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Matchday 7
« on: November 15, 2010, 18:43:58 PM »
Well done to Iced Ink for some mighty fine team play as we took the 3 points last night.

We had 3 players last night to start and theyid62 went soon after the 1st break with a small pair against overs.

The final table lasted a fair while and probably the unluckiest player was sussex girl who got very badly treated by the poker Gods.

Interestingly well done to Linda and Richard Iwaniak who made the final table via the post and fold, just a sign of the times that this division is not being supported well enough.

Well done Mr Stanley for getting 3rd and a team point for N.London and well done to Debbie and Sean for your 2 points!

I know I failed last week by not posting that a game was imminent but guys if you aren"t going to play just post that you"re away or whatever, it would be nice to be informed and we all registered here, so we can all find out if a game is going on

Things may change in the future but poker stays the same a great game enjoyed by all.

The next game is December 5th due to Coventry live event...... Be nice to see more faces

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