Dates : Friday 24th November 2023 until Sunday 26th November 2023


Venue : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2UW

Tel : 0115 845 4300

Email :

Website :


How to get there :

By Car : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Nottingham, NG72UW
By Tram : The closest tram stop is the QMC. Alight at the QMC and Dusk Till Dawn is around a 10 minute walk away.
By Train : The closest mainline train station is Nottingham which offers direct services to and from: London, Manchester & Liverpool.
By Plane : East Midlands airport is approximately 25 minutes by taxi away from Dusk Till Dawn.



Poker Squads Live is a 4-person team event with Day 1 on Saturday having 3 rounds of STTs for all team members, all playing to score individually with the top 3 scores in each round of STTs contributing towards the combined team score, to qualify their team through to Day 2.



19:00 Bounty Hunter Side Event £50+£10 (50k stack on 15/20 min clock) 1 x Re-entry (LR 21:15)



12:00 Poker Squads Rd 1 – NLHE Timed STTs (10k stack on 20/15 min clock)

15:00 Poker Squads Rd 2 – *NLHE Survivor Shootout STTs (10k stack on 25 min clock)

15:00 High Roller Side Event £300+£40 (50k stack on 25 min clock) Re-entry (LR 18:50)

18:00 Poker Squads Rd 3 – NLHE Win The Button STTs (10k stack on 20/15 min clock)

19:00 NLHE 75 Side Event £75+£15 (20k stack on 20 min clock) Freezeout (LR 21:50)



13:00 Poker Squads FT Qualifying Rd – NLHE STTs (10k stack on 20 min clock)

15:00 PLO Championship £100+£20 (50k stack on 20 min clock) Freezeout (LR 17:15)

17:00 NLHE 50 Side Event £50+£10 (20k stack on 20 min clock) Freezeout (LR 19:50)

18:00 Poker Squads Final Table – NLHE Tag STT (10k stack on 20 min clock)

20:00 UKPC Satellite (3 seats GTD) £56+£9 (20k stack on 15 min clock) Re-entry (LR 22:15)


DAY 1  – STTs will have all 4 players from every team each compete in each of the 3 STTs (no tagging). 

Points will be scored by team players’ finishing positions in each round of STTs and the top 3 scores for each team from each round will be combined to identify the Top 20 teams at the end of Day 1 on Saturday, with those teams progressing onto Day 2 on Sunday. 

Day 1 STT Points Scoring

1st = 10 pts
2nd = 8 pts
3rd = 6 pts
4th = 5 pts
5th = 4 pts
6th = 3 pts
7th = 2 pts
8th = 1 pt


DAY 2 FINAL TABLE QUALIFYING ROUND will again have all 4 players, from every Day 2 QUALIFYING TEAM, each compete in an STT (no tagging) – 8 x 10-handed STTs.   The WINNER (only) of each STT will qualify their team for a 10k starting stack on the Final Table. 


DAY 2 – FINAL TABLE if any team qualifies more than 1 player for the Final Table, then that team will start the Final Table with their team player/representative at the Final Table having a multiple stack (10k for each FT qualified player) – meaning Final Table Qualifying Teams will NOT have multiple PLAYERS on the Final Table, but may start the Final Table with Multiple STARTING STACKS (NB – this means that the Final Table may have LESS than the maximum 8 teams/players possible). 

Team members may tag between hands – the TEAM CAPTAIN will have the final say on whether a tag takes place or not (in the absence of the Team Captain then the player at the table will have the final say).

Each team on the Final Table will have 2 ‘time out’ cards which the player sitting (and ONLY the player sitting) may exercise at any time whilst in a hand AND THE ACTION IS ON THEM – they will each be for 1 minute during which the seated player may consult with his other team members (both may be used during the same timeout to extend the discussion time to 2 minutes). 



The PRIZE FUND of £17,600 will be awarded to the Final Table 8 TEAMS (£11,000 = 62.5%) plus each winning STT TEAM from each STT in all 3 rounds on Day 1 (£2,200 – 12.5% x 3 = 37.5%) PLUS THE ADDED VALUE of each STT round having 5 x £240 GGPoker UKPC Online Step 3 Entries (4 x £60), giving a TOTAL PRIZE FUND of £21,200

Each STT winner will draw a ‘team mystery prize‘ immediately on completion of each STT in all 3 rounds.

