Author Topic: Season 2 - Regional Event 1 - Good luck Des and the team and everyone entering  (Read 2474 times)

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Afternoon to Des and the team and best wishes for the new season starting this afternoon (obviously).
I"d just like to wish a few folk good luck today if they"re playing, stevie hill, boab ure, scott moore, james eccles, alan wood (the wee baldy bhudda), Alan Horsburgh, Mike Helszajn (oh hold on, it"s saturday, that should say Veronica) and John Smith. Good luck guys, surely one of you can win a medal with those kind of numbers possibly entering !
Could you also tell the aforementioned baldy bhudda that I need to get back to the BEACH :-) before my missus notices i"m not there but will endeavour to check the forum during the day so i"ll know as soon as he"s oot on his erse (or at the final table bullying you all). Ye could mention tae him that it"s so hot in the Canaries jist noo that i"m risking getting burnt jist tae see how he"s progressing :-)
And i"ll see the rest of you in tomorrow night"s qualifier now that i seem to have internet access from my hotel sorted oot :-) (i really need to qualify tomorrow night, i haven"t figured out how i"d get 2 qualifiers and a clickfest past the missus on the last 3 days of oor hols, all i need to do now is figure out what to tell her for tomorrow night, any ideas gratefully received).
Allan D.


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Hello Daisy, have you picked up many surfer boys yet?

Well disappointingly I didn"t get the chance to get a lovely gold medal today, as I"m holed up in bed with a nasty virus/flu thing!  Great huh?

Ye"ve nae chance of fitting in 2 qualis and a clickfest unless ye get yer missus well p*ssed during the day so she"s unconcious by kick-off...


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23 Runners, 5hrs 45 to play and would have been longer if we hadnt have made a deal with 4 left

I took Mad Duke out when i made a bet with 88 and he pushed for double my bet, i called and he had K9....i made my trips on the turn and he was gone in around 15th

Slick Mick went shortly after as he had no help on the flop and was out around 13/14th (cant remember the hand)

Got to final table fairly easilly after my Q10d shortstack shove was called by KJ and i made my flush on the turn again! 9 left and were all in the ranking points

Got to final 4 after about 2 hours on the final table where we made a deal where we would get £60 each and play on for the 3 seats and the ranking points

I made a fatal error by checking my queens on the flop only for a king to come on the turn and i doubled Millbet up! Nice one lol

My demise came shortly after when i pushed 16k with 10 10 preflop to win 3200 blinds and my mate Barnes called instantly with QQ, 4th for £60, 6 points but no seat,

Once the 3 had guaranteed their seats they loosened up with only points to play for and Barnes was heads up with Millbet, who despite being truley hammered managed to river a 4 card flush and take it down!

Well done Millbet and nice meeting the two of you!

See ya at the next one
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Daisy my  boy, Hows the hol going.
You "sincere" wishes of good luck worked matey as I took it down baby!!

Your APAT silver is no good now baby..GOLD is the colour


See you when you back matey