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Scottish Amateur Poker Championship - Player List
« on: June 22, 2009, 22:31:34 PM »
Here is the final player list for the 2009 Scottish Amateur Poker Championship, being played at the Gala Maybury Casino, Edinburgh on July 18th & 19th. 

There wasn"t space for every player who attempted to get in, so seats were allocated strictly on a first come first served basis.  Entries were pre-authorised, so if your name does not appear on the list below, your pre-authorisation will be cancelled.

Please note the list of players linked to here, have had payment failures and will be required to pay their entry fee of £75 at the casino before play starts on day one.


Adam Small
Alan Armitage - Scottish Online Champion 2009
Alan Brady
Alan Cunningham
Alan Horsburgh
Alan Mower
Alan Steedman
Allan Deuchars
Andrew Duncan
Anthony Williams
Ben Burnhill
Ben Dixon
Blair Kirkland
Brian Harland
Brian Martin - UK Online Champion 2009
Brian Yates - Irish Amateur Champion 2009 / Welsh Online Champion 2009
Charles Sanderson
Chris O"Connor
Chris Peers
Christopher Kelly
Colin Mcinnes
Colin O"Prey - European Team Champion 2008
Craig Dunn
Craig Rattray
Dan Owston
Daniel Phillips - English Amateur Champion 2006
Darren Shallis - Irish Online Champion 2008
David Blacklaw
David Blane
David Hendrie
David Pilkington
David Ruthven
Dean Whittaker
Debjani Duncan
Derek Liddle
Derek Murdie
Don Logan
Don Roberts
Douglas Gunn
Dylan Herbert
Ed Debaes
Edward Kershaw
Frank Bailie
Gareth Derbyshire
Gareth McNeill
Gary Phillips
George Dickson
Glenn Laming
Gordon Casey
Gordon Casey Snr
Gordon Mcarthur
James Eccles
James Edwards
James Gray
Jason Jones - Scottish Amateur Champion 2008
Jim Lang
John McDaid
John Murray - European Team Champion 2008
Jon Garrett
JP Round
Kenneth Armstrong
Kevin McDermott
Kevin O"Shea
Kevin Smith
Leigh Wiltshire
Liam Brown
Liam Rowatt
Louis Manson
Lynne Etches
Mark Valentine
Mark Wright
Mary Martin - UK Team Champion 2008 (Individual)
Matt McKinlay
Maxine McKinlay
Michael Paterson - Onlive Champion 2007
Michal Pempkowiak
Mike O"Sullivan
Mike Rainsford
Nazar Wrigley
Neil Dawson
Neil McClory
Niall Farrell
Paul Irvine
Paul McGuinness
Paul McTaggart
Peter Easy
Peter Lap
Peter Winter
Phil Starrs - Scottish Amateur Champion 2007
Phil Tompkinson
Ray Chester
Raymond Crowe
Richard Rudling-Smith
Rob Swindells
Robert Burke
Robert Kirkwood
Ross Johnson
Rupinder Bedi
Sam MacDonald
Selena Starrs
Simon Auckland - Welsh Amateur Champion 2009
Stan Martin
Stephen Boll
Stephen Dickson
Stephen Hill
Stephen Jennison
Stephen Lister
Stephen Myatt
Stephen Paterson
Stephen Shaw
Steve Coope
Steve Murray
Steve Redfern - UK Amateur Champion 2009
Steven Maciver
Stewart Barrie
Stewart Inkster
Stuart Brown
Stuart Campbell
Stuart Langford
Stuart Oliver
Stuart Riddell
Thomas Stanfield
Timothy Wilkinson
Tod Wood
Tom Steuart-Fielding - UK Team Champion 2008
Tony Trippier
Valerie Gray
Walter Niven
Wendy Lap
Will Young

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