The Grand Final will take place on Sunday 28th January 2018 at 7pm, with 60 minutes of late registration.

The following teams have qualified for the Grand Final, and their captains will be contacted and provided with the password for their players to register for the tournament :-

Big Potatoes
FPG Team 2
Hitsquad Majors
Quad Jokers
Team Gotham
The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira
Trump Cards
UTFB Dragons
Yorkshire’s White Roses


All 40 players will score points, from 1pt for 40th place to 40pts for 1st place.  All four team players will count towards the total team score.

In the event of a tie, the team with the highest scoring individual from the Grand Final Tournament will be deemed the higher finishing team.

The seating draw will be completely random.

APAT and Grosvenor accept no liabilities for any players unable to register in time for the Grand Final tournament.


Although these are team games, players are still required to play within the standard network rules regarding collusion in a MTT.

The network run regular checks on hand histories and tournament play to highlight any potential collusion.  APAT do not condone collusion, chip dumping & soft play in any of it’s tournaments and strongly advise all players to play within the rules laid out in the terms and conditions provided by Grosvenor Casinos when players set up their accounts.


The APAT Premier League gives all poker players the chance to get together with friends and poker buddies to pit their wits against the best amateur poker teams out there.


Teams consist of four players that then compete in a series of NLHE Multi Table Freezeout tournaments with the top 50% of the field picking up points towards their own teams total.


Teams will be drawn into conferences and will play one ‘match’ against each team from that conference during the league.  Conference draw and fixtures will be published prior to the first Matchday.  APAT will run league tables so that all players can keep track of their teams position and also keep an eye on their closest rivals.  The top teams from each conference (Top Two + the 2 highest points for teams = 10 in total) will qualify for the Grand Final where those teams will compete for over £4,000 of live seats.

1st – 4 x £550 GUKPT Seats

2nd – 4 x £220 25/25 Seats

3rd – 4 x £120 Goliath 2018 Seats

4th – 4 x £110 Easter Beast Seats

5th – 4 x £110 WCOAP Main Event Seats

On top of that, the winning team will automatically be invited to a future APAT Team Championship (Season 12).  This is always one of the most popular live events on the APAT calendar.  Entries are highly sought after each season and the APAT Premier League gives everyone the chance to guarantee a team into a future live team event.


The APAT Premier League will run during November 2017 – January 2018


Matchday 1 – 7pm Sunday 12th November 2017

Matchday 2 – 7pm Sunday 19th November 2017

Matchday 3 – 7pm Sunday 26th November 2017

Matchday 4 – 7pm Sunday 17th December 2017

Matchday 5 – 7pm Sunday 7th January 2018

Matchday 6 – 7pm Sunday 14th January 2018

Matchday 7 – 7pm Sunday 21st January 2018

Grand Final – 7pm Sunday 28th January 2018

All tournaments are £13 buyin with 6 levels (60 mins) of late registration

5k Starting stacks with 10 minute levels


Although these are team games, players are still required to play within the standard network rules regarding collusion in a MTT.

The network run regular checks on hand histories and tournament play to highlight any potential collusion.  APAT do not condone collusion, chip dumping & soft play in any of it’s tournaments and strongly advise all players to play within the rules laid out in the terms and conditions provided by Grosvenor Casinos when players set up their accounts.



