosvenor Casino (Ricoh Arena) Coventry, Judds Lane, Longford, Coventry, CV6 6AQ
Tele: 02476 684747 (ask to be put through to the poker room)

To play poker you must be a full member of Grosvenor Casinos - to join as a Member you need to present photo ID (current Grosvenor Casino membership of any Grosvenor Casino will suffice to enter).  

There is plenty of free on-site parking.  When you pull up to the barrier the camera reads your number plate and lets you in with no ticket.  On the desk inside reception there is a keypad (ipad looking thing) where you just enter your car reg number and it validates it for you.  When you drive out the barrier will lift automatically.


ON THE DAY Players can buy-in at the venue for available seats on a first-come-first-served basis.

You are advised to turn up well in advance to complete event registration, including allowing time to join as a member if needed - and allowing for long queues.

Players may leave the venue after registering for an event but we encourage you to be back and seated by 5 minutes prior to the event advertised start time.  However, it is not obligatory to be in your seat at the start of the events and if not, chips will be put into play, and remain in play, and you will be blinded out.

Live Updates

A live update report/blog/photos will be provided for the Team Championship and the Main Event.

Terms and Conditions

Please note the event is subject to the terms & conditions of the Amateur Poker Association & Tour.

All events are subject to APAT/Venue discretion on the day, and structures/levels may be altered and timings changed if viewed in the best interests of the event.


Once a seat has been purchased, and if plans change, then players need to utilise the APAT Seat Exchange within the APAT Forum HERE to trade their seat at the face value.  Seat Exchange Guidelines HERE apply.

Amateur poker player ONLY events are exactly that - only players as classified by APAT are eligible to enter these tournaments.  In the event that an entrant is classed by APAT as not eligible to play, but they have entered, then they will be immediately disqualified and removed from the event and their chips taken out of play.  The entry/actions of any such players, and the affect on any other player or situation, will not be retrospectively re-considered nor compensated.

Finally As a member of the Amateur Poker Association and Tour, we would like you to be aware of your expected role in our collective responsibility to ensure that the weekend is memorable and enjoyable for not only every participant - but for everyone involved within the venue.  We would appreciate you doing your bit to ensure that everyone comes away having had the best possible poker experience with APAT.

The best of luck to everyone playing.

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