WCOAP 2024 will run from Wednesday 21st August to Monday 26th August 2024, live at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham, UK, with the full and exact schedule tbc.


Venue : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Lenton, Nottingham, NG7 2UW

Tel : 0115 845 4300
Email : support@dusktilldawnpoker.com
Website : www.dusktilldawnpoker.com


How to get there :

By Car : Dusk Till Dawn, Redfield Way, Nottingham, NG72UW
By Tram : The closest tram stop is the QMC. Alight at the QMC and Dusk Till Dawn is around a 10 minute walk away.
By Train : The closest mainline train station is Nottingham which offers direct services to and from: London, Manchester & Liverpool.
By Plane : East Midlands airport is approximately 25 minutes by taxi away from Dusk Till Dawn.


Accommodation popular with players :

Holiday Inn Castle Marina– Approx 8 minutes drive from Dusk Till Dawn

Premier Inn Castle Marina – Approx 8 minutes drive from Dusk Till Dawn

Village Hotel – Approx 15 minutes drive from Dusk Till Dawn

Travelodge Riverside – Approx 5 minutes drive from Dusk Till Dawn




PRE-REGISTRATION will run as follows:


NOTE: The Main Event will play down to 15% of each Day 1, with all Day 2 stacks in play earning a ‘min cash’.  Each Day 1 runs as a DAILY FREEZEOUT, which allows any player to enter once per Day 1 – any player who may elect to play a subsequent Day 1 will immediately forfeit any previously won Day 2 stack – it will NOT go into play and it will not attract a ‘min cash’ – only stacks ‘in play’ at the start of Day 2 will earn a ‘min cash’.


Luxon – players using this method must then also register in-person in DTD prior to the event start time to claim their seat and their chips will go into play from the start of the event.  Those who do not register in DTD prior to the event start, will have their chips in play when they subsequently register in DTD and take their seat (although this does run the risk of being on an Alternates List), or at the end of late reg if they haven’t taken their seat by that time, or if they hadn’t registered in-person in DTD.

NOTE:  Players pre-registering via Luxon who subsequently wish to withdraw from the event MUST do so prior to the event start time – after this time players will NOT be able to withdraw from an event and their chips will go into play as described above.

Players pre-registering in DTD, or registering in-person in DTD ‘on the day’ before the event starts, will have their chips go into play from the event start.


EVENT REGISTRATION ON THE DAY will run as follows:

Event registration will take place at the DTD registration desk on the day for all events for all remaining seats.  Registration for all daily events will be open from 60 minutes prior to the first daily event.

Where events hit capacity then an Alternates List will run, with names added to the list up until the end of late registration, with players offered a seat as one becomes available – and at this time they may either take or refuse the seat – refusing the seat will remove them from the AL. 

Chips go into play from the start of the event if registering prior to the event start, or if registering later then from when a player takes their seat, or otherwise automatically at the end of late reg.

Team entry to the Team Championship on Wed/Thu is controlled by APAT and entry is available by APAT INVITATION ONLY.



The following teams will compete:



The Team Championship schedule is as follows:


Wed 21st:

16:00 – 1 member NLHE STT, 1 member PLO STT, 1 member PLO8 STT, 1 member Heads Up

20:00 – 1 member NLHE STT, 1 member PLO STT, 1 member PLO8 STT, 1 member Heads Up

Thu 22nd:

13:00 – 2 members NLHE STT, 1 member PLO STT, 1 member PLO8 STT

18:00 – 4 members NLHE MTT




TBC Whilst not wishing to restrict event choices and enjoyment throughout the week, WCOAP 2023 players will be allowed to multi-table, HOWEVER, where a player reaches any Final Table, then the player MUST play that Final Table and only able to play any other event when the Final Table is on a break (NB you may NOT play the other event when on a Final Table and in-between hands) TBC








Additional Info :

All events are open to everyone – all players must be members of DTD, and photo ID is required to join, and we strongly recommend that ALL attendees bring Photo ID with them (even if already a member).

The Main Event is a Daily Freezeout – a maximum of 1 bullet each Day 1 is allowed and players will auto forfeit any Day 2 stack if firing again on another day.  Each Day 1 will play down to 15% of entries to qualify into Day 2 and all stacks put in play for Day 2 will be ‘in the money’ with a min cash locked up.  The High Roller allows 1 re-entry.  All other events are Freezeouts.  WCOAP Bracelets and Championship Medals are awarded for ALL EVENTS.

TBC A shot clock will be utilised for Championship events from the start of each day, with 20 secs plus 4 x 30 secs timebanks, reset to this at 2-table and Final Table TBC

Each exact event prize pool breakdown will be confirmed at the venue after the event has closed for further entries, and for the Main Event after the completion of the final Day 1.

Winnings from WCOAP live events at DTD will be paid via the same method as pre-registration for the event – so into your LuxonPay account (immediately on winning, and available to use immediately or withdraw cash in DTD), or paid as cash at DTD for those who buy-in at DTD.



Please note the event is subject to the terms & conditions of the Amateur Poker Association & Tour and Dusk Till Dawn.


Member Only Added Value

Please note added value will only be available to APAT members. This includes WCOAP Bracelets, Medals and any other Added Value.

Click to get a free membership of the Amateur Poker Association & Tour.






Tom Brady
APAT Operations Director
Live Events & Tour

Email: tombrady[at]hotmail.co.uk
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TomBrady65/
WhatsApp: 07957 977 057