Dates : Friday 12th January 2024 until Sunday 14th January 2024


Venue : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2UW

Tel : 0115 845 4300
Email :
Website :


How to get there :

By Car : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Nottingham, NG72UW
By Tram : The closest tram stop is the QMC. Alight at the QMC and Dusk Till Dawn is around a 10 minute walk away.
By Train : The closest mainline train station is Nottingham which offers direct services to and from: London, Manchester & Liverpool.
By Plane : East Midlands airport is approximately 25 minutes by taxi away from Dusk Till Dawn.


The UK Team Championship is an OPEN event – ie open to ANY poker player, and the weekend supporting events are open to ANY individual player whether they play in the UK Team Championship or not.


Hosted at DTD Saturday 13th – Sunday 14th January 2024 (with supporting side events), the UK Team Championship is an invitation-only event with teams of 8 members playing over a 2-day MTT and with APAT Championship Gold, Silver and Bronze Medals for the top 3 teams and top 3 individuals.


DTD will open:

FRI – 5pm

SAT – 12:00 noon

SUN 12:00 noon


UK Team Championship Weekend Schedule

DateStartLate RegEventBuy-inStackClockNotes
Fri 12th Jan18:0020:15APAT Bounty Hunter£25+£25+£1050k15/20 minsFreezeout
Sat 13th Jan14:00-APAT UK Team Championship Day 1£100+£20100k25 minsFreezeout
19:0021:15APAT NLHE 50£50+£1075k20 minsFreezeout
Sun 14th13:00-APAT UK Team Championship Day 2--25/40 mins-
13:0015:15APAT PLO Championship£100+£20100k20/30 minsFreezeout
15:0017:15APAT NLHE 100£100+£2075k20 minsFreezeout
17:0019:15UKPC Main Event Satellite£25+£520k15 mins5 seats GTD


The maximum capacity 40 teams are confirmed below, with 320 players competing for glory for both a team and an individual prize pool from the 2-Day MTT, with the entry fee of £100+£20 per player split on a 75/25 basis between the Top 5 Teams and the Top 15 Individuals.


UK Team Championship 2024 Competing Teams

Aber Poker BoysChezGerGeordie Poker Malvern Poker ClubStoke Poker Club
Angies RoomColdstream PokerHITSQUADMidlands FreelancersTalk Club
Antrim Poker ClubEast Herts PokerJoeBeevers.comNorth Tyneside PokerTeam FISO
Barrow PokerEdgworth Cricket ClubKracked KingsOptimum PokerThe A Team
BCPCEssex Home GameLBPNQuad JokersThe APAT Show
Bar 9 Fair Play PokerLondon Poker MeetupRaise For JackThe Chip Chasers
Blue BloodFLIPLPPLScotsquad The Tin Hatters
Cardiff CrusadersFrome Poker GroupLV 22St Helens Poker ClubYeovil Poker Club


Teams consist of 8 players each –  EACH TEAM MEMBER NEEDS TO PAY THEIR OWN BUY-IN in advance by Friday 5th January 2024 at the latest – either via with their own personal account (doing an individual payment of £120) or in-person at DTD for £120 (additionally for DTD anyone may buy-in others as long as the other players are registered at DTD and they provide their full name and date of birth).

Points will be scored based on individual player finishing positions, and will start to be earned on Day 2 by all remaining players on a ‘reverse position’ scoring – play will cease on Day 1 when 108 player remain, and all those returning for Day 2 will commence play on 12 tables x 9-handed will earn points with first out earning 1 pt, second out earning 2 pts etc up to the winner earning 108 pts.

As usual, teams are to wear their own matching colour team shirts for both days of the event – if desired, printed team t-shirts (£15) or polo shirts (£18) are available via APAT, which includes the APAT logo and UK Team Championship event details plus team name / logo printed on the front with any further team graphics etc also possible.

A shot clock will be utilised for Championship events from the start of each day, with 20 secs plus 4 x 20 secs timebanks, reset to this at 2-table and Final Table.

Pre-registration for all side events will also be available via – if seats remain available, then players may also buy-in in person at DTD.

