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Re: Updates The Counties Dec 2018
« Reply #45 on: December 16, 2018, 22:05:36 PM »
Final Table

Seat 3 - Durham - Ryan Kilbey
Seat 4 - City of Sunderland - Terry Oakley

Terry makes it 6600, Ryan calls.

Qh 3h 5d

Ryan ships and Terry folds.


Terry limps, Ryan raises a stack of 1ks and Terry folds.


Ryan puts a stack of 1ks across pre and Terry folds.


They limp and see 10s Ah 7h flop.
Terry bets 1600
Ryan instantly ships and Terry even more quickly calls!!

Terry has Ac Kc
Ryan has 9h 2h

5c Ad

Durham finish in 2nd place for £3000 between the team and Silver APAT Championship Medals each.

City of Sunderland are the first ever winners of The APAT Counties Championship. They win £4000 between them and a Gold APAT Championship Medal each.

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Re: Updates The Counties Dec 2018
« Reply #46 on: December 16, 2018, 22:59:08 PM »
Well done folks!  Great weekend.


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Re: Updates The Counties Dec 2018
« Reply #47 on: December 17, 2018, 13:49:18 PM »
On behalf of Sunderland, thanks to all involved once again for a brilliant weekend, we've had a great time as we always do at these events.

We thought the format was great, generally on day 2, the majority of us are never involved so end up sitting around waiting for players to get knocked out before we could go home, however, this game kept the full team involved on the 2nd day.

I loved the tagging aspect too, and just playing a few different formats of hold'em, all a good change, and certainly made you approach the games with a different thought process.

Enjoying the weekend always comes first as far as we are concerned, if we win something then thats a bonus, we've been lucky enough to win this one, with our good friends from Durham finishing 2nd, it really couldnt have been much better.

Captain of Sunderland, being top of the league, and bringing home a medal, best result since 1973!!

Have a great Christmas everyone, see you in Blackpool!!

Hawayyyyy Sunlun (AKA Hetton Mob).