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Author Topic: The Fossil does Vegas  (Read 140900 times)
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Liverpool FC, APAT Poker @TheHummingbirds CoLFC

« Reply #900 on: November 12, 2017, 11:34:57 AM »

You will be back.... As you say it's the final release from the game.
Plus, how can you stop other peoples enjoyment of your words of woe and wisdom....

Silver Medal APAT European Champs. 2015
WCOAP 6-MAX Champion, 2015.
2015 APAT Player of The Year.
Online 10th Anniversary Vegas Sat. Winner 2016

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« Reply #901 on: November 12, 2017, 17:25:25 PM »

Cheers Bill, nice to hear.

Whilst i am here, here are the latest additions to the collection

Above is by Richard Rowan, as per usual you visit a gallery and see more of his work in real life and the cogs start working.

Boro decided to score a few goals, so celebrate with a bit of Mackenzie Thorpe.

Another Mackenzie Thorpe this is number 75 of 75, Susans favourite.

Quite a few of my buys are now sold out, whether these increase in value who knows, one is currently on sale on E Bay at £300 more than i purchased it for, i understand that means nothing but for now i will just enjoy them, got to find a cheaper hobby though.

Remember the fish ?, well after redecorating and moving stuff around this became surplus to requirements and is no longer going, heater and pump broke down and it was during a downswing and i couldn't justify more spending on it, especially as it had been moved to the rear room, RiP Nemo and friends.

Apologies for this piece of self indulgence, but at least you didn't have to read about ranges, equities all ins etc.
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JACK7SUITED on Grosvenor

« Reply #902 on: November 12, 2017, 23:21:58 PM »

Nice report Brian, just keep doing what you do and please keep the blog going


WCOAP online Omaha Bronze 2009
WCOAP Stud Gold 2010
UK Team championship 2011 Silver representing APAT Forum team
WCOAP 2015 Team championship silver with IRELAND
WCOAP 2016 Irish event silver
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« Reply #903 on: November 25, 2017, 10:37:08 AM »

November coming to an end and it's been my biggest losing month mainly because of the Blackpool £1k (partly backed),shot take but had a chance to get out of it with a couple of shots at the GPS in Newcastle.

I was only intending the one bullet which was duly despatched on the Thursday night, penultimate level bust out, pattern emerging here, horrible game, less limpers in a leper colony but it is what it is, tried to get lucky by joining in the limp fest but usually ended up bleeding chips having hit a small part and usually making  2cd/3rd best hands.

The following night got a chop in the Friday local £566 and as the GPS pot was already at £38k another bullet was fired on the Saturday in Newcastle.

Table a lot different than Thursday lots of 3 betting and was a much more enjoyable game even though a lot tougher.

I was up and down from starting stack but my exit hand involved me slow playing trip Jacks when a flush card hit the river, I put a small blocker bet out leaving behind 18bigs thinking I may fold if jammed on, which I duly was.

The villain is a good local reg on Teesside and is capable of bluffing this card especially versus me as he knows I can find a fold with a big hand, I tanked for a while and was convinced he hadn't made the flush, boom I was right no flush, he had only filled up to a boat with the 9 on the river, meh whatever, got lucky then got unlucky nh gg.

The last 2 local games have been bricks with just a complete 2 game card and spot missing bore fests.

A couple of deep runs in Stars bounty hunters which gave me a few games during the week, however will need to redeposit if I want to play on there again, as said before not particularly grinding anymore happy just to deposit, win, withdraw lose, whatever happens happens.

A decent start in the Apat premier league, no cashes for me but points on the board and points may mean prizes at the end.

The local 25/25 this week in Stockton and will be a one bullet affair unless I win a seat or 2 as I have other stuff on on the Friday and Saturday.

In summary November been pretty poor but had an opportunity to play in my biggest buy in event, still find handing over £1k to buy in to play poker a bit bizarre as when I started £30 was a stretch.

As a recreational player, I have increased my monthly targets for the year due to some run good in 2 events so 2017 poker wise has been a good one, still not intending to grind games online just play when I fancy a game and keep plugging away at the G in Stockton embracing the variance in them games.

Boro continue to bore our way in the championship, fingers crossed for an improvement in the second half of the season because we haven't been that good in the first half, but we are still in a play off position before todays game.
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« Reply #904 on: November 26, 2017, 10:57:18 AM »

Slightly premature end of month report above has to be amended with a 4th place finish in the Contender on Party for $1160.
Dissapointed not to win it outright as I was chipleader  for a while then 66<AA and A10 < A2, but I did crack Kings with 99 on the final table, so just got to embrace the variance.

Standard poker in front of TV clicking buttons then realising got a stack so TV off and concentrate on the game, as soon as I was knocked out they decided to deal, I was the only one who hadn't clicked the discuss deal button as I fancied the outright win, alas wasn't to be.

Prague was definitely on the cards if I had won this in a couple of weeks and may still well be if the local 25/25 goes to plan.

Bizarre game at the riverside yesterday, we played really well in the first half but were so bad in the second it was laughable, luckily it doesn't bother me as much as it used too, as I have said before the match usually spoils a decent day out with my mates.

Rollercoaster month so far, losses have been reduced to a standard meh whatever, but with a a 25/25 in Stockton and Leeds coming up plus the Christmas cracker plus the yearly charity game which is a bit mad we may be back on the downward trajectory, thanks for reading, run good, be happy, stay healthy.

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