Chips in play / not in play.  Chips will go into play from the start of the UK Team Championship.  All other events – if you buy-in via DTD before the start time then your chips will go in play from the start – if after the event start then chips go in play when you reg with the TD and take your seat.  For those using Luxon to pre-reg for side events, if you turn up before the start and go to the reg desk to claim your seat then chips will be in play from the start – if you turn up before end LR then chips will go into play when you see TD and take your seat – if you don’t turn up and see the TD before the end of LR then you will be removed from the event and issued a refund.  PLEASE NOTE: FOR SIDE EVENTS if reg via Luxon and you DON’T claim your seat at the reg desk before the event start time, then there is a possibility that you may, when you subsequently see the TD, be placed on an Alternates List – if you want to GUARANTEE YOUR SEAT (AND BOUGHT IN VIA LUXON) THEN YOU MUST CLAIM YOUR SEAT AT THE REG DESK BEFORE THE EVENT START.

Event payouts at DTD are made via the same method used to buy-in, eg buy-in via Luxon and you will be paid any winnings via Luxon.


UK Team Championship Day 1 - 100k Stack

16:0516:20Break (chip-up 100s)00:15
18:2518:40Break (chip-up 500s)00:15

UK Team Championship Day 2


UKTC PLO Championship - 100k Stack

13:0013:20120050000:20Est 80
15:0015:20Break 2000:20
15:4016:0081,5003,00000:20End of LR
17:2017:40Break 2000:20
19:4020:00Break 2000:20
20:0020:301710,00025,00000:30Est FT
23:0023:302350,000100,00000:30Est End

