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On a Flop 2h 7h Kh, Peter Chilton bets 25k and Shug Cairnie makes the call

2c and they check in down

10d River and Peter throws out 55k - Shug makes an instant call and Peter flips over 2d 2s

'just quads - that wins' says Shug...
Steven Haley finds Ah Ad whilst Andrew James finds Ks Kd - and of course it all goes in pre-flop

Kc first card out and Andrew's flopped trip K's hold to eliminate an unlucky Steven in 15th place for £160
15 players remain in the Main Event now on a dinner break:

   Forename      Surname      Chip Count   
   Owen Paul      Fenwick      315,000   
   Antonie      Hoyle      310,000   
   Hugh      Cairnie      285,000   
   Peter Michael      Chilton      275,000   
   Stephen      Hetherington      235,000   
   William John      Eadie      230,000   
   Andrew      Lyon      220,000   
   Steven      Haley      195,000   
   Kevin Philip      Lee      190,000   
   Gary      Roberts      180,000   
   Andrew      James      175,000   
   Ian David      Woods      166,000   
   Darren      Turnbull      120,000   
   Darren Colin      Knaggs      112,000   
   David      Darcangelo      110,000   

Chip leader Owen Fenwick..

Craig Smith is all in for 130k on the last hand before the break.

Shug Cairnie ships for 135k

Peter Chilton tanks for a long while, he has 250k in his stack...eventually he folds

Craig has Ah Qc

Shug has Jd Js

Peter is a happy man having folded Pocket 10's - HERO fold eh Peter ;)

3d 6h 2s 3c 7h

The Jacks hold. Shug up to over 260k

Craig Smith finishes in 16th place for £150 - next stop Dublin next weekend...

Players are now on a 45 minute dinner break...

Shug is in a happy place now...

Over on the other table, Ben Davies is in the midst of busting also), negating the need for hand for hand play and bursting the bubble.

Ben Davies is the bubble boy in 18th.

Ray Ryder finishes a hand or so later in 17th for £150.

16 remain - the 45 minute dinner break is in 10 minutes and chip counts will come after that.
Steve Bradbury ships in mid position for 75k

Owen Fenwick re ships for a lot more and everyone else folds.

Owen puts in 75k and shows Kh Kc
Steve has Ac Kd

6h 9s Qs Qd 8h

Steve Bradbury is out in 19th
Richard Robertson gets it all in.

Stephen Hetherington calls to put Richard at risk.

Richard has Ks Jd

Stephen shows 10h Jh

A s 10c 3h Js 5d

Richard Robertson is sent to the rail in 21st, with Simon Crosbie slipping out in 20th.
There is already 90k in the pot and the board is Qh 2c 4s 4h

Andrew James ships for around 60k
William Eadie tanks for ages, apologises for tanking, asks if Andrew will show if he folds - Andrew says yes.

William folds and Andrew shows Js Jc
William seems happy with this.

Andrew up to over 150k now.
With blinds at 3k/6k/6k, Darren Turnbull ships for just over 60k

It folds to Kevin Lee who ships over the top for more than 200k

The rest fold and Kevin shows Qh Qs
Darren stands and turns Ad 2d

4s 6d 8d flop brings a sweat...

5c turn increases Darren's outs and Kevin looks uncomfortable


Kevin rivers the flush and doubles up. Kevin in shock but still on over 175k.
Izzy Boyle puts her last 45k in with A s Js

It folds to Ian Woods who calls showing Js Jc

No ace for Izzy, so her and Barrie are jumping into the ROE.

However their bit of 'action on the side' seems to include Iain and GiMac :)

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