MatchdayDateConference PtsvPts 
112/11/2017ClubTeam Gotham96v179FPG Team 2
112/11/2017ClubTeam Roosterbooster69v73Trump Cards
112/11/2017ClubUTFB Dragons143v81Team Effort
112/11/2017ClubA.C.E.POKER LEAGUE86v40Scotsquad
112/11/2017Club3 Men And A Lady67v88The Leftovers
112/11/2017DiamondHitSquad Majors148v48Pompey Warriors
112/11/2017DiamondDeez Nuts0v140Hot Tub Shenannigans
112/11/2017DiamondThe Cream Of LBPN56v19Team FISO
112/11/2017DiamondPunters Lounge Poker Club0v50Yorkshire’s White Roses 
112/11/2017HeartIrish Wolfhounds20v111Sh*t Detectives
112/11/2017HeartSuicide Squad0v132Big Potatoes
112/11/2017HeartFPG Team 139v74Team Spawn
112/11/2017HeartBLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB105v44Quad Jokers
112/11/2017SpadeCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 77v20Odds n Sods
112/11/2017SpadeFTPD47v44Degens Late Arrivals
112/11/2017SpadeWho Needs Friends?0v35The Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira
112/11/2017SpadeHitSquad Champs0v84ColdstreamPKR 
219/11/2017ClubTrump Cards55v34Team Gotham
219/11/2017ClubTeam Effort89v122Team Roosterbooster
219/11/2017ClubScotsquad21v140UTFB Dragons
219/11/2017ClubThe Leftovers0v45A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE
219/11/2017ClubFPG Team 2112v883 Men And A Lady
219/11/2017DiamondHot Tub Shenannigans12v41HitSquad Majors
219/11/2017DiamondTeam FISO81v76Deez Nuts
219/11/2017DiamondYorkshire’s White Roses 148v52The Cream Of LBPN
219/11/2017DiamondPompey Warriors46v115Punters Lounge Poker Club
219/11/2017HeartBig Potatoes132v14Irish Wolfhounds
219/11/2017HeartTeam Spawn26v15Suicide Squad
219/11/2017HeartQuad Jokers87v45FPG Team 1
219/11/2017HeartSh*t Detectives66v0BLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB
219/11/2017SpadeDegens Late Arrivals74v64Crouching Lady Hidden Beever 
219/11/2017SpadeThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira61v49FTPD
219/11/2017SpadeColdstreamPKR 0v51Who Needs Friends?
219/11/2017SpadeOdds n Sods19v125HitSquad Champs
326/11/2017ClubTeam Gotham128v66Team Effort
326/11/2017ClubTeam Roosterbooster44v154Scotsquad
326/11/2017ClubUTFB Dragons148v108The Leftovers
326/11/2017ClubA.C.E.POKER LEAGUE0v114FPG Team 2
326/11/2017Club3 Men And A Lady30v39Trump Cards
326/11/2017DiamondHitSquad Majors122v22Team FISO
326/11/2017DiamondDeez Nuts0v4Yorkshire’s White Roses 
326/11/2017DiamondThe Cream Of LBPN81v19Pompey Warriors
326/11/2017DiamondPunters Lounge Poker Club29v15Hot Tub Shenannigans
326/11/2017HeartIrish Wolfhounds52v3Team Spawn
326/11/2017HeartSuicide Squad0v103Quad Jokers
326/11/2017HeartFPG Team 1130v16Sh*t Detectives
326/11/2017HeartBLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB0v104Big Potatoes
326/11/2017SpadeCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 91v95The Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira
326/11/2017SpadeWho Needs Friends?120v88Odds n Sods
326/11/2017SpadeHitSquad Champs41v54Degens Late Arrivals
417/12/2017ClubScotsquad6v57Team Gotham
417/12/2017ClubThe Leftovers23v57Team Roosterbooster
417/12/2017ClubFPG Team 253v79UTFB Dragons
417/12/2017ClubTrump Cards24v28A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE
417/12/2017ClubTeam Effort84v473 Men And A Lady
417/12/2017DiamondYorkshire’s White Roses 63v49HitSquad Majors
417/12/2017DiamondPompey Warriors46v61Deez Nuts
417/12/2017DiamondHot Tub Shenannigans103v0The Cream Of LBPN
417/12/2017DiamondTeam FISO89v103Punters Lounge Poker Club
417/12/2017HeartQuad Jokers54v0Irish Wolfhounds