UK Team Championship 2024 - Table & Seat Draw

Dave ReedAber Poker BoysT2S7
Paul WatsonAber Poker BoysT22S7
Nick BussonAber Poker BoysT32S10
Simon Margrave-JonesAber Poker BoysT33S2
Dylan RobertsAber Poker BoysT43S1
Anthony ParryAber Poker BoysT45S9
Steven ClarkAber Poker BoysT51S4
Dave KilpatrickAber Poker BoysT55S2
Edi NeacsuAngies RoomT12S4
Kevin O'HanlonAngies RoomT13S2
David PilkingtonAngies RoomT21S1
Claire Batley-ProcterAngies RoomT26S7
Ken McbrideAngies RoomT3S10
Angie DohertyAngies RoomT31S10
Tanya MastersAngies RoomT34S8
Thomas PickupAngies RoomT52S2
Roddy DavisonAntrim Poker ClubT1S2
Damian SparksAntrim Poker ClubT14S6
Davey McKayAntrim Poker ClubT24S4
Ricky WilliamsonAntrim Poker ClubT35S3
Liam LongmoreAntrim Poker ClubT37S3
Artie DalzellAntrim Poker ClubT53S5
Adam MageeAntrim Poker ClubT63S1
Fionn JohnsonAntrim Poker ClubT64S4
Steve AshleyBar 9T14S3
Iain DicksBar 9T21S4
John HextBar 9T25S6
Dan PopeBar 9T33S4
Matt KeenBar 9T37S6
Fraser NicollBar 9T4S6
Roy BowlsBar 9T52S6
Jamie WitterBar 9T64S6
Andy PearsonBarrow PokerT1S3
Seb SpurlingBarrow PokerT24S10
Jon DarbyBarrow PokerT25S2
Adam MurrayBarrow PokerT34S4
Tyronne BellBarrow PokerT38S5
Adam BoyceBarrow PokerT44S3
Joe BoyceBarrow PokerT54S3
Jordan MathiesonBarrow PokerT65S4
Andy DuncanBCPCT23S2
Tony GriffithsBCPCT32S3
Darren RumboldBCPCT36S5
Charles MasonBCPCT38S7
Brian YatesBCPCT4S2
Matt KayBCPCT45S3
Kevin BerrieBCPCT51S8
Richard HughesBCPCT63S8
Nic RawlingsBlue BloodT12S7
Jo ChillmaidBlue BloodT13S7
Tom ClarkBlue BloodT23S6
Matthew WilsonBlue BloodT35S6
Di FarrellBlue BloodT4S5
Jason ChillmaidBlue BloodT54S6
Gordon McArthurBlue BloodT55S7
Hugh CairnieBlue BloodT65S7
Andrew RoynonCardiff CrusadersT22S4
Scott BerridgeCardiff CrusadersT26S2
Warren JonesCardiff CrusadersT3S4
Jon ReesCardiff CrusadersT36S3
Dianne DanielsCardiff CrusadersT43S5
Carl DanielsCardiff CrusadersT44S6
Steve ManningCardiff CrusadersT54S5
Ian ThompsonCardiff CrusadersT64S9
Carl PilgrimChezGerT1S5
Karen MeadChezGerT24S2
JP RoundChezGerT32S7
Stuart WardChezGerT35S8
Matthew WardChezGerT43S7
Steve BayliffChezGerT44S8
Phil TompkinsonChezGerT53S2
Gerard SmythChezGerT55S4
Alistair WaldieColdstream PokerT12S2
David McadamColdstream PokerT14S9
Rory LaidlawColdstream PokerT2S2
Robbie PearsonColdstream PokerT21S7
Teofil HurduColdstream PokerT31S4
Joseph DunlopColdstream PokerT36S8
Andrew CoyleColdstream PokerT51S6
Paul RogersColdstream PokerT55S10
Michael SkittEast Herts PokerT13S4
Vince EleyEast Herts PokerT2S5
Gary YoungEast Herts PokerT22S8
Wayne ParkerEast Herts PokerT26S6
Dan OwstonEast Herts PokerT31S9
Danny StrangeEast Herts PokerT36S1
Lisa GreerEast Herts PokerT43S2
Tony ShortEast Herts PokerT53S9
Brian FrewEdgworth Cricket ClubT1S6
Frank BailieEdgworth Cricket ClubT23S9
Andy KayEdgworth Cricket ClubT31S2
Nick KernickEdgworth Cricket ClubT34S5
Guy HaynesEdgworth Cricket ClubT38S2
Phil McDermotEdgworth Cricket ClubT45S5
Andy KernickEdgworth Cricket ClubT51S2
Mary KivlinEdgworth Cricket ClubT63S4
Stuart BakerEssex Home GameT24S6
Graeme MaguireEssex Home GameT26S1
Phil GarrattEssex Home GameT3S6
Dawn CookeEssex Home GameT33S6
Gary LipmanEssex Home GameT38S8
Stephen BrownEssex Home GameT44S10
Steve DayEssex Home GameT52S1
Martin ArchieEssex Home GameT65S5
Olly BabbageFair Play PokerT23S3
Jordan JamesFair Play PokerT25S4
Chris HylandFair Play PokerT33S5
Ben WaltonFair Play PokerT4S8
