DateStartLate RegEst End#DescriptionBuyinDaysEst Cap
Sat 31st March 201812:0014:1502:00#1PLO Double Chance Championship (10k/10k/30 mins)£50+£7190
Sat 31st March 201812:3014:4502:00#27-Card Stud Championship (10k/25 mins)£50+£7149
Sat 31st March 201815:0018:1501:30#3.1aMain Event (Day 1A) (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£10370
Sat 31st March 201820:0021:0002:00#4Deuces Wild (NLHE) Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7160
Sat 31st March 201822:0000:0001:00#5.1.1PLO Cash Championship Day 1.1£50+£10+£7230
Sun 1st April 201812:0014:1501:006.18-Game Players' Championship (Day 1) (50k/30 mins)£100+£10256
Sun 1st April 201812:3014:4501:007ROE (NLHE/PLO) Championship (10k/30 mins)£50+£7190
Sun 1st April 201816:0018:1502:008Win The Button (NLHE) Championship (10K/30 mins)£50+£7160
Sun 1st April 201820:0020:0502:009PLO Survivor Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7172
Sun 1st April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.1NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.1£50+£10+£7230
Mon 2nd April 201812:00-17:006.28-Game Players' Championship (Final Table 7)---
Mon 2nd April 201812:3015:4523:003.1bMain Event (Day 1B) (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£103150
Mon 2nd April 201813:0015:1502:0011PLO8 (Hi-Lo) Championship (10K/30 mins)£50+£7172
Mon 2nd April 201819:0020:3002:0012NLHE Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7160
Mon 2nd April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.2PLO Cash Championship Day 1.2£50+£10+£7230
Tue 3rd April 201812:00-23:0013Champion of Champions Day 1 (Pre-reg ONLY) (10k/30 mins)£50+£10272
Tue 3rd April 201812:3014:4501:0014Mixed Game Max Championship (15k/30 mins)£50+£7154
Tue 3rd April 201813:3015:4502:0015Stud Round of Each (Stud/Razz/Hi-Lo) Championship 10K/25 mins)£50+£7149
Tue 3rd April 201816:0018:1502:0016NLHE Headhunter Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7170
Tue 3rd April 201821:0021:3002:0017Mississippi Straddle (NLHE) Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7145
Tue 3rd April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.2NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.2£50+£10+£7230
Wed 4th April 201812:00-15:0013.2Champion of Champions Final Table--9
Wed 4th April 201812:3014:4521:0018.1PLO Championship Day 1 (15k/25 mins)£50+£10281
Wed 4th April 201813:3013:3521:3019NLHE Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7172
Wed 4th April 201814:00-21:0020.1Team Championship Day 1£100+£10264
Wed 4th April 201816:0018:1521:3021.1Deepstack Championship (NLHE) (Day 1) (25k/30 mins)£200+£20272
Wed 4th April 201822:00APAT SOCIAL NIGHT
Thu 5th April 201812:00-02:0020.2Team Championship Day 2--64
Thu 5th April 201812:15-19:0018.2PLO Championship Day 2--27
Thu 5th April 201812:30-18:0021.2Deepstack Championship (NLHE) (Day 2)--18
Thu 5th April 201813:0013:0521:0022PLO Shootout Championship (15k/20 mins)£50+£7190
Thu 5th April 201816:0019:1502:003.1cMain Event DAY 1C (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£10380
Thu 5th April 201820:0020:0502:0023NLHE Survivor Shootout Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7180
Thu 5th April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.3PLO Cash Championship Day 1.3£50+£10+£7230
Fri 6th April 201812:0015:1522:303.1dMain Event DAY 1D (NLHE) (20k/45 mins)£100+£103130
Fri 6th April 201814:0015:0002:0024HORSE Championship (8k/30 mins)£50+£7149
Fri 6th April 201817:0019:1502:0025Tag Team (NLHE) Championship (10k/30 mins)£50+£7pp160 (teams)
Fri 6th April 201820:0020:3002:0026OFC Championship£50+£7140
Fri 6th April 201822:0000:0001:0010.1.3NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.3£50+£10+£7230
Sat 7th April 201812:00-21:003.2Main Event (Day 2) (60 min)--90
Sat 7th April 201813:0015:1501:0027Mix Max (NLHE) Championship (15k/30 mins)£50+£7172
Sat 7th April 201815:0016:1502:0028Razz Championship (10k/25 mins)£50+£7156
Sat 7th April 201821:0021:4002:0029Irish Championship (10k/20 mins)£50+£7145
Sat 7th April 201822:0000:0001:005.1.4PLO Cash Championship Day 1.4£50+£10+£7230
Sun 8th April 201812:00-17:003.3Main Event - Final Table (9) (60 min/30 min HU)--9
Sun 8th April 201812:30NA21:0030Heads Up (5k/10min/15min)£50+£7164
Sun 8th April 201816:0018:1502:0031Crazy Pineapple Championship (10k/20 min)£50+£71108
Sun 8th April 201818:0020:0021:0010.1.4NLHE Cash Championship Day 1.4£50+£10+£7230
Sun 8th April 201820:0020:3001:3032APAT 15/15 NLHE Championship (10k) (15 min/15 seconds decision)£50+£7150
Sun 8th April 201821:0021:3001:3033APAT 15/15 PLO Championship (10k) (15 min/15 seconds decision)£50+£7145
Sun 8th April 201822:00-01:005.2PLO Cash Championship (Final Table 9)-19
Sun 8th April 201822:00-01:0010.2NLHE Cash Championship (Final Table 9)-19



T: 01618 316370 F: 01618 341721

Bury New Road, 2 Ramsgate Street, Manchester, M8 9SG

Open 24 hours



Grosvenor Casino Manchester is more than just a Casino, it’s the perfect day and night venue with a fantastic restaurant, stylish late night bar, interactive games lounge, top class entertainment and the largest poker room in the North-West, plus much more. Take a virtual tour of the club here.

Find us off the A56, Bury New Road, where we have free parking for all our customers and are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.