APAT’s Poker Squads lets you join with up to three of your poker mates to compete in a weekly team leaderboard.

You can play a Poker Squads tournament every day of the week at 8pm on partypoker, each players Top 3 scores from the week get added into their own squads score and at the end of the week, the players in the Poker Squad in the top 3 places on the leaderboard will each win an added value prize.

And don’t worry if you aren’t in a squad yet.  Get chatting on the APAT Facebook Group and you’ll quickly find some likeminded poker players to get a squad together.  And if you really just want to go it alone, that’s fine too.

Each week, we’ll also be running an individual leaderboard to see who is the Most Valuable Player each week.  The top 3 players on that leaderboard (all scores for the week will count, but excludes players winning a team prize that week) will also win an added value ticket.

All Poker Squads games are Real Name tournaments on partypoker.  Every tournament has a $5.50 buy-in with 50k chips to start (Deepstack 100k).  The clock will be 6 minutes, with late reg open until the end of level 10 (approx 9:05pm BST).

All prize pools will pay out each night as per standard partypoker payouts.

Poker Squads is open to all APAT players that are able to play on the partypoker .com platform.  If you need to join APAT, it’s free and takes less than a minute.

Poker Squads Added Value Prizes

Team Leaderboard

1st Place – 2 x $33 APAT Online tickets per player

2nd Place – $33 APAT Online ticket per player

MVP Leaderboard

1st Place – $33 APAT Online ticket

A player can only win one added value prize per week, meaning the additional prizes can be allocated to 2nd position and below in the MVP Leaderboard.

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Monday – No Limit Hold Em

Tuesday – Pot Limit Omaha Hi/Lo Six Max

Wednesday – No Limit Hold Em PKO

Thursday – No Limit Hold Em Mix Max (8>6>4)

Friday – No Limit Hold Em Six Max

Saturday – Pot Limit Omaha

Sunday – No Limit Holdem Deepstack


Tournaments start at 8pm (BST)

Starting Stacks are 50k (100k for Sunday Deepstack)

Each level is on an 6 minute clock (7 minutes for PL games)

Late Registration is open until the end of Level 10

All tournaments are Real Name Tournaments

All prize pools are paid out each night

Play individually, as a squad, or both


Squads get ONE player exchange each week.  These can roll forward with up to a maximum of TWO changes in a week. (If you made a change in the previous week, then it’s ONE change allowed, if you didn’t make a change in the previous week then it’s TWO changes allowed).   Changes must be completed prior to the start of the first game each week (Monday 8pm), and each Poker Squad Captains decision is final.

Captains should fill in the form below.  Changes will be timestamped and updated every Monday.


PosSquad NameTOTCaptainPts Pts Pts Pts
1stThe Wild Cards429.17Greg Mawson65.86Gunther Surinx78.31Matthew Ogilvie187.78Gary Young97.22
2ndThe 4 Nations383.28Aneurin Venables142.24Kevin Ohanlon80.13Ellen Gascoine80.26Steven Healey80.65
3rdCeltic Storm366.31Brendan Byrne67.7Francis Bailie114.36Brian Frew78.4Hugh Cairnie105.85
4thPurple AKi's327.3Dylan Herbert69.04David Daniel Owston119.84Andrew Kingan70.96William Sheppard67.46
5thOssie's Dream325.3Arron Swaisland103.57Robert Swindells71.95Govin Varaden89.36Andrew Jones60.42
6thThe Lockdown Crew314.65Daniel Stephen Weaver80.72Peter Wigglesworth73.99Graham Pound60.54Tom Banks99.4
7thEatMyStack225.82Jeffrey Talbot51.36Dean Pearson86.38Martin Hadfield88.08Tim Magnus0
8thHitsquad217.89Robert Green104.53Donald Sloss46.1Michael Leigh0Peter Munro67.26
9thIlfracombe Poker Squad201.27Antony David Ross97.04Yani Kyriacou104.23Mattew John Rogers0Simon Cracknell0
10thBunch of Kents193.49Jamie White193.49Victoria Lambert0James Smith0Peter Kiszel0
11thAustrian Takeover175.09Luis Toubib29.61Peter Bumba0Daniel Stoessl145.48Alexander Bartik0
12thRaise for Jack152.66David Amos152.66Benjamin Burnhill0Tristan Chaplin0Lucy Amos0
13thChip Hustlers95.62Shane O'Connor0Terry Bowker38.96Edi Paul Neacsu56.66Mark Wincell0
14thThe A-Team63.97Colin McCarthy0Carey Hollick0Stuart Pillinger63.9700
15thABCD62.81Joanna Chillmaid62.81Jason Chillmaid0Vincent Eley0Thomas Clark0
16thA Pro & is Hoe60.42Darren Barrington Coleman0Leigh Ann Williams0Andrew Jones60.42Peter Hire0
17thBlue Blooders25.5700Gordon Mcarthur0Nic Rawlings25.57Matthew Wood0
18thOxford Blues19.92Peter Doolan0Kevin Duffy19.92Anthony Wetherall0Darren Webb0
19thEy Up Cockers18.52Shane Pollington18.52Mathew Thomas Huby0Ryan Pearson0Simon Manning0
20thWildcats17.45Stephen ralph17.45Luc McVeigh0Ben powell0Charles Kearns0