Vince ScarthFair Play PokerT43S9
Mike ErringtonFair Play PokerT45S1
Mark TaylorFair Play PokerT52S4
Richard KearneyFair Play PokerT65S10
Toni Marie RotherhamFLIPT1S4
Susan WilliamsonFLIPT12S5
Elaine CosgroveFLIPT14S2
Stacey MidcalfFLIPT21S6
Shaun CosgroveFLIPT26S4
Charlotte GouldsboroughFLIPT34S2
Mary-rose McCannFLIPT54S10
Michael CoadyFLIPT64S1
Guy GullenFrome Poker GroupT13S10
Sam FieldingFrome Poker GroupT22S2
Paul BondFrome Poker GroupT25S8
Stuart GreenanFrome Poker GroupT3S2
Mark MorrisFrome Poker GroupT36S10
Steve PughFrome Poker GroupT43S4
Daniel CrabbeFrome Poker GroupT52S8
Shaun PercivalFrome Poker GroupT65S2
Alan KirtonGeordie PokerT2S3
Wayne TinnionGeordie PokerT24S9
Rob WhitehouseGeordie PokerT31S6
Owen FayeGeordie PokerT35S2
Paul ThompsonGeordie PokerT38S6
Dan PattersonGeordie PokerT44S2
Brian RidleyGeordie PokerT53S3
Nick YoungerGeordie PokerT63S2
David HarveyHITSQUADT1S1
Wynne GibsonHITSQUADT13S8
Patrick CostelloHITSQUADT23S5
Alan PinkstoneHITSQUADT34S10
Simon AllenHITSQUADT63S10
Graham CarterHITSQUADT64S7
Gary PeniketJoeBeevers.comT2S9
Dominic NaylorJoeBeevers.comT21S10
Jason KempJoeBeevers.comT26S9
Richard LathanJoeBeevers.comT32S1
Tony MooresJoeBeevers.comT33S9
Leon BlackwellJoeBeevers.comT38S10
Dave CotgraveJoeBeevers.comT45S7
Neil SheehanJoeBeevers.comT51S1
Steve JohnsonKracked KingsT1S8
Grant MasonKracked KingsT12S10
Martin DeanKracked KingsT14S8
Dave CampbellKracked KingsT22S3
Neil BanksKracked KingsT32S9
Richard ClarkeKracked KingsT33S8
Colin GuthrieKracked KingsT51S10
Jonathon ReynoldsKracked KingsT63S6
Tom PillingLBPNT22S1
Steve PlattLBPNT3S9
Rob SwindellsLBPNT31S1
Chris WaddingtonLBPNT35S10
Antony LeeLBPNT37S9
Callum WilsonLBPNT45S8
Adam SzerlowskiLBPNT52S9
Dave HassellLBPNT55S9
Neil StewartLondon Poker MeetupT13S9
Oliver BurdekinLondon Poker MeetupT21S5
Alan McBrideLondon Poker MeetupT25S7
Ian DaviesLondon Poker MeetupT31S7
Jamie LaileyLondon Poker MeetupT36S2
John ExtonLondon Poker MeetupT37S4
Mick DoyleLondon Poker MeetupT4S9
Phil BurdekinLondon Poker MeetupT53S10
Sarah CushionLPPLT14S4
Wayne IrwinLPPLT21S2
Peter MetcalfeLPPLT25S10
Liam CoultardLPPLT32S5
Dave StonesLPPLT33S3
Mark LassmanLPPLT37S7
Ilze ZolteLPPLT4S7
Steven ForteyLPPLT52S10
Andy RooneyLV 22T1S9
Andy GrantLV 22T22S10
Nick SmithLV 22T34S6
Robert SmithLV 22T38S1
Will SmithLV 22T44S7
Liam LappingLV 22T54S9
Graham MuncieLV 22T55S5
Kieran WestbrookLV 22T65S9
Liam PickeringMalvern Poker ClubT2S10
Sean SmithMalvern Poker ClubT23S8
Amanda SmithMalvern Poker ClubT31S8
Anthony SwainMalvern Poker ClubT36S9
Amy CoshanMalvern Poker ClubT37S2
Rory FordMalvern Poker ClubT44S5
Adam PhelanMalvern Poker ClubT54S1
Caroline CoveMalvern Poker ClubT63S9
Ben WhitakerMidlands FreelancersT14S1
Roy LloydMidlands FreelancersT23S10
Ricky BucklandMidlands FreelancersT3S8
Adam SmithMidlands FreelancersT32S4
Gareth HowardMidlands FreelancersT36S4
Lee MasonMidlands FreelancersT37S1
William YoungMidlands FreelancersT52S3
Matthew GodwinMidlands FreelancersT55S6
Ryan KilbeyNorth Tyneside PokerT24S8
Peter HenryNorth Tyneside PokerT3S1
Aryan VirabiNorth Tyneside PokerT38S4
Peter AshcroftNorth Tyneside PokerT4S3
Glen WhiteheadNorth Tyneside PokerT44S4
Kal SinghNorth Tyneside PokerT51S3
Craig RoseNorth Tyneside PokerT55S8
Dave MorrisNorth Tyneside PokerT64S3
John AllenOptimum PokerT12S8
Steve KingOptimum PokerT14S10
Chris MawerOptimum PokerT21S9