Each round of STTs will have 2 x £500 Top Prizes available to be won, along with  5 x TEAM GGPoker UKPC Step 3 Online Satellite Tickets valued at £240 total – £60 per ticket (to qualify for a £560 UKPC Entry being played live at DTD in Jan 2024), plus a further 2 x £200, 3 x £100 and 10 x £50 giving a total Team Mystery Prizefund of £2,400 PER STT (12.5% of overall prizefund).


(Picked By Each STT Winning Player for their Team)
Prize ValueAvailableTotal Prizes
£500 2£1,000
£240 (£60 x 4 UKPC Step 3)5£1,200
£200 2£400
£100 3£300
£50 10£500


PositionTeam Prize


*Day 1 12:00 Poker Squads Rd 1 – NLHE Timed STTs (10k stack on 20/15 min clock)

This STT will end after L11/14:45 with positions / points awarded based on chip count.


**Day 1* 15:00 Poker Squads Rd 2 – *NLHE Survivor Shootout STTs (10k stack on 25 min clock)

(end after L7/17:55). 

Each STT will automatically eliminate the shortest stacked player at the table at the end of every level IF the STT has not already lost its ‘quota’ of players – eg, at the end of level 2 if the table has already lost 2 players then a player would NOT be eliminated.

So, if at the end of each of the following levels the ‘quota’ of lost players has NOT already been reached then the lowest stacked players will be eliminated at that time:

End Level 1  – 1 player eliminated
End Level 2 – 2 players eliminated
End Level 3 – 3 players eliminated
End Level 4 – 4 players eliminated
End Level 5 – 5 players eliminated
End Level 6 – 6 players eliminated
End Level 7 – 7 players eliminated

No antes will be in play.  Players CANNOT ask for a ‘count’ of another player’s stack – ‘dirty stacks’ are not allowed and chips are to be stacked in same colours/values and in acceptable sizes (eg 100 chip x 20 = 2k stack – to aid players to count stacks themselves) – vigilance throughout the STT is key!  These measures are put in place to ensure nobody ‘time wastes’ with the aim to slow play to get another player eliminated.  With ‘automatic eliminations’ at the end of levels, each STT will complete at 17:55 hours at the latest (or before if players ‘naturally bust’).  Players may be issued penalties during this STT if it is considered that they are deliberately time wasting, which may include sitting out of the action, or loss of chips as a penalty. 



