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WCOAP 2018 Spotlight - NLHE Cash Championship
« on: November 20, 2017, 14:27:25 PM »
You can find the full WCOAP 2018 schedule HERE

The NLHE Cash Championship will take place as follows:

   Sun 1 Apr 18      22:00-01:00      #10.1.1      NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.1      £50+£10+£7   
   Tue 3 Apr 18      22:00-01:00      #10.1.2      NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.2      £50+£10+£7   
   Fri 6 Apr 18      22:00-01:00      #10.1.3      NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.3      £50+£10+£7   
   Sun 8 Apr 18      18:00-21:00      #10.1.4      NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.4      £50+£10+£7   
   Sun 8 Apr 18      22:00-00:00      #10.2      NLHE Cash Championship (Final Table 9)      -   

Day 1 £50+£10+£7 estimated capacity 3 x 10-handed tables (30 players)


Day 1 - Final Table Qualifier                                       
- Each Day 1 Final Table Qualifier will run over a set 3-hour period without breaks with an estimated 3 tables all playing NLHE.  If max players are not reached, a decision will be made on the number of tables and players per table to start.

- Late entries and Alternates will be allowed for the first 2 hours of play.

- Players must buy-in INITIALLY for a minimum of £50+£10+£7 to a maximum of £100+£10+£7 - at the venue Cash Desk on the event day.

- Of the £17 fee, £10 is a Championship payment, which is collected from all players and paid out to the winners from the Final Table as follows:

up to £500 - winner takes all
£510 to £1,000 - 70/30 split to 1st and 2nd (rounded up to the nearest £10 in favour of 2nd place)
over £1,000 - 50/35/15 split to 1st, 2nd and 3rd (rounded up to the nearest £10 in favour of 3rd then 2nd place)

- Players will be assigned a table and seat number as in tournament play, and tables are balanced following exits as a tournament would be.

- Blinds will start at a static 25p/25p for the first 90 minutes then increase to a static 25p/50p for the remainder.

- Players can opt to leave with the cash in front of them at any time.  However, once they have exited, they cannot buy back in for the same Day 1 Qualifier.

- Players may 'top up' their stack to a maximum of £100 at any time (and as many times as they like) when their stack is £50 or less before the start of the 'Last 5 Hands'.  Players who lose their entire stack during this 'Last 5 Hands' will not be able to 'top-up' and will have to leave the table.

-The clock will be stopped with the announcement of 'Last 5 hands' (circa 15 minutes before the end) to allow final 'top ups' (to a maximum of £100 for all players with less than £100) and then to do a chip count per player, with the top 5 stacks being announced to the floor in stack order so that players are aware of their targets before play re-commences for the last 5 hands.  This will be the only time an official count is done 'in play' and announced.  The 'Last 5 Hands' will be done on a hand-for-hand basis.

- At the end of each Day 1 Qualifier, the Top 2 LARGEST stacked players will be eligible to carry forward their TOTAL stack to the Final Table and the NEXT 2 top stacks will also be recorded.  If any of the Day 2 Final Table Qualifiers do not wish to, cannot, or do not do so, by the time Day 2 starts, then places will be offered down in order, until we have 9 players for the Final Table.  At this point the game is over for the remaining players and they keep whatever cash is left in front of them (see below for Final Table reserves).

- All Cash Championship players, who are still in the event when it closes at the end of Day 1, are to count their stack and ensure that the Dealer correctly verifies and records their stack - failure to ensure that your Dealer has correctly verified and recorded your stack will mean you will not be able to take a seat in the Final Table 9.

- A 'reserve list' from all verified and recorded stacks in LARGEST stack order will be maintained in case of no-shows for the Final Table 9 and reserves will be offered to take any spare seats on the Final Table in strict reserve list order from all reserves who are present at Final Table start time when any reserve seats will be offered IMMEDIATELY to those reserves present - if the reserve player is not in attendance at the final table when this offer is made then the seat will IMMEDIATELY be offered to the next player on the reserve list.  Any 'Final Table Qualifier' who fails to turn up to take their seat by Final Table start time will immediately lose their seat and have their name added to the bottom of the reserve list.

Day 2 - Final Table

- The Final Table will run over a set 2-hour period without breaks and play 9-handed - the top 2 qualifiers from each Day 1, plus the highest stacked Reserve, and will be played as NLHE throughout.

- The venue will do a re-draw for the Final Table

- The blinds will increase to a static 50p/£1 for the duration of Day 2.

- Players can choose to leave the final table at any point with the chips/cash in front of them, but if so, they may not return and cannot win any of the 'tournament' prize fund.

- An announcement of 'Last 5 hands' will be made with approximately 15 minutes of play left.

- The player who is last standing will be declared the winner, or after the event completes stacks will be counted and the result noted in LARGEST stack order - the player with the LARGEST stack being declared the winner.

Side Rules

- Straddles - can ONLY be done by UTG and may only be double the BB.

- Players cannot 'Run it Twice' (or more!).

- The player who made the 'last aggressive action' must show or fold first and then players show or fold in clockwise order thereafter.

- When all-in that player MUST show their cards, even if they do NOT have the winning hand.

- Both cards must always be shown by a player when it is their turn to show if they wish to claim the pot (but they may fold - as long as they are not all-in).

- Players may not multi-table (this also means a player may not buy into this event if he is not sure that he will be free to take his seat at the start of the tournament due to being involved in another event).

- Players absent from the table during play will be dealt hole cards but will not be able to play the hand (or look at the cards) after the first card has been dealt in the hand and if appropriate will have their Blind posted by the Dealer.        

NB If qualifying games start later than advertised, blinds will still rise to 25p/50p at the due time... eg event due to start at 10pm will still rise at 11:30pm to 25p/50p.  Min number of players for a 'day' to start is 5.   
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