Italy’s Andrea Lombardi Wins WCOAP Omaha Championship

114 runners participated in the WCOAP Omaha Championship, the concluding event of the 2011 World Championship Of Amateur Poker festival at Dusk Till Dawn in Nottingham. Players began with 10,000 chips and a 30 minute clock providing ample scope for play in this ever popular game.

Chris Peers the Heads Up WCOAP made a determined attempt to follow up in this event but exited with two tables remaining. APAT National Champion Steve Redfern unfortunately bubbled the final table, his second bubble finish of this WCOAP, although on this occasion he secured a minor cash.

The final table line up, which included international team players from Spain and Italy was as follows:

1    Daniel Partridge
2    Neil Dobney
3    Juan De Diego
4    Henry Griffiths
5    John Valentine
6    Ritesh Chauhan
7    Ian Thompson
8    Andrea Lombardi
9    Joanna Sharp

Finishing 9th, in his second WCOAP final table of the year was Dan Partridge, being eliminated by Andrea Lombardi. Chip leader Henry Griffiths then accounted for Jo Sharp, Aces cracked by King-Queen-Jack-Nine.

Out in 7th was Ian Thompson, with Henry Griffith’s once again cracking Aces, this time with a turned straight. Ritesh Chauhan then fell foul of a “run down” hand, his Ace-Queen-Jack falling to Andrea Lombardi’s five-six-seven-eight.

Spanish Captain Juan De Diego fell in fifth at the hands of Neil Dobney’s Kings. Henry Griffiths’ flopped full hosue then accounted for the shortest remaining stack, John Valentine departing in fourth. Griffiths then knocked out Neil Dobney in third, flopping a set of sevens, and took a commanding chip lead heads-up against Lombardi.

This situation soon reversed as Lombardi doubled up twice to assume the chip lead. After the lead seesawed several times Lombardi took Ace-Queen-Jack-Deuce against Griffiths Ace-Queen-Five-Five, hitting two jacks on the board to be crowned APAT WCOAP Omaha Champion 2011.