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Online Holding Tank 2019 UK Team Championship
« on: November 18, 2018, 21:03:30 PM »
The Online Holding Tank for the UK Team Championship being held in Grosvenor Casino Blackpool 26th/27th Jan 2019 is now visible and open on Grosvenor Poker.

The Holding Tank is password protected, and the password will be sent direct to Team Captains over the next 24 hours - please ensure this is not passed beyond your own team members.  On Grosvenor Poker simply navigate to:

Grosvenor Live >
and scroll down to - 26 Jan 14:30 APAT: UK Team Championship 2019

Team Captains -

please arrange for all 8 team members to buy in before the holding tank closes at 9pm on Sun 6th Jan 2019

please confirm all team members 'real names' and Grosvenor Poker 'alias/screen name' (being the name that we can see when we look at the holding tank) direct to myself by PM via HERE or a direct message via Facebook HERE

If there are any questions/queries etc on the UK Team Championship, then please contact me as above.

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