DateStartLate RegEst End#DescriptionBuyinDaysEst Cap  
Sat 31st March 201812:0014:1502:00#1PLO Double Chance Championship (10k/10k/30 mins)£50+£7190
Sat 31st March 201812:3014:4502:00#27-Card Stud Championship (10k/25 mins)£50+£7149
Sat 31st March 201815:0018:1501:30#3.1aMain Event (Day 1A) (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£10370
Sat 31st March 201820:0021:0002:00#4Deuces Wild (NLHE) Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7160
Sat 31st March 201822:0000:0001:00#5.1.1PLO Cash Championship Day 1.1£50+£10+£7230
Sun 1st April 201812:0014:1501:006.18-Game Players' Championship (Day 1) (50k/30 mins)£100+£10256
Sun 1st April 201812:3014:4501:007ROE (NLHE/PLO) Championship (10k/30 mins)£50+£7190
Sun 1st April 201816:0018:1502:008Win The Button (NLHE) Championship (10K/30 mins)£50+£7160
Sun 1st April 201820:0020:0502:009PLO Survivor Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7172
Sun 1st April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.1NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.1£50+£10+£7230
Mon 2nd April 201812:00-17:006.28-Game Players' Championship (Final Table 7)---
Mon 2nd April 201812:3015:4523:003.1bMain Event (Day 1B) (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£103150
Mon 2nd April 201813:0015:1502:0011PLO8 (Hi-Lo) Championship (10K/30 mins)£50+£7172
Mon 2nd April 201819:0020:3002:0012NLHE Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7160
Mon 2nd April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.2PLO Cash Championship Day 1.2£50+£10+£7230
Tue 3rd April 201812:00-23:0013Champion of Champions Day 1 (Pre-reg ONLY) (10k/30 mins)£50+£10272
Tue 3rd April 201812:3014:4501:0014Mixed Game Max Championship (15k/30 mins)£50+£7154
Tue 3rd April 201813:3015:4502:0015Stud Round of Each (Stud/Razz/Hi-Lo) Championship 10K/25 mins)£50+£7149
Tue 3rd April 201816:0018:1502:0016NLHE Headhunter Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7170
Tue 3rd April 201821:0021:3002:0017Mississippi Straddle (NLHE) Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7145
Tue 3rd April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.2NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.2£50+£10+£7230
Wed 4th April 201812:00-15:0013.2Champion of Champions Final Table--9
Wed 4th April 201812:3014:4521:0018.1PLO Championship Day 1 (15k/25 mins)£50+£10281
Wed 4th April 201813:3013:3521:3019NLHE Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7172
Wed 4th April 201814:00-21:0020.1Team Championship Day 1£100+£10264
Wed 4th April 201816:0018:1521:3021.1Deepstack Championship (NLHE) (Day 1) (25k/30 mins)£200+£20272
Wed 4th April 201822:00APAT SOCIAL NIGHT
Thu 5th April 201812:00-02:0020.2Team Championship Day 2--64
Thu 5th April 201812:15-19:0018.2PLO Championship Day 2--27
Thu 5th April 201812:30-18:0021.2Deepstack Championship (NLHE) (Day 2)--18
Thu 5th April 201813:0013:0521:0022PLO Shootout Championship (15k/20 mins)£50+£7190
Thu 5th April 201816:0019:1502:003.1cMain Event DAY 1C (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£10380
Thu 5th April 201820:0020:0502:0023NLHE Survivor Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7180
Thu 5th April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.3PLO Cash Championship Day 1.3£50+£10+£7230
Fri 6th April 201812:0015:1522:303.1dMain Event DAY 1D (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£103130
Fri 6th April 201814:0015:0002:0024HORSE Championship (8k/30 mins)£50+£7149
Fri 6th April 201817:0019:1502:0025Tag Team (NLHE) Championship (10k/30 mins)£50+£7pp160 (teams)
Fri 6th April 201820:0020:3002:0026OFC Championship£50+£7140
Fri 6th April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.3NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.3£50+£10+£7230
Sat 7th April 201812:00-21:003.2Main Event (Day 2) (60 min)--90
Sat 7th April 201813:0015:1501:0027Mix Max (NLHE) Championship (15k/30 mins)£50+£7172
Sat 7th April 201815:0016:1502:0028Razz Championship (10k/25 mins)£50+£7156
Sat 7th April 201821:0021:4002:0029Irish Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7145
Sat 7th April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.4PLO Cash Championship Day 1.4£50+£10+£7230
Sun 8th April 201812:00-17:003.3Main Event - Final Table (9) (60 min/30 min HU)--9
Sun 8th April 201812:15-15:155.2PLO Cash Championship (Final Table 9)-19
Sun 8th April 201812:30NA21:0030Heads Up (5k/10min/15min)£50+£7164
Sun 8th April 201816:0018:1502:0031Crazy Pineapple Championship (10k/20 min)£50+£71108
Sun 8th April 201818:0020:0021:0010.1.4NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.4£50+£10+£7230
Sun 8th April 201820:0020:3001:3032APAT 15/15 NLHE Championship (10k) (15 min/15 seconds decision)£50+£7150
Sun 8th April 201821:1521:3001:3033APAT 15/15 PLO Championship (10k) (15 min/15 seconds decision)£50+£7145
Sun 8th April 201822:00-01:0010.2NLHE Cash Championship (Final Table 9)-19




