The Online Team Series give all APAT players the chance to get together with friends and poker buddies to pit their wits against the best amateur poker teams out there.


Teams consist of four players that then compete in a series of NLHE Multi Table Freezeout tournaments with the top 50% of the field picking up points towards their own teams total.


APAT will run a leaderboard so that all players can keep track of their teams position and also keep an eye on their closest rivals.  For the Autumn 2016 running of the Online Team Series, the top three teams will be invited to enter a team into the Season 10 APAT UK Team Championship.


This is always one of the most popular live events on the APAT calendar.  Entries are highly sought after each season and the Online Team Series gives everyone the chance to guarantee a team into heading to Blackpool on the weekend of the 11th & 12th March 2017.


The Autumn 2016 Online Team Series will run across four Sundays.  Two prior to the Irish (Dublin) live (30th & 31st October) and online (6th November) events, and two after.


Event #1 – Sunday 16th October 2016 – 7pm


Event #2 – Sunday 23rd October 2016 – 7pm


Event #3 – Sunday 13th November 2016 – 7pm


Event #4 – Sunday 20th November 2016 – 7pm – DOUBLE POINTS


All tournaments are £11 buyin with 6 levels (60 mins) of late registration

5k Starting stacks with 10 minute levels


  • The top 50% of the field (rounded up for an odd number of runners) will collect points with the first of those to exit collecting 1pt and the winner collecting the maximum pts for that tournament.
  • Team points are the total of the 3 highest finishers in any one team.  These are then adjusted by the Team Multiplier to calculate the final Team Points for that tournament.
  • The Team Multiplier for each team is based on the number of players in each individual team that finish in the points positions :-   1 Player = 1x, 2 Players = 1.2x, 3 Players = 1.3x
  • All points for Event #4 are doubled
  • In the event of a tie amongst teams on the leaderboard, the team with the higher number of individual players in the points across all events will be deemed the higher finishing team.  If this is equal, then the team with the player who collected the highest individual points in all events across the series will be deemed the higher finishing team.


In an 84 runner event, Team Duffy finish 3rd, 12th, 33rd & 62nd.


Points will be awarded to the top 42 finishers.


3rd Place = 40 pts

12th Place = 31 pts

33rd Place = 10 pts

Total team points = 81 x 1.3 Team Multiplier = 105.3


All prize pools for each event will be paid out as standard following the Grosvenor Poker Online payout structures.

The top three teams on the leaderboard at the end of Event #4 will receive an invite to enter a team of 8 players into the APAT UK Team Poker Championship to be held at the G Casino, Blackpool on the weekend of the 11th & 12th Match 2017.  This is a guaranteed invite only.  Teams will be liable for their own buyin, accommodation and travel expenses incurred during the weekend of the live team event.

Invites are at the discretion of APAT and we reserve the right to amend invites and the invitation process at any time.


Just complete the information opposite to register your team.

Teams must consist of either 3 or 4 players with one player named as captain for contact purposes.

Changes to the team can be made up to one hour prior to the first event.

After that, teams are locked for the duration of the series.

Please ensure to provide Screen Names (the name that appears around the table) and not any username or login name that players may have.



TeamCaptainPlayer 1 ©Player 2Player 3Player 4Pts
PL Bell-EndsAndrew Bellandybell666Ubeti3bet72GeneVincentRNezhmetdinov525.10
The cream of LBPNLee BarrettLBPNB055The-PhoenixRatfinkRedbaz68514.80
Hitsquad YoungstersRobert Greensherif07PokerRottiewynne1938Gazzuki446.10
RavenGraham GortonM00CHKingBezzMycal1973Rungoodward441.40
FPG AStuart GreenansleevesAces_n_8sGullen81BondiK10397.00
FPG DBarrie Bevingtonbazzer00roosterFateWeaverHARDHITTIN1392.80
Still ScotsqadRab McCarrolRab642GatlingGobharrypotodds11Chippopotamus329.80
Yorkshire TerrifiersPaul Wilsonwilloid23girlywirlyzsalamanda77daz0191322.80
Team America (f**k yeah)Ben BurnhillPocketAmazinghaddocknchipsHakmedGumOptimalPrime220314.10
Hetton MobGary RobertsGazscoopVert7777ThemoocherOwenftm1298.00
FPG CNeil ColesMr_riverMancebagpo10cThecoffeemaker264.80
FISOPhilip CollsSpireyHotpot111Karrdejonaldo7254.40
Team Blue BloodLiam PickeringGoonerPiggyBBAPATVaVaB00MVicioustoddler247.60
Ace High Poker GroupJordan HooperJwjhooperFistingJesuslumbrjakk8LTerminator240.00
Angie's RoomAngie DohertyLadydriver61Mr_MayhemPinkDaddyLadyMucKK219.60
Team EffortBill SheppardSQR64QApatpatrickconseymoreTILTSDelHuPengi215.20
FPG BSteve PughsteeeeeveSukhumvitRdJamesOrcharddcrabbe203.40
Sutton PokerPaul PitchfordGTO_StudentFishsticks24The-Jammie-DodgerRather_Sexual156.40
Degens Team BRichard BakerptbootoLombBombrooster21153.60
THS HeroesWasyl MuszanskyjWhoooshSirgarymatrixxs1GloryDays143.60
LPMMatt CarterSugarfreeNorfolknChanceAlbusFawkes_1_22143.00
Midland BallbustersBrian YatesBOINGBLITZBCPCXTRIPPSXBarnstoneworthj6offgrosvenor136.00
BORO BOYSJason HillHillsterTonyF74Mingmong85Beaker129.60
THS hotheadsJames MarriottSilverhunterKohanapatEbberdonHsmadwc127.40
Team GothamSimon BrookeDJBigClubtristiano842OMG_GirlsFartBatBoy100.40
Ilfracombe Poker LeagueTony Rossreenotih8manuany_jack_mattwattag95.40
ScotsquadBryan CameronscwuffyCTBN0banwillyh67.80
ChezgerPaul DavisPaulie_D59MultifruitMissriccardifishyfish99965.00
Furness Airport WonkersMark CurwenArcadefireRobbieBoxHoneymonster07Reflex8853.80
Degens Team ADebbie Kimmquasar11moleymoley74BilboBOOMAceOnTheRiver40.00
Shed's ScumbagsDarren Colemanpokershedmrlang88pokerkid2104krmit2634.00
The mustard of LBPNMike ScothernmikesAPATsmoothboothWaddisCyberDonk30914.00
APAT Elite +1Tom BradyiTom65MangoFishDesDuffyChipaccrual-