APAT’s Poker Squads lets you join with up to three of your poker mates to compete in a weekly team leaderboard.

You can play a Poker Squads tournament every day of the week (Mon-Fri) at 8:05pm & 9:05pm on GGPoker.  All players that make money (not inc payouts for individual bounties) in the ten tournaments each week will earn Poker Squads points (ie If 11 places are paid, 1st place receives 11pts, 2nd receives 10pts and so on with 11th place receiving 1pt)

The Top 6 scores from each Poker Squad gets added together to create a total squad score and at the end of the week, the players in the Top 3 Poker Squads at the top of the leaderboard will each win an added value prize.

And don’t worry if you aren’t in a squad yet.  Get chatting on the APAT Facebook Group and you’ll quickly find some likeminded poker players to get a squad together.  And if you really just want to go it alone, that’s fine too.

Each week, we’ll also be running an individual leaderboard to see who is the Most Valuable Player each week.  The top 3 players on that leaderboard (all scores for the week will count, but excludes players winning a team prize that week) will also win an added value prize.

All Poker Squads games are run exclusively on GGPoker.  Every tournament has a $5 buy-in with late reg open until the end of level.

All prize pools will pay out each night as per standard GGPoker payouts.


Poker Squads is open to all APAT players based in the UK & Ireland that are able to play on the GGPoker platform.  If you need to join APAT, it’s free and takes less than a minute.


Poker Squads Added Value Prizes

Team Leaderboard

1st Place – $50 worth of T$’s per squad member

2nd Place – $30 worth of T$’s per squad member

3rd Place – $20 worth of T$’s per squad member


MVP Leaderboard

1st Place – $50 worth of T$’s

2nd Place – $30 worth of T$’s

3rd Place – $20 worth of T$’s


A player can only win one added value prize per week, meaning the additional prizes can be allocated to 4th position and below in the MVP Leaderboard.

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Mon | 20:05 | NLH 8 Max | $5
Mon | 21:05 | Short Deck Bounty 6 Max | $5
Tue | 20:05 | PLO 8 Max | $5
Tue | 21:05 | Short Deck 8 Max | $5
Wed | 20:05 | NLH 8 Max | $5
Wed | 21:05 | PLO Bounty 6 Max | $5
Thu| 20:05 | PLO 6 Max | $5
Thu | 21:05 | NLH Bounty 6 Max | $5
Fri |20:05 | PLO 8 Max | $5
Fri | 21:05 | NLH Bounty 8 Max | $5

More Info

Tournaments start at 8:05pm & 9:05 (BST)

Late Registration is open until the end of Level 10

All tournaments are open to all, but leaderboards and added value is only available to UK & Ireland players

All prize pools are paid out each night

Play individually, as a squad, or both

Squad Exchange

Unlike previous editions of Poker Squads, there will be no players exchange available for the 8 weeks of Poker Squads.

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