13 Men and a Little LadyShirleyCole
13 Men and a Little LadySteveFryer
13 Men and a Little LadySteveTwigg
13 Men and a Little LadyGary Lipman
2Any Two Will Do CrewVincentMather
2Any Two Will Do CrewMarkMcBride
2Any Two Will Do CrewJoshuaStout
2Any Two Will Do CrewRobynYeung
3APATJames Brown
4BCPCAdam Smith
5Blud BloodDiFarrell
5Blud BloodNicRawlings
5Blud BloodIanThompson
5Blud BloodGordonMcArthur
6ChieftonicSupersonicsSteve Bell
7Coldstream PKRRoryLaidlaw
7Coldstream PKRBarrieCullen
7Coldstream PKRJosephDunlop
7Coldstream PKRDavidMcAdam
8Curly's Wurly'sRichBaker
8Curly's Wurly'sJoe Carr-Hill
8Curly's Wurly'sGlennLaming
8Curly's Wurly'sDonRoberts
9East Herts Punchinello’sMichaelSkitt
9East Herts Punchinello’sBenGreer
9East Herts Punchinello’sTonyShort
9East Herts Punchinello’sRobBolton
10Edgworth FuryBrianFrew
10Edgworth FuryNick Kernick
10Edgworth FuryGuyHaynes
10Edgworth FuryJoeGaynard
11FLIPOlivia LiliWainwright
12G Poker ClubCraigRose
12G Poker ClubJanetRose
12G Poker ClubDylanOxberry
12G Poker ClubJohnConlin
13GGPokerAdam Hibberd
14Goldsmith and The 3 BearsLaurenGoldsmith
14Goldsmith and The 3 BearsDamenHardy
14Goldsmith and The 3 BearsMichaelPye
14Goldsmith and The 3 BearsSteveLansdale-Brown
15Grimsby MavericksIanBarber
15Grimsby MavericksAlan Haycock
15Grimsby MavericksMatthewRose
15Grimsby MavericksLukeDaniel
16Hearts of QueensNatalieBromley
16Hearts of QueensPaulHaycock
16Hearts of QueensJenMason
16Hearts of QueensTom Bacon
17HitsquadJames Marriott
18Karen's KroniesKarenChappell
18Karen's KroniesRick Chappell
18Karen's KroniesSteveDay
18Karen's KroniesGraemeMaguire
19Komodo DragonsStaceyMidcalf
19Komodo DragonsTrevor Buck
19Komodo DragonsMarkFoster
19Komodo DragonsGavinJohnson
20Middlesex AuberginesKevO'Hanlon
20Middlesex AuberginesDave Kingswell
20Middlesex AuberginesPaulBeard
20Middlesex AuberginesJoeMurphy
21Midlands FreelancersBenWhitaker
21Midlands FreelancersCraig Standen
21Midlands FreelancersRickyBuckland
21Midlands FreelancersRob Lloyd
22Midlands LPPL League PokerNigelWaldron
22Midlands LPPL League PokerDanGoodwin
22Midlands LPPL League PokerLouiseWaldron
22Midlands LPPL League PokerMary Laquet
23North East G LeaguePeterAshcroft
23North East G LeagueIanSmith
23North East G LeagueIanRose
23North East G LeagueGlenWhitehead
24Northern LPPL League PokerSarah Beckett
24Northern LPPL League PokerSimonBeckett
24Northern LPPL League PokerPhilipOlbison
24Northern LPPL League PokerSimonGotthardt
25Online LPPL League PokerSarahCushion
25Online LPPL League PokerKimCallow
25Online LPPL League PokerWayneIrwin
25Online LPPL League PokerKarenMead
26Optimum PokerTimDixon
26Optimum PokerJohn Allen
26Optimum PokerChrisMawer
26Optimum PokerSteveKing
27Quad FloppersStevenFortey
27Quad FloppersDuannePorter
27Quad FloppersLeeHewitt
27Quad FloppersMickClarkson
28Quad JokersKarlBursford
28Quad JokersStevenHubbard
28Quad JokersPaulJefferies
28Quad JokersChrisHibberd
29Raise For JackDavidAmos
29Raise For JackJPRound
29Raise For JackIlzeZolte
29Raise For JackSimonLawlor
30Scotland LPPL League PokerJack Wiffen
30Scotland LPPL League PokerShaunHeron
30Scotland LPPL League PokerJasonTwigg
30Scotland LPPL League PokerMichelleGascoine
31Southern LPPL League PokerTerryEvans
31Southern LPPL League PokerRobDavies
31Southern LPPL League PokerDave Paxton
31Southern LPPL League PokerRoySmith
32St Helens Poker ClubStevenRooney
32St Helens Poker ClubRyanHoughton
32St Helens Poker ClubSteHadikin
32St Helens Poker ClubAndy Houghton
33Stoke Poker ClubSeanPerry
33Stoke Poker ClubGaryGilbertson
33Stoke Poker ClubVickiJagger
33Stoke Poker ClubJasonPrice
34Team BluffJon Young
34Team BluffChloeCutts
34Team BluffDerekPotter
34Team BluffMarkO'Connor
35Team RIPBenBurnhill
35Team RIPCristiana Papazoglou
35Team RIPRosario Perez
35Team RIPNazMuhammad
36Team CoconutsLisaGreer
36Team CoconutsDannyStrange
36Team CoconutsEdiNeacsu
36Team CoconutsDianeAshton
37The 4 FlopsStephenDixon
37The 4 FlopsJonathan Proudfoot
37The 4 FlopsJohn Best
37The 4 FlopsBrettDavison
38The A-TeamTomBanks
38The A-TeamStu Pillinger
38The A-TeamColinMcCarthy
38The A-TeamAndrewCunningham-Brown
39The Bath BoysTom Thorpe
39The Bath BoysPeter Daniels
39The Bath BoysJamesYeatman
39The Bath BoysWilliamLee-Anglin
40The NobodiesJoChillmaid
40The NobodiesJack Chillmaid
40The NobodiesVince Eley
40The NobodiesGloriaSindall
41Wugga ChunterersDavidWhiteley
41Wugga ChunterersDaveHalliday
41Wugga ChunterersWarwickBrindley
41Wugga ChunterersStevenPiddock
42YESS Club ASteveShore
42YESS Club AMark Frost
42YESS Club AJasonEdwards
42YESS Club AJohnCross
43YESS Club BJoshHann
43YESS Club BCharlieTowner
43YESS Club BAshFry
43YESS Club BRobinGreenfield
44YMA O HYDWarrenJones
44YMA O HYDScottBerridge
44YMA O HYDTomClark
44YMA O HYDJonathanRees



Tom Brady
APAT Operations Director
Live Events & Tour

Email: tombrady[at]
WhatsApp: 07957 977 057