APAT’s Weekly Online Schedule

Welcome to the Amateur Poker Association & Tour. We are in the 13th season of our widely acclaimed tour for recreational players, which is being played exclusively online at Partypoker.com, as a result of the global pandemic. We are focusing initially on our Poker Squads and Championship events, and you can find details of both below.


With Poker Squads, you can play all events as an individual, or as part of a team. To enter your own team (4 players), or to join an existing team, please go to the Squads information page linked above, or search the ‘Poker Squads’ topic here in the group. Individual player and team leaderboards reset after each week’s play, so you can comfortably join in at any point in the season. These games offer a great opportunity to learn new poker formats and are played in a super friendly atmosphere. If you reach the final table of an event, you can expect to play slightly beyond midnight.
Schedule: Every evening at 8pm with a $5.50 buy in.
Monday: No Limit Hold’em.
Tuesday: Pot Limit Hi/Lo Six Max.
Wednesday: No Limit Hold’em PKO (Bounties).
Thursday: No Limit Hold’em Mix Max.
Friday: No Limit Hold’em Six Max.
Saturday: Pot Limit Omaha.
Sunday: Deepstack.


APAT Championship titles are highly sought after and you can expect to play a well structured event in a friendly but competitive atmosphere. In addition to prize money, these events offer prestigious APAT National Medals for the top three finishers plus added entries to higher buy in online events. If you reach the final table of an APAT Championship event, you can expect to play slightly beyond midnight.
Our Championship events run at the end of every month
Schedule: Evenings at 7pm with a $33 buy in.
Friday: Pot Limit Omaha.
Saturday: No Limit Hold’em.
Sunday: Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo


Schedule: Evenings at 7pm with various buy ins.
Monday: PLO8 – $10 + $1
Tuesday: NLHE Heads Up – $10+$1 – no late registration.
Wednesday: NLHE 6 Max – $10 + $1
Thursday: Fixed Limit 7 Card Stud – $10+$1 – Windows client only
Friday: PLO – $10 + $1
Saturday: NLHE 8 Max – $10 + $1
Sunday: NLHE Sunday Roller – $50+$5
Satellites to Roller: Mon to Sat (6pm/9pm) Sun (3pm/5pm)
The Roller is a phased tournament where you can buy-in on Sunday for $55 and get a 50k starting stack OR you can play any of the daily feeder satellites for $5.50 with a 5k starting stack and carry your chips into the Sunday. Play stops in the daily feeders at the end of Level 16, so approx 1.45hrs of play. You can have multiple goes in the daily phases and you will carry your largest stack only through to the Sunday.


Every Sunday night from 10pm we livestream the action in a community orientated podcast ‘The APAT Show’, which showcases our games and offers players the chance to broadcast to the APAT community. Links to the livestream can be found here in the group on each day of broadcast. In addition, the results of each event are published in the group and leaderboards updated, often within minutes of an event finishing.


APAT is an official partner of Partypoker (register: www.apat.com/online). All of our online events can be played exclusively via their desktop or mobile apps by searching ‘APAT’ within the Partypoker tournament lobby. Please make sure the tournament filters are unchecked. All of our online events feature added value for which you will find more details within individual group posts. Use the search topic ‘Online’ here in the group for quick access to this information.


We do most of our talking here in our Facebook group. We do have a Facebook page also, which we’re not quite sure what to do with – despite our super cool url: www.FB.com/apat. You can also find us on Twitter using www.twitter.com/apatpoker, but we’re nowhere near cool enough to use Instagram, Snapchat or TikTok!
If you’re a smart marketeer with some time on your hands, who would like to help us in our mission to promote great poker experiences, please get in touch. What we lack in physical benefits we can more than make up for in funny stories of our experiences at exotic poker locations over the years. Walsall in season 3, anyone?!


New players are always welcomed at APAT and you will find plenty of help and advice throughout our community, which runs to thousands of players! Feel free to message the organising team here also. We were all new once (many of us haven’t improved our game!) and pride ourselves on our friendliness. To add your email address to our mailing list, fill in the quick form at www.apat.com.
Have fun and play responsibly.
Leigh Wiltshire (Online), Tom Brady (Live),
Matt Dale (Tech), Des Duffy (Partners).
APAT Organising Team

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Tournament Dollars
Wed 1 Apr 2020,
Cash Game Leaderboards
Wed 1 Apr 2020,
Sunday Roller
Sun 23 Aug 2020,
Poker Squads GW 21
Mon 24 Aug 2020,
Heads Up Tuesday
Tue 25 Aug 2020,
7 Card Stud Thursday
Thu 27 Aug 2020,



