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Northern Poker Clubs - Matchday 8
« on: June 11, 2010, 09:06:47 AM »
Hi everyone,

Matchday 8 is nearly upon us, this Sunday 13 June at 8pm on Betfair, password: apatmember.

Please ensure you have given your betfair alias on the members sign up page for your chosen club.

Anyone not registered to play by the time the game starts will not have their points counted for that week or subsequent weeks until they have done so.  (Once you have registered on the player sign up page that is you reg"d for the whole season)

So its very important to ensure you are registered for your club before 8pm for your points to count.

Below is the latest League tables, so you can all see where you are at the moment.

Best of luck.


APAT Season 4 - National Online League

League 1 - Latest Tables

  Division 1Pts             Division 2Pts             Division 3Pts
1st   Walsall8          1st   Solent10          1st   Sunderland         14
2nd   Bristol6          2nd   Sheffield7          2nd   Luton         10
3rd   Liverpool6          3rd   Stockton-on-Tees   7          3rd   Kent         9
4th   Cardiff5          4th   Dublin5          4th   Nottingham         7
5th   Edinburgh5          5th   Plymouth3          5th   Blackpool         1
6th   Belfast5          6th   Newcastle3          6th   Carlisle         1
7th   South London4          7th   Brighton2          7th   Bolton         0
8th   Manchester3          8th   Dundee2          8th   Aberdeen         0
9th   Leeds0          9th   Birmingham2          9th   Stoke         0
10th   Glasgow0          10th   North London1          10th   Swansea         0

Mary Kivlin