417/12/2017HeartSh*t Detectives0v0Suicide Squad
417/12/2017HeartBig Potatoes126v75FPG Team 1
417/12/2017HeartTeam Spawn66v69BLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB
417/12/2017SpadeColdstreamPKR 53v103Crouching Lady Hidden Beever 
417/12/2017SpadeOdds n Sods63v0FTPD
417/12/2017SpadeDegens Late Arrivals42v86Who Needs Friends?
417/12/2017SpadeThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira64v56HitSquad Champs
507/01/2018ClubTeam Gotham84v03 Men And A Lady
507/01/2018ClubFPG Team 2128v20The Leftovers
507/01/2018ClubTrump Cards67v14Scotsquad
507/01/2018ClubTeam Effort54v1A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE
507/01/2018ClubTeam Roosterbooster78v9UTFB Dragons
507/01/2018DiamondHitSquad Majors85v0Deez Nuts
507/01/2018DiamondThe Cream Of LBPN140v8Punters Lounge Poker Club
507/01/2018DiamondPompey Warriors0v43Hot Tub Shenannigans
507/01/2018DiamondTeam FISO27v109Yorkshire’s White Roses 
507/01/2018HeartIrish Wolfhounds5v0Suicide Squad
507/01/2018HeartFPG Team 1118v0BLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB
507/01/2018HeartSh*t Detectives22v92Big Potatoes
507/01/2018HeartTeam Spawn56v0Quad Jokers
507/01/2018SpadeCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 24v77FTPD
507/01/2018SpadeWho Needs Friends?37v37HitSquad Champs
507/01/2018SpadeOdds n Sods26v0Degens Late Arrivals
507/01/2018SpadeThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira101v78ColdstreamPKR 
614/01/2018ClubTeam Gotham90v37The Leftovers
614/01/2018ClubUTFB Dragons74v24A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE
614/01/2018ClubFPG Team 259v83Trump Cards
614/01/2018ClubTeam Effort56v29Scotsquad
614/01/2018ClubTeam Roosterbooster49v313 Men And A Lady
614/01/2018DiamondThe Cream Of LBPN111v40HitSquad Majors
614/01/2018DiamondPunters Lounge Poker Club114v52Deez Nuts
614/01/2018DiamondTeam FISO95v0Pompey Warriors
614/01/2018DiamondYorkshire’s White Roses 108v33Hot Tub Shenannigans
614/01/2018HeartFPG Team 165v0Irish Wolfhounds
614/01/2018HeartBLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB50v0Suicide Squad
614/01/2018HeartTeam Spawn140v27Sh*t Detectives
614/01/2018HeartQuad Jokers42v21Big Potatoes
614/01/2018SpadeWho Needs Friends?26v59Crouching Lady Hidden Beever 
614/01/2018SpadeHitSquad Champs47v0FTPD
614/01/2018SpadeThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira94v0Odds n Sods
614/01/2018SpadeColdstreamPKR 55v39Degens Late Arrivals
721/01/2018ClubTeam Gotham77v38UTFB Dragons
721/01/2018Club3 Men And A Lady0v11A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE
721/01/2018ClubTeam Roosterbooster39v99FPG Team 2
721/01/2018ClubThe Leftovers6v0Scotsquad
721/01/2018ClubTeam Effort56v73Trump Cards
721/01/2018DiamondHitSquad Majors25v0Punters Lounge Poker Club
721/01/2018DiamondDeez Nuts0v46The Cream Of LBPN
721/01/2018DiamondPompey Warriors0v62Yorkshire’s White Roses 
721/01/2018DiamondHot Tub Shenannigans0v0Team FISO
721/01/2018HeartIrish Wolfhounds8v0BLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB
721/01/2018HeartSuicide Squad0v34FPG Team 1
721/01/2018HeartSh*t Detectives27v85Quad Jokers
721/01/2018HeartBig Potatoes25v0Team Spawn
721/01/2018SpadeCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 43v73HitSquad Champs
721/01/2018SpadeFTPD73v67Who Needs Friends?
721/01/2018SpadeOdds n Sods0v67ColdstreamPKR 
721/01/2018SpadeDegens Late Arrivals47v45The Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira
828/01/2018GRAND FiNAL



