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So sorry for the delay but had a few techie issues so going to nick Ian's post a little

Okay Guys and Gals

I need some help!!!!

I'm looking for 7 players to join me and represent one of the APAT teams at the forthcoming Grosvenor APAT UK Team Championship in Blackpool, the other team will be captained by Ian Thompson.
Dates for your diaries are 3rd February 2018 to 4th February 2018.

BUT I am looking for something different - I would like to theme my team so ideas for the theme in the first instance would be great.  I am not nicking Linda's idea of last year of ladies but come on folks thinking hat on. So either pm me here or Facebook message me with ideas and then I will put out further.  Ideas to me by Saturday 22nd July please

If you would like to throw your hat in the ring anyway pls pm me as above or email

Let's get thinking and ready to whip Ian's backside wahoo

Only one word for it weeeeeeeeeeeeee

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Re: Who wants to come and play - APAT team event Blackpool 2018
« Reply #1 on: June 29, 2017, 20:28:43 PM »
Love the theme idea
I think this could be harder than you think, I'm sure whatever you come up with it will enhance the weekend for all!!

Good luck Dawn xx
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Re: Who wants to come and play - APAT team event Blackpool 2018
« Reply #2 on: July 01, 2017, 08:19:26 AM »
Themes is a good shout! Always fun to see something a bit different! Obviously ladies worked well last year, as an alternative could do bracelet winners, or even in light of a few apat Weddinfs this year, couples?! Failing that a big fancy dress get up always goes down a storm, just ask the Hetton mob!!

Good luck with your picks xx