Ray LoganOptimum PokerT25S1
Lee HewittOptimum PokerT34S7
Tim DixonOptimum PokerT4S1
Mick ClarksonOptimum PokerT51S7
Harry HarmstonOptimum PokerT65S8
Darren HalfpennyQuad JokersT13S6
Karl BursfordQuad JokersT2S6
Chad MitchellQuad JokersT24S5
Gary MayesQuad JokersT26S10
Paul JeffriesQuad JokersT35S5
Christopher HibberdQuad JokersT43S10
Simon StepneyQuad JokersT52S7
Scott MaclarenQuad JokersT64S2
Ben BurnhillRaise For JackT12S6
Simon LawlorRaise For JackT13S1
Joe GaynardRaise For JackT23S7
David KingswellRaise For JackT26S3
David AmosRaise For JackT3S7
Chris BeanRaise For JackT36S7
Duanne PorterRaise For JackT53S6
Pete GizziRaise For JackT64S10
Clare DuffyScotsquadT1S10
Willy HigginsScotsquadT22S5
Adrian ChesterScotsquadT26S8
Rab MccarrolScotsquadT32S8
George DickScotsquadT35S4
James MarriotScotsquadT37S8
Nicholas HowatScotsquadT45S10
Donald SlossScotsquadT54S7
Ryan HoughtonSt Helens Poker ClubT21S8
Steven RooneySt Helens Poker ClubT31S5
Craig TelfordSt Helens Poker ClubT33S7
Ryan LittleSt Helens Poker ClubT34S9
Josh StoutSt Helens Poker ClubT43S6
Mark McbrideSt Helens Poker ClubT45S2
Vinny MatherSt Helens Poker ClubT51S5
Andrew HousleySt Helens Poker ClubT63S3
Carl TaylorStoke Poker ClubT14S7
David WhiteleyStoke Poker ClubT2S1
Gerry HarrisStoke Poker ClubT24S7
Chris JohnsonStoke Poker ClubT25S3
Lee HopperStoke Poker ClubT32S6
Dave HallidayStoke Poker ClubT35S7
Warwick BrindleyStoke Poker ClubT43S3
Gary GilbertsonStoke Poker ClubT53S4
Adam NealTalk ClubT22S9
Rob HallworthTalk ClubT3S3
John PattenTalk ClubT34S1
Dann WilliamsTalk ClubT37S10
Ian WittTalk ClubT45S4
Richard WilcoxTalk ClubT53S8
Tristan ChaplinTalk ClubT63S7
Simon BrookeTalk ClubT64S8
Jon HolmesTeam FISOT23S4
Roy SmithTeam FISOT25S9
Paul TaylorTeam FISOT33S1
Asa McGrathTeam FISOT38S3
Phil CollsTeam FISOT4S10
Dave NuttieTeam FISOT44S9
Dan ThursfieldTeam FISOT54S4
Simon GordonTeam FISOT65S6
Andy AtkinsThe A TeamT12S3
Di AshtonThe A TeamT13S3
Simon BakerThe A TeamT2S8
Dan GoodwinThe A TeamT24S3
Barry SimpsonThe A TeamT35S1
Daniel WeaverThe A TeamT54S8
Stu PillingerThe A TeamT55S3
Tom BanksThe A TeamT65S1
Paul HaycockThe APAT ShowT24S1
John MurrayThe APAT ShowT35S9
Brendan ByrneThe APAT ShowT38S9
James LeeThe APAT ShowT4S4
Anthony GiuntiniThe APAT ShowT45S6
Peter WigglesworthThe APAT ShowT51S9
Dan CharltonThe APAT ShowT55S1
Carey HollickThe APAT ShowT64S5
Andrew WilkinsonThe Chip ChasersT23S1
Rob HoneyballThe Chip ChasersT3S5
Scott McKinleyThe Chip ChasersT31S3
John SpriggensThe Chip ChasersT34S3
Callum WilkinsonThe Chip ChasersT43S8
David WilkinsonThe Chip ChasersT44S1
Lewis BaxterThe Chip ChasersT52S5
Nathan WilkinsonThe Chip ChasersT63S5
Nikolai KarovThe Tin HattersT12S1
Len SharpeThe Tin HattersT14S5
John StockerThe Tin HattersT2S4
Simon ParkerThe Tin HattersT21S3
Graham CutlerThe Tin HattersT26S5
Steven HutchinsonThe Tin HattersT36S6
Ian BrownThe Tin HattersT53S1
Andy BailessThe Tin HattersT65S3
Kyle PennellYeovil Poker ClubT1S7
Martyn HiggsYeovil Poker ClubT13S5
Bob WheelerYeovil Poker ClubT22S6
Robert WheelerYeovil Poker ClubT25S5
Josh HannYeovil Poker ClubT32S2
Chris RowswellYeovil Poker ClubT33S10
Barrie BevingtonYeovil Poker ClubT37S5
Rob ScottYeovil Poker ClubT54S2


If you have any questions about the event, please feel free to contact me direct.


Tom Brady
APAT Live Events & Tour

Email: tombrady[at]
WhatsApp: 07957 977 057