andy1989FPG Team 177369.25280
SteeeeeveFPG Team 2754299.82262
mrbtingsYorkshire’s White Roses 764253.30230
SeanfoleyCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 761106.40217
BabloosBig Potatoes752283.15216
tonyj444Team Gotham752138.80214
K1CK-A55UTFB Dragons75122.92191
JJackFlashHitSquad Majors74271.75187
SeymourTILTSTeam Effort542184.90184
BondiK10FPG Team 275250.40184
Moleymoley74Sh*t Detectives76123.80183
ShammydebeerThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira75372.02182
Cuzza23ColdstreamPKR 75124.40180
PocketAmazingWho Needs Friends?741234.85178
Credo74UTFB Dragons77141.30176
IfAndWhenYorkshire’s White Roses 64242.00174
Aces_n_8’sFPG Team 2742439.20173
LBPNB055The Cream Of LBPN64137.20171
Paxo666Team Roosterbooster76127.90159
FishyFish999UTFB Dragons742105.70153
_The_NutzQuad Jokers75136.60153
Pears27Big Potatoes65147.60152
Sherif07HitSquad Champs650-152
TheOtherGuy Quad Jokers63282.22150
MrCucumberBig Potatoes751392.38149
SilverhunterHitSquad Majors751386.48149
Thebeast409Team Roosterbooster74263.00147
JamesOrchardFPG Team 2741348.10144
larssonjppHot Tub Shenannigans63181.60143
GazzukiHitSquad Champs732134.70137
lgreer82Team FISO732226.60136
drdon88HitSquad Majors761176.80135
dand93Big Potatoes75119.60135
FatcatStuUTFB Dragons640-135
BatBoyTeam Gotham75153.10128
HARDHITTIN1 FPG Team 1730-125
tristiano842Team Gotham741252.17124
The-PhoenixThe Cream Of LBPN74120.65124
GazscoopTeam Spawn73240.25123
MintTravThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira74121.35123
TwinluckTrump Cards65123.27117
HavalenciaThe Leftovers740-116
patrickconTeam Effort730-116
JamesCordenDeez Nuts522383.17114
IBossUThe Cream Of LBPN53189.60114
disneyhaveaclueTrump Cards73140.80112
YogiBear84Punters Lounge Poker Club72265.97111
silverbac3 Men And A Lady640-111
TrigglesColdstreamPKR 63119.60107
Thestorm666Team Spawn64170.80105
SQR64QApatTeam Effort74123.80105
CAPTAINANY23 Men And A Lady430-105
Scouse3465Crouching Lady Hidden Beever 630-103
lpgnDegens Late Arrivals630-102
LazybadgerThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira62146.55101
DJBigClubTeam Gotham732262.10100
Jansen10The Cream Of LBPN73128.0098
OptimalPrime220Who Needs Friends?74123.2598
j6offgrosvenorBLACK COUNTRY POKER CLUB621158.6096
Ubeti3bet72Punters Lounge Poker Club63194.4096
19pip78Trump Cards73133.6095
GeneVincentPunters Lounge Poker Club741227.1594
MarshallawPompey Warriors420-94
Gr0spoisson1Yorkshire’s White Roses 650-91
BLINGPOSTBOXDegens Late Arrivals721195.3090
psyberpixieTrump Cards730-90
justinskippyThe Chips Don't Lie - Shakira Shakira730-89
redbaz68Yorkshire’s White Roses 730-88
Ayresi Team Spawn720-85
Gullen81FPG Team 1740-84
WonkypenguinCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 73160.4583
KanovarGPTeam Roosterbooster72133.2583
SpireyTeam FISO730-81
DelHuPengiTeam Effort740-81
FfsfkwhyHot Tub Shenannigans640-80
TommyEldorado84The Leftovers420-77
StellatownHot Tub Shenannigans640-76
Bleach99ColdstreamPKR 630-76
Harvey111Quad Jokers72132.5575
gazzas1888Odds n Sods430-74
FreddiereadygoCrouching Lady Hidden Beever 730-74
KazzzSh*t Detectives62123.8073
youngy75Punters Lounge Poker Club72121.3573
Vert7777Team Spawn750-72
spurwayA.C.E.POKER LEAGUE720-71
r3dsimonOdds n Sods630-71
ArcadefireWho Needs Friends?730-70
Joker161The Leftovers620-69
FandangoBRS1Team Roosterbooster730-69
AnalTerorNO TEAM111256.0266
stretchyA.C.E.POKER LEAGUE740-66
sandyeosNO TEAM311172.9065
Dazler747ColdstreamPKR 62122.9264
chris_derwinNO TEAM11161.2063
swampsterTeam FISO720-59
GloryDaysOdds n Sods32122.9258
TallPaulAATeam FISO720-57
PHILTCDegens Late Arrivals720-56
Superstardj71NO TEAM11122.9253
petelumsdonDeez Nuts41135.4052
Quasar11Degens Late Arrivals520-52
FkonelpplHot Tub Shenannigans620-51
Wynne1938HitSquad Champs740-48
TheBeast72Pompey Warriors420-46
abennett38A.C.E.POKER LEAGUE630-44
PokerRottieHitSquad Champs620-42
SicRicWho Needs Friends?620-41
_Kronstdat_Irish Wolfhounds730-40
ch3ckn0rr1sHitSquad Majors520-39
Chrish1976Quad Jokers720-37
Sleeves FPG Team 1720-36
seycashNO TEAM110-34
dethmoos3 Men And A Lady420-29
NewnyerunDeez Nuts610-23
KohanapatIrish Wolfhounds520-22
emmajaneA.C.E.POKER LEAGUE720-22
Duke3016Irish Wolfhounds610-20
RoobarbThe Leftovers410-20
biggestballs3 Men And A Lady510-18
Luke4AcesIrish Wolfhounds310-17
Spartan735Pompey Warriors410-14
sapper591Odds n Sods620-13
AlbusFawkesSh*t Detectives310-13
OnitNO TEAM110-10
3N1GM4Suicide Squad310-8
TGBaneSuicide Squad310-7
FISHPFCPompey Warriors410-5
1DazzoNO TEAM100-0
K0zb0Deez Nuts300-0
nicecoldSuicide Squad200-0
OldKingColchesterNO TEAM100-0
OllyTheKid18NO TEAM100-0
OMG_GirlsFartSuicide Squad100-0
SugarfreeSh*t Detectives300-0