Registered Poker Squads will be updated once our admin team have manually verified details


1stJamie WhiteBunch of Kents0.00149.0844.410.
2ndMatthew OgilvieThe Wild Cards58.8574.5454.390.
3rdSubhat HajievNO SQUAD0.000.00153.850.
4thDavid AmosRaise for Jack43.870.00108.790.
5thDaniel StoesslAustrian Takeover75.9834.2035.300.
6thAneurin VenablesThe 4 Nations19.62105.4217.
7thEvgeniy AvdeevNO SQUAD131.600.
8thDavid Daniel OwstonPurple AKi's93.0626.780.
9thFrancis BailieCeltic Storm24.4456.3533.570.
10thHugh CairnieCeltic Storm36.5047.1422.
11thRobert GreenHitsquad25.8152.7126.
12thYani KyriacouIlfracombe Poker Squad65.8020.6717.760.
13thArron SwaislandOssie's Dream31.9223.0048.650.
14thTom BanksThe Lockdown Crew19.8439.8439.720.
15thGary YoungThe Wild Cards22.5749.6924.960.
16thAntony David RossIlfracombe Poker Squad53.7321.9821.330.
17thBode HuntNO SQUAD46.5327.2217.420.
18thGovin VaradenOssie's Dream28.7229.2431.400.
19thFabrizio La MendolaNO SQUAD0.000.0088.820.
20thMartin HadfieldEatMyStack22.2437.2728.570.
21stDean PearsonEatMyStack37.9925.9522.440.
22ndJane Maria SandbrookNO SQUAD0.0086.
23rdSteve HarrisonNO SQUAD0.0016.9968.800.
24thGary HollandsNO SQUAD21.3543.0418.
25thDaniel Stephen WeaverThe Lockdown Crew35.1718.3527.
26thSteven HealeyThe 4 Nations16.9926.3537.310.
27thEllen GascoineThe 4 Nations19.0031.0930.
28thKevin OhanlonThe 4 Nations41.6217.9520.560.
29thBrian FrewCeltic Storm31.0222.7424.640.
30thGunther SurinxThe Wild Cards29.4324.8524.
31stPeter SchirmacherNO SQUAD0.000.0076.920.
32ndPeter WigglesworthThe Lockdown Crew33.9822.4817.530.
33rdRobert SwindellsOssie's Dream26.3219.2526.380.
34thAndrew KinganPurple AKi's28.0624.5118.390.
35thDylan HerbertPurple AKi's20.0720.8828.
36thBrendan ByrneCeltic Storm25.3323.5718.800.
37thWilliam SheppardPurple AKi's21.070.0046.390.
38thPeter MunroHitsquad30.1917.2119.860.
39thMichelle GascoineNO SQUAD0.0066.670.
40thGreg MawsonThe Wild Cards18.2523.8723.740.
41stStuart PillingerThe A-Team20.5519.0924.330.
42ndDerek RowlandNO SQUAD32.9030.430.
43rdJoanna ChillmaidABCD0.000.0062.810.
44thAndrei UlleNO SQUAD0.0060.860.
45thGraham PoundThe Lockdown Crew21.9321.5217.
46thAndrew JonesA Pro & is Hoe39.680.0020.740.
47thMarian GyoriNO SQUAD0.0027.6832.
48thAlexandre TauszigNO SQUAD0.000.0058.
49thEdi Paul NeacsuChip Hustlers18.4320.1018.
50thStuart GriffithsNO SQUAD17.7518.4919.
51stJeffrey TalbotEatMyStack0.0029.8221.540.
52ndGianni VandyckNO SQUAD0.000.0051.
53rdVlastimil BartaNO SQUAD49.740.
54thDonald SlossHitsquad27.440.0018.660.
55thRobert LawNO SQUAD0.0019.7525.640.
56thPeter StonemanNO SQUAD0.0044.950.
57thDimitry YurchukNO SQUAD0.000.0042.670.
58thJon LaightNO SQUAD24.870.0017.310.
59thJozsef SzalaiNO SQUAD0.0041.350.
60thCsongor PerecsenyiNO SQUAD0.000.0041.
61stTerry BowkerChip Hustlers0.0021.0817.880.
62ndAnton BolotovNO SQUAD0.0038.490.
63rdMike PreubNO SQUAD0.000.0038.460.
64thOlivier JaeggiNO SQUAD0.000.0036.