RankingPlayerPlayedITMTotal CashITPPoints
1stKy Hutchinson135791.09550
2ndJames Spicer931035.76349
3rdGerard Harraghy115397.93548
4thGary Roberts155735.78546
5thColin Mccarthy114844.07346
6thNeville Harrington94672.75446
7thAdam Stanley Phelan155391.67444
8thJohn Stocker74269.07441
9thAnthony Trippier145353.56539
10thAndrew Kingan1431090.63339
11thRobert Swindells155324.71438
12thEdi Paul Neacsu154331.79338
13thBrandon Stannard113561.57335
14thVincent Eley143485.75334
15thJacob Georgiades93566.26334
16thDean Pearson152714.6233
17thJamie Edgell123441.54333
18thEdward Stanborough143317.62332
19thSteven James Fortey122532.11231
20thIain Ayre155276.77329
21stJoanna Chillmaid122371.7229
22ndDavid Amos132459.54228
23rdKevin O Donnell63319.95328
24thMichael Kuczka142210.15227
25thJoby Plunkett114219.93327
26thPhillip Huxley73248.62326
27thThomas Bacon92319.75226
28thNigel Burgejones73252.66226
29thJohnny Gibb102517.62225
30thAneurin Venables152154.65224
31stLuis Toubib122255.46223
32ndLee Mulligan122449.56223
33rdStuart Pillinger152399.13222
34thGary Young102163.23222
35thAsa Daniel Mcgrath143144.01321
36thLuke Woodall73145.05321
37thSteven Bayliff142556.91220
38thEvelyn Johnson22104.28219
39thGareth Howard84169.46419
40thTim Magnus91645.47118
41stKevin Ohanlon152314.16218
42ndDaniel Battell21544.47118
43rdRicky Woolley131496.4118
44thSven Woisetschiger31544.47118
45thElaine Cosgrove92106.23218
46thAndreas Achillea31463.06118
47thDanny Strange152332.73117
48thMark Williams71381.15117
49thDenis Gary Phillips61304.5117
50thBen Greer111391.14117
51stPaul Taylor141330.75117
52ndJames Edwards61378.67117
53rdSalvatore Pino102110.13217
54thSophie Clarke71333.9116
55thThomas Clark153138.56216
56thRobert Green7293.45216
57thOliver Cox31259.2116
58thChristopher Billiet31285.36116
59thNazar Mohammed112126.95216
60thJan-Christoph Jung11273.6116
61stRadek Prusa11275.4116
62ndEoghan Higgins11213.75116
63rdBartosz Korzeniewski11217.5116
64thJake Poxon21246.67115
65thDavid Harvey71143.1115
66thAndrew Bailess151191.25115
67thMark Aldridge11204.18115
68thShirley Cole91192.52115
69thJonathan Lane21183.6115
70thThomas Watts91149.62115
71stAlan Armitage81152.25115
72ndMatthew Wood21195.07115
73rdAndrew David Coyle42168.39215
74thStefan Fischer51118.8215
75thAndreas Johansson11133.87115
76thWarren Brooks11142.68114
77thMartin Rafferty101142.68114
78thDan Bonser51122.85114
79thArron Swaisland5284.37213
80thAdam Bromley13176.5113
81stSimon Crosbie72142.43113
82ndAlan Brady8194.5113
83rdTod Wood21110.7113
84thDonald Roberts14284.48213
85thSimon Beattie11284.48213
86thDave Butler4194.05113