  • The top 50% of the field (rounded up for an odd number of runners) will collect points with the first of those to exit collecting 1pt and the winner collecting the maximum pts for that tournament.
  • Team points are the total of the 3 highest finishers in any one team.  
  • Total team scores each matchday will then produce a match result (e.g. APAT Avengers 42 – 68 Kav’s Cocktails) and teams will received 2pts for a win, 1pt for a draw and also get Points For.
  • In the event of a tie amongst teams in any conference, Points For will be taken into account, and if the teams still have an identical record, then the Highest scoring individual points.  


In an 84 runner event, Team Duffy finish 3rd, 12th, 33rd & 62nd.


Points will be awarded to the top 42 finishers.


3rd Place = 40 pts

12th Place = 31 pts

33rd Place = 10 pts

Total team points = 81


All prize pools for each event will be paid out as standard following the Grosvenor Poker Online payout structures.

The top teams from each conference (tbc)  will receive the password for the Grand Final to play for over £4,000 of live seats.  The Grand Final winning team will also receive an invite to enter a team of 8 players into the APAT UK Team Poker Championship for a future season.  This is a guaranteed invite only.  Teams will be liable for their own buyin, accommodation and travel expenses incurred during the weekend of the live team event.

Invites are at the discretion of APAT and we reserve the right to amend invites and the invitation process at any time.