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  • Saturday 28th March was the first of two Day 1s for the WCOAP Main Event, with a sell out affair with 155 sitting down at the beginning of the event and the cap of 200 being hit with time to spare in the 3 hour......

  • The WCOAP PLO Championship was another sell out field with the event capping at 96 players. 9 players made it to the final table: Philip Heinze 383k Jolijn Vandersmisson 262k Dorina Clocan 137k Richard Edwards 135k Millen Ivanov 128k Metodi Shopov 125k Matt Carter 98k......

  • WCOAP 2016, DAY 1: Italy’s Dorina Clocan has won the first bracelet of the 2016 World Championship of Amateur Poker. Clocan; partner of three times bracelet winner Gabriel Iemmito, struck Gold in event #3 Shootout, the first to complete on day one of this year’s......

  • WCOAP 2016, DAY 4: Attracting an excited field for 7-card Stud, they were slowly reduced to a Final Table 8 when in Level 12 with an Ante/Bring In of 500 with limits 1500/3000 Kev O’Hanlon 90k Rikky Wingate 37k Ananda Maharjah 8.5k Vince Eley 22k......

  • The much talked about WCOAP HORSE attracted 38 players who were reduced to a Final Table of 8 after circa 7 hours play: 55k Andrew Murrie 51k Richard Breen 50k John Kent 38k Jozsef Erdos 33k Antony Price 26k Edward Jackson-Spivack 25k Jonathan Dugdall 16k......

  • The WCOAP High Roller was a sell out event with the 96 player cap being hit almost before the event began, with a healthy Alternates list quickly established. Day 1 was active and only 15 players returning for the final day, when it was swiftly......

  • 9 Countries of 4 players each were represented at the International Team Championship during WCOAP 2016 – with one heck of a lot of noise! This year’s team event was an enthusiastic and passionate affair, with Scots arriving draped in the Scottish flag and sporting......

  • In addition to the WCOAP Main Event concluding on the final day, the WCOAP also played host to the Irish Championship, Heads Up Championship and the Cash Tournament Championship. Irish Championship: 1st Jason Cooper £1,135, Gold Medal, WCOAP Bracelet 2nd Ian Thompson £785, Silver Medal......

  • 144 players sat down to the WCOAP Six Max on Thusday 24th March at Aspers Casino, with the original cap of 120 set for this event able to be extended to please the players waiting on the Alternates list. Final table of 7: Luke Evans......

  • WCOAP 2016, DAY 3: The third day yielded Bracelets for Antes Only, Turbo and OFC, with the latter Championship Bronze going to Simon Brooke, Silver to John Black and Gold Medal and Bracelet to Italy’s Gabriel Iemmito, his 4th WCOAP Bracelet following his incredible run......

  • WCOAP 2016, DAY 2: The second day of the WCOAP saw the conclusion of the 8-Game Players Championship when the Final Table of 7 resumed for the 2 Day event, with 3 APAT regulars holding the top 3 chip stacks: 1 168k Jen Yue Chiang......

  • The final day of the 7th annual World Championship of Amateur Poker saw three bracelets awarded in event #15 Cash Championship, event #17 World Amateur Poker Championship main event and event #20 Heads-Up Championship. While the majority of focus was undoubtedly on the 92 players......


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