87thDaniel Durent2198.11112
88thDavid Garden12285.83212
89thMichelle Gascoine9186.75112
90thThomas Stewart1186.1112
91stPaul Haycock9190.15112
92ndChris Wilson2181.64112
93rdMatthew Smith4185.61112
94thRonni Ravnholt Borg1187.31112
95thDavid Paxton42105.5111
96thRobert Bulman10149.72111
97thJonathan Andrew Heath6161.42111
98thDavid Stones10285211
99thSpyridon Nektarios Spiropoulos2171.55111
100thRonald Van Den Linde1169.3111
101stIgor Asyamov9280.55211
102ndLisa Cornish3272.6211
103rdMarek Milewicz1155.57111
104thPeter Munro13284.76110
105thPeter Ali Gedi1149.2110
106thTom Hughes1150.61110
107thCharles Kearns6143.95110
108thMatthew Carter7152.9419
109thMurrray Lorimer1149.219
110thSteven Smart12151.2829
111thNeil Banks3149.219
112thDe Oliveira Ribeiro Adriano2150.6119
113thMartin Staszko3151.2819
114thShaun Cosgrove3138.2519
115thNbah Oeaopob1142.7519
116thJamie White2156.3318
117thYani Kyriacou13150.6118
118thHugh Cairnie15147.2518
119thJoseph Owen Gaynard15147.9518
120thGary Hollands10150.2818
121stTom Banks10143.9528
122ndSteve Slater2138.2518
123rdRyan Smith2143.518
124thTam Thai1150.9418
125thRachel Wilson1156.3317
126thSteve Redfern9282.1117
127thJohn Murray12150.2817
128thJoachim Wallaert8283.3217
129thRichard Baker10279.9617
130thFrancis Bailie8143.517
131stMats Rosen6286.1617
132ndChristine Teresa Laurie3147.9517
133rdDean Carruthers2150.9417
134thDwayne Stacey1142.7517
135thCraig Swanick7272.6716
136thScott Wilson2142.3116
137thCarl Pilgrim7142.7316
138thThomas Heegaard Suneesen1144.1216
139thLuc Mcveigh3142.4516
140thPavel Gavrish2134.216
141stRoddy Ian Farmer3279.5515
142ndBrian Harland10141.915
143rdPeter Wigglesworth13269.915
144thPeter Mccann2142.3115
145thDavid Daniel Owston12139.9615
146thBrendan Byrne8142.4515
147thRichard Newbery10142.4525
148thChris Lloyd6144.1215
149thAlan Ellis5146.8414
150thPhilip Thomas Colls14277.1824
151stGary Metcalfe5130.614
152ndAndrew Robert Heath9142.7314
153rdEllen Gascoine12142.3114
154thYves Bormans5142.1814
155thCurtis Heron1141.6214
156thRichard Thomas1134.814
157thKevin Odriscoll1146.8413
158thGraham Wills2142.3113
159thPhilip Tompkinson7141.913
160thDamian Walters1144.1213
161stBruno Rilho2142.7313
162ndTerence Newton2134.813
163rdMartin Power9135.812
164thJoseph Carrhill11135.3412
165thAndrew Galloway3133.4812
166thWilliam De Ritter3134.8712
167thTerry Bowker5135.5712
168thPaul Romain2139.5611
169thLilian Tompkinson7135.111
170thAaron Mccready5132.7111
171stAndrew Drago1133.4811
172ndChristophe Servais40011
173rdGlenn De Cuyper3135.3411
174thBarnabas Nagy1136.9611
175thTobias Swiontek20011