65thIlya KharinNO SQUAD0.0036.
66thKenneth MillsNO SQUAD0.0035.
67thJerome BalthazarNO SQUAD0.000.0034.400.
68thPavel EvteevNO SQUAD0.0033.340.
69thOliver CoxNO SQUAD0.000.0032.800.
70thDaniil SurkovNO SQUAD0.0032.530.
71stTroels Lyngholt NielsenNO SQUAD0.0031.780.
72ndJean-Marc CapronNO SQUAD0.000.0030.770.
73rdLuis ToubibAustrian Takeover0.000.0029.610.
74thEdward George RawlinsonNO SQUAD0.000.0029.
75thNeal Osazuwa Lucas AghedoNO SQUAD0.0028.690.
76thJason GlenisterNO SQUAD0.0028.
77thSergiu MirzaNO SQUAD0.000.0027.630.
78thChris MuehleNO SQUAD26.860.
79thNico TischkewitzNO SQUAD0.000.0026.780.
80thNic RawlingsBlue Blooders0.0025.570.
81stThorsten StriddeNO SQUAD0.000.0025.
82ndDiane FarrellNO SQUAD0.0025.
83rdIan WillmottNO SQUAD0.0024.
84thRoss GerrardNO SQUAD24.
85thAmhtphn AhocobNO SQUAD23.640.
86thLucas HeiserNO SQUAD0.000.0023.460.
87thMaksym ChepoiNO SQUAD0.0023.
88thLennix LariviereNO SQUAD23.
89thBruce PiggottNO SQUAD0.000.0023.
90thSergey PeremotovNO SQUAD0.000.0022.930.
91stEnqmn BohbxxbnNO SQUAD22.910.
92ndJanis SalthammerNO SQUAD0.000.0022.680.
93rdSteve LunesNO SQUAD0.0022.
94thMichael EganNO SQUAD0.000.0021.980.
95thTsvetan TsonevNO SQUAD0.000.0021.760.
96thAlessio ContiNO SQUAD0.0021.750.
97thMikhail PivnovNO SQUAD21.640.
98thIgor CernogorovNO SQUAD0.0021.300.
99thWayne DoddsNO SQUAD0.000.0021.
100thFrederick BertrandNO SQUAD0.000.0020.940.
101stMichael McinerneyNO SQUAD20.810.
102ndAndrei BiarozkinNO SQUAD0.0020.480.
103rdVaclav MatejkaNO SQUAD0.000.0020.380.
104thJoe ForbesNO SQUAD20.310.
105thIlias MukhametdinovNO SQUAD0.0020.
106thJordan BulmerNO SQUAD0.000.0020.
107thDominik BorskyNO SQUAD0.000.0020.
108thKevin DuffyOxford Blues0.0019.920.
109thZbigniew KantorNO SQUAD0.000.0019.700.
110thAndre LimaNO SQUAD0.0019.580.
111thMikha KortuaNO SQUAD0.000.0019.540.
112thAlan BurnsNO SQUAD0.0019.410.
113thChris MasonNO SQUAD19.400.
114thDimitrios KoutsoupiasNO SQUAD0.000.0019.380.
115thMark BrassingtonNO SQUAD19.
116thPaul MillarNO SQUAD0.000.0019.
117thGregory BournonvilleNO SQUAD0.000.0018.940.
118thAndrew NapierNO SQUAD0.0018.930.
119thJason GoldsworthyNO SQUAD18.800.
120thVladimirs KorbutsNO SQUAD0.0018.780.
121stCalvin DavisNO SQUAD0.0018.640.
122ndBrian HarlandNO SQUAD18.610.
123rdShane PollingtonEy Up Cockers0.000.0018.520.
124thJose Carlos FerreiraNO SQUAD0.0018.
125thRyan WittyNO SQUAD18.
126thNezirov ElverNO SQUAD0.0018.
127thJessie LambertNO SQUAD0.000.0018.
128thGwendoline CappeNO SQUAD17.910.
129thTom OhalloranNO SQUAD0.0017.820.
130thTina LangdonNO SQUAD0.0017.690.
131stPeter BungartzNO SQUAD0.000.0017.650.
132ndAndrejs RubenisNO SQUAD17.590.
133rdMichael CoupeNO SQUAD0.0017.570.
134thStephen RalphWildcats0.0017.450.
135thKen ClaessensNO SQUAD17.430.
136thRichard Rudling-SmithNO SQUAD0.0017.330.
137thThomas CritchleyNO SQUAD17.
138thCharlotte SmurthwaiteNO SQUAD17.
139thRandall CrippsNO SQUAD0.0017.
140thCarl GabrielssonNO SQUAD0.000.0016.990.


