Author Topic: APAT North American Amateur Poker Championship, Las Vegas, 7 June 2017  (Read 1366 times)

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As the traditional end to an APAT Season draws near with the World Championship Of Amateur Poker (WCOAP) (Details HERE) starting on 8th April at Grosvenor Casino, Bury New Road, Manchester, the next APAT after WCOAP has now been confirmed as the North American Amateur Poker Championship, which will be played as NLHE with a $150 buyin and a $20k Guarantee... in the fabulous Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Las Vegas starting at 1pm on Wed 7th June 2017... just turn up and buy in on the day ;) ...
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A question I probably know the answer to but will ask nevertheless.  Assume APAT havent sorted out a deal on the juice?   Nugget 150s in their Grand Series are up again this year to  $110 + 40
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So funny that so many poker players in the West Midlands are moaning like crazy about G Casinos upping their tournament reg fees by £1 to £7.

I can just imagine what would happen if they imposed this sort of rake.

Obv I won't let it worry me while I'm on "holiday" in Vegas but I'd struggle to see how people could pay this on a regular basis.
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