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 on: Today at 14:31:30 
Started by Erimus - Last post by Erimus
Limped along to the Tuesday night game, (gout still causing problems) missed the extra 1k in chips due to being 5 mins late, doesn't bother me this but some of the hassle the card room staff get when certain regs cannot get the extra 1k is pretty ridiculous and embarrassing.

Loads of new players lately for some reason and only recognised 2 other regs on my opening table.

As always pots early doors are massive and bloated and usually end in a shout of chips please to take the add on, I usually buy the lot at the start.

Attempted a squeeze with AJ on button after 6 limpers, (75/150), got 7 callers, lol, missed flop, gave up, chips please was shouted after the hand, as a 25k pot was raked in by a random, eventually got these of him before the break.

Fast forward a few hours and I reach the final table, because of the new start time it wasn't even midnight and we were relatively deep with average stack at 25 bigs, quite good for this type of tournament.

Usual Ying and yang on the final table, I 3 bet KK, v an utg limp and the big blind defends, flop 99K, right how am I going to get paid, oh hello , bb jams 12 bigs, utg calls 12 bigs, I  fold, ( one of them must  quads), no I didn't, I called KJ v 97 v KK, avoid the case 9, and I am now comfortable, bubble agreed, don't mind 1 paid as it speeds the game up.

Lose a few but ladder to 6th, then the Yang, Aces lose to 55 and I am then the shortstack, jam 33 gets through, grind a few more hands, prize jumps aren't massive but I still like to play as correctly as possible, just in case of a future big final table, we end up 4 handed due my 77 holding v villains A9, standard shove from him and call from me, I have history with this guy and he wasn't happy as he wasn't on Friday when my AQ beat his Jacks, he wasn't happy with me.

Win with AK v AQ, and we are all on 250k ish with 1million in play, decide on £400 each and play for the extra £150, lose the flip with KQ v KJ v 22, 2 on flop, the 2 left chop the £150 before me and the other guy pick up our payout slips, Ft lasted 2plus hours, deepish at first but as usual it got shallow very quickly, hasn't been that bad a month overall as I forgot about the 4th place in the 60/60 at start of month.

Need new glasses so will use poker winnings for them, always good to use the winnings for stuff, so season ticket and glasses sorted this month.

Just been called into Doctors to get this Gout sorted.

Thanks for reading, run good, be lucky stay healthy.

 on: Today at 14:06:28 
Started by IrishTom - Last post by Big Club
There's no mention of it here Tom but can we presume that loud high five tag ins are compulsory?

 on: Today at 00:44:51 
Started by IrishTom - Last post by IrishTom
You can find the full WCOAP 2018 schedule HERE

The Main Event (NLHE) will take place as follows:

#3.1A Sat 31st Mar 2018 15:00 Main Event Day 1A £100+£10 est capacity 7 x 10-handed tables plus Alternates
#3.1B Mon 2nd Apr 2018 12:30 Main Event Day 1B £100+£10 est capacity 15 x 10-handed tables plus Alternates
#3.1C Thu 5th Apr 2018 16:00 Main Event Day 1C £100+£10 est capacity 8 x 10-handed tables plus Alternates
#3.1D Fri 6th Apr 2018 12:00 Main Event Day 1D £100+£10 est capacity 13 x 10-handed tables plus Alternates

20k stack - 45 min clock - 11 Levels (circa 9 & 1/2 hours play including breaks) - Late Entry 3 & 1/4 hours

#3.2 Sat 7th Apr 2018 12:00  Main Event Day 2 (60 min clock) (est completion 21:00)                                  
#3.3 Sun 8th Apr 2018 12:00  Main Event Final Table 9 (60 min clock/30 min HU) (est completion 17:00)

 on: March 21, 2018, 23:20:50 PM 
Started by IrishTom - Last post by IrishTom
You can find the full WCOAP 2018 schedule HERE

The Tag Team (NLHE) Championship will take place as follows:

#25 Fri 6th April 2018 17:00
£50+£7 per player (team member) estimated capacity 6 x 10-handed tables (60 players seated/teams)
10k stack - 30 min clock
Late Entry 19:15 (02:00 estimated completion)

The event will play as a NLHE MTT throughout, with only 1 member playing at any given time, and where team members may 'tag' at any time when not involved in a hand.  

The is NO requirement for any team member to play a minimum number of hands, or levels, or time - this should allow team members to partake in other events on the same day - late reg is open until 19:15 - only 1 member will be required to register in person (but pay the full buyin and reg for both players at that time).

If both players have pre-registered via the Online Holding Tank, then they MUST inform me of both team member names ASAP - and chips will go into play from the start of the event.
If only 1 player has registered in the Online Holding Tank then they other player will be required to register and buyin before that team is considered 'registered'.

If 1 or both reserve via Eventbrite, then again they will need to register in advance (and team spot will only be reserved until 30 mins prior to event start).

