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!! IMPORTANT NOTICE - European Ch'ship Brussels !!
« on: April 19, 2017, 18:27:11 PM »

What a great time we had in Manchester! Unfortunately just a couple of hours after returning home, I received a disturbing message from the poker manager of the Brussels Casino, the venue for the European Championship of Amateur Poker.

Brussels has a WPT branded poker room and every year they hold a few WPT National events. One of these events is usually held mid-October, but for the last couple of months they confirmed they didn't have plans to have an October festival this year.

Exactly that time slot was given to us to hold the APAT ECOAP.

Unfortunately yesterday WPT suddenly decided they do want to have a festival in October, and since the original contract between Brussels and WPT states that a WPT event has to take place in October, this might have a major effects on the schedule or even the dates for the ECOAP!!

We are currently discussing the possibilities; the Casino prefers to hold our event, so they are doing their best to keep everything as agreed... I proposed a joint ECOAP/WPT festival where we keep our schedule (or at least the bigger part of it) and the WPT works their schedule around it.



I will keep you updated as soon as I have more news!
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