Players will receive an individual score for each tournament based on their finishing positions, number of runners and buy-in level.

The top 3 scores from each player per week (Monday-Sunday) will go towards their Poker Squads overall team score (Maximum of 12 scores per Poker Squad)

Each Poker Squads overall team score will then be ranked in a leaderboard, with the top Poker Squad each week winning an added value ticket for each member of that squad.

Each players total score (for all 7 tournaments) each week (Monday-Sunday) will also be ranked in a leaderboard, with the top individual across the seven days (excluding any players that win a team prize in that week) also receiving an added value ticket.

Every players score for each tournament will be calculated using the following formula

10 x (√(Number of Entries)÷√(Finishing Position))×(1+log(Buyin))

So, if you finished 1st in a 100 runner $5 tournament, you would score

10*(√100÷√1)*(1+LOG(5))  = 169.90

100th place in that same tournament would score 16.99

The top 8 finishing positions would score









Although these are team games, players are still required to play within the standard partypoker rules regarding collusion in a MTT.

partypoker run regular checks on hand histories and tournament play to highlight any potential collusion.  APAT do not condone collusion, chip dumping & soft play in any of it’s tournaments and strongly advise all players to play within the rules laid out in the terms and conditions provided by partypoker when players set up their accounts.

All of our team based events are aimed at providing players with the opportunity to socialise and catch up whilst competing at the poker tables against the APAT community.  As always, we ask all players to respect and play within the spirit that these tournaments are meant.

APAT reserves the right to amend any terms and conditions relating to Poker Squads

Bonus: £40 FREE PLAY!

Plus up to 40% cashback every week!

18+; new UK players only; min £/€/$10 deposit; £40 Free Play generated as tickets. 7-day ticket expiry. Full T&Cs apply.