RankingPlayerPlayedITMTotal CashITPPoints
1stSteve Redfern137821.05781
2ndSteven James Fortey54274.15555
3rdEmma Wännlund84969.82453
4thTom Banks103625.95347
5thDanny Strange153418.05343
6thJonathan Andrew Heath112532.95342
7thMarian Gyori123504.27441
8thJoseph Owen Gaynard95217.58641
9thThomas Gannaway43428.13341
10thTahir Akram63411.33341
11thAsa Daniel Mcgrath153655.84339
12thRichard Rudling-Smith123445.94339
13thPeter Munro153332.88338
14thRobert Bulman84190.57435
15thRobert Swindells143240.67334
16thStefan Fischer134190.32433
17thAntony David Ross152508.96333
18thNennene Rogers82612.19233
19thSimon Brooke32469.87232
20thAdam Stanley Phelan112384.13332
21stRobert Green122360.78331
22ndDavid Daniel Owston112335.85230
23rdPhilip Thomas Colls153199.65330
24thDavid Fallon52271.05230
25thNeville Harrington122108.26329
26thSteven Healey153132.52329
27thSteven Bayliff143203.92327
28thVitali Freisinger62349.27226
29thDaniel Durent32207.05225
30thMark Lassman62162.30325
31stVincent Eley122381.25225
32ndDaniel Weaver32154.16224
33rdRichard Baker131280.87323
34thAndrew Robert Heath9294.30222
35thThomas Clark102105.59221
36thMatthew Ogilvie3173.50221
37thDiane Farrell113118.35420
38thAndre Lima3287.74220
39thJon Laight32123.79219
40thPeter Wigglesworth14292.49219
41stMark Wincell8287.37219
42ndStuart Pillinger151371.22118
43rdCurtis Ledger61349.80118
44thJamie Edgell101183.30218
45thMaximilian Schneider21349.80118
46thVesa Pelkonen11320.26118
47thStephen Sapsford71339.07117
48thRobert Law61320.25117
49thBrian Yates121283.50117
50thCarl Pilgrim141147.00217
51stDaniel Lowe81265.12117
52ndJohn-Paul Round41234.67217
53rdSami Muhonen21215.25117
54thShane Pollington31231.07117
55thDean Pearson91171.60116
56thNoel Wachter11230.62116
57thBrandon Stannard81217.50116
58thStuart Griffiths111215.62116
59thChristian Wohlkopf11228.75116
60thKevin O Donnell61202.50116
61stMichael Mccann31200.62116
62ndPerttu Makela11189.37116
63rdStephen Ralph21165.75116
64thWilliam Winterbom11159.97116
65thMartin John Rice11174.67115
66thFrancis Bailie14165.17215
67thDavid Paxton8294.46215
68thGordon Mcarthur12284.00315
69thNeil Banks21164.06115
70thStephen Jones21126.90115
71stTreu Danner11114.75115
72ndAnthony Trippier151119.92114
73rdWilliam Johnstone61112.12114
74thKen Mcbide101118.95114
75thJay Scott61121.87114
76thGordon Goodall11113.10114
77thMykhailo Doronin5288.72214
78thPaul Haycock10174.02113
79thRobert Bostock3186.25113
80thGlenn De Cuyper3193.75113
81stVahid Amirzahiri2180.25113
82ndJesper Arctaedius2166.93113
83rdClive Williams1187.00113
84thRein Horstman2169.30113
85thDon Logan12169.60112
86thNico Seghorn3173.80112
87thJack Hipkiss2175.00112
88thJuha Vilkki1169.00112
89thDuanne Porter8159.92112
90thIain Ayre6156.06111
91stCody Wagner4149.23111
92ndDerek Rowland7152.65111
93rdMats Rosen110-411
94thTony Baitson4150.36111
95thBence Saskoy1160.93111
96thSebastian Wostenfeld3146.20111
97thMalte Pross1144.62111
98thJoseph Carrhill110-210
99thJohn Murray15142.90210
100thNigel Burgejones4143.12110
101stNikolaos Passaris40-210
102ndAyyeaikn Auon4137.87110
103rdPeter Stoneman3142.90110
104thTobias Swiontek1144.62110
105thBenjamin Burnhill10138.0129
106thLilian Tompkinson9142.9019
107thRaymond Crowe2143.1219
108thChristine Teresa Laurie3145.7519
109thPnhat Xacahob3146.8729
110thAlan Brady4145.8219
111thIlpo-Juhani Vaatainen3140.5019
112thRobert Rasimus3145.6218
113thPhilip Tompkinson10142.9018
114thEdi Paul Neacsu9145.8218
115thDonald Roberts14143.1218
116thAndreas Hoglund1145.7518
117thJames Smith5146.8718
118thEllen Gascoine5142.9018
119thRobert Steven Hallworth6145.6217
120thStephen Woodman8140.1217
121stChristine Kruse5137.8717
122ndRoss Fullarton3141.4317
123rdDaniel Williams2138.0116
124thCharles Kearns50-26
125thAnthony Johnson2134.8016
126thFrederic Normand1134.5016
127thBenjamin Boulden1132.1016
128thAndris Taunins1130.3016
129thJames Wilson20-16
130thAndrey Kilyushev30-16
131stAlexander Ruben10-16
132ndOmar Khan2138.0115
133rdJoanna Chillmaid140-15
134thAuganbaev Daniyar3132.1015
135thTod Wood2136.9015
136thVladimirs Korbuts1136.6015
137thPeter Winsper2137.5015
138thAlexandru Talica3134.8015
139thJacob Georgiades3132.4015
140thHenry Upper1130.3015
141stDawn Cooke20-15
142ndSimon Manning20-15
143rdAdam Horvath10-15
144thKevin Ohanlon9137.5014
145thThomas Bacon70-14
146thJames Roberts1136.9014
147thPavel Vicek1136.6014
148thIgor Cernogorov2134.8014
149thAnatolii Boshtan20-14
150thStefanos Makris1130.3014
151stOscar Tang10-14
152ndMichael Alan Swann40-13
153rdBorut Mlakar1136.9013
154thGary Hollands120-23
155thKonstadinos Sotirakos6137.5013
156thGary Metcalfe2132.1013
157thDavid Blacklaw30-13
158thRiman Iakovenko1134.8013
159thCarl Norris2130.3013
160thAndrew Jones60-12
161stAdam Bromley20-12
162ndBrendan Byrne60-12
163rdJohan Andersson10-12
164thDuncan Hoyle1131.8511
165thDenis Gary Phillips80-11
166thAleh Lohinau100-11
167thViktor Oravecz10-11
168thPaul Bambrough10-11
169thJan Gombar20-11
170thLovro Filipovic20-11
171stAlistair Fowler30-11

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