If you are playing it... please post both member names here... but you can of course register on the day.

 on: March 20, 2018, 14:22:10 PM 
Started by IrishTom - Last post by Red_Nev
Hi Tom
Could I please confirm I have a reserved seat for the opening comp in Manchester , the Double Chance PLO .
I only ask as I have two different confirmations one with and one without :-)
Many thanks in advance

 on: March 20, 2018, 14:19:28 PM 
Started by IrishTom - Last post by Sugar_Free
With just 6 weeks to go isn't it about time we found out what the format/structure of some of these games are please? Specifically Mississippi Straddle, Tag Team, Survivor Shootouts, 15/15 & Headhunter.

Oh yea... better get on with it !

Hi Tom, anything on Tag Team yet?

 on: March 19, 2018, 15:23:15 PM 
Started by Drewski - Last post by Zozzy
Drewski, it won't be easy to make Day 2 in the Apat Main Event. There are some tough players that travel around the Apat Tour.
Some of the GUKPT tournaments have a £1k buy-in and £200k guarantee which attracts experienced players that read the game very well, so it is unfair to compare the two.
Having said that there are many Apaters that would hold their own in this company if bankroll wasn't an issue.

 on: March 19, 2018, 09:08:40 AM 
Started by Erimus - Last post by Erimus
Missed a bit of an overlay on Tuesday night at the G with Gout, literally couldn't walk, drive, put a shoe or sock on, 2cd or 3rd experience of this and tbh, don't want another episode of it, not a pleasant condition.

Managed to make Fridays game and what a frustrating effort this was, flips working out correctly at the time I needed them but at the business end they didn't, got to remember how you got the stack.

Grinded 15 bigs till 600/1200 level then went on a ridiculous heater going from 15 k to 200k, AK > 55, AQ > JJ other hands I was ahead in and ran pretty pure.

Final table and chipped up by just raise and takes, standard no one plays a hand unless it involves an Ace  and a King, then wheels fell of, 99 lost to K 10 off, he limps utg, I 3 bet, he jams, probably sick of me 3 betting him all night tbh, only 15 bigs, he wins flip, then KK loses to QJ, all in on J high flop Queen on turn killed me, left me with 1 big and my 96 couldn't outdraw QQ, £140 Win, pretty meh, As said won the 2 flips earlier to get here, so can't complain too much.

Although the 99 hand was pretty standard perhaps the low variance route may of been better as it was such a soft FT, just call and play accordingly, but wanted to win the lot not trying to chop it in an hours time, result orientated thinking, rather take a 70/30 but if I am ahead in a flip at that stage will take it all the time.

Frustrating week online a few min cashes here and there but managed to break even with a sat qualification into Skys Sunday major with a 15th place finish for £210.

Pretty much an up and down year so far like walking on quicksand slowly sinking then managing to get out of it then sinking back down without any major drama.

I was in 2 minds whether to renew season ticket this year, if Monk was still in charge then it would of been a definite No, don't know why just didn't take to the guy, pretty non descript in terms of performances and pretty bland in press conferences, usually just came out with the usual diretribe, full of cliches and the usual football speak.

Decided to renew anyway, not because of the scintillating football we are playing, it's a day or night out of the house, play offs now a distinct possibility not totally confident but we are a lot more efficient under Pullis and there seems to be the signs of a team there.

After the 2 cashes only need to £40 towards it so it's another freeroll next season.

Haven't been keeping a tab on my results this year but would imagine breaking even as bank account hasn't taken a massive dip, I still don't have a poker roll as such just play what I know I can afford, with Susans current health problems can't really grind 4/5 tables at a time as I may be needed at any time and have to sit out for a while which wouldn't be a good idea.

Next travel will be Manchester on the 31st for Day 1 Wcoap Main Event, will be playing with 10% of any winnings going to Clic Sergeant charity, so if you are on my table any chips will be gratefully received and you may be donating to a good cause, I would imagine this will be the only event I will be able to play but that may change depending upon circumstances.

 on: March 18, 2018, 23:54:38 PM 
Started by Drewski - Last post by briangarcia
Yes, the difference between them is really small. Why do you want to compare them?

 on: March 18, 2018, 15:40:35 PM 
Started by Kronsdat - Last post by Kronsdat
Here is a hand that came up at my local game last Thursday night.

Player 1.   

Player 2.    

Flop:        Turn:       River: 

The format of the game was a single table tournament.  I posted the hand on my facebook page and Pete Birks suggested

Would be an interesting teaching hand on the relevance of stack sizes. Assuming competence on both sides (and both players know that the other is competent), posit the most likely sequences in a cash game when smallest stack size is:
(AA hand is MP2. Other hand is on button.)
(a) 50bb
(b) 100bb
(c) 200bb

What do you think folks?

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