APAT European Champion heads to Las Vegas…

APAT’s second stop of Season 10 visited Grosvenor Casino in Luton where in addition to the National Championship Medals and the European Champion title being fought over, the Champion would also walk away with an added value trip to Las Vegas in June 2017 where APAT have set their sights on the landmark location for poker players to celebrate their 10th anniversary.

98 players took to the felt and it was Linda Iwaniak, an APAT regular, who in the very first hand saw a flop from the Small Blind of 3 3 4 whilst sitting with 3 5, and with an Ace on Turn she bets and calls a raise to see a Queen on the River and again faces a raise after betting, but this time it’s an all in shove from her opponent and after calling becomes the first casualty of the weekend when she sees 3 4 turned over for the flopped full house.

75 players made it to the first break with Paul Haycock leading the field:

Paul Haycock 54,625
Barry Moody 53,000
Tony Napolitano 48,000
Des Brijesh 45,500
Terry Evans 38,500
Julian Lefeure 37,000
Sam Beckwith 35,000
Dawn Cooke 30,350
Robert Battell 28,500

51 players made it to the dinner break after another 4 levels of play, with Craig Dawson sitting pretty on 82.700 chips followed by Jack Hipkiss with 74,700 and Lisa Greer on 62,900, Paul Haycock having dropped to 27,500. The field was further reduced to 27 players at the end of Day 1, with Craig Dawson not only holding onto his position at the head of the field, but extending it greatly:

Craig Dawson 200,200
Kev O’Hanlon 94,000
Terry Evans 93,200
Hadyn Lyell 84,800
Sam Beckwith 81.400
Omar Khan 74,800
Graham Cutler 67,100
Robert Battell 57,700
Del Watson 52,300
Tony Napolitano 51,500
Steve Roderick 50,500

It reached ‘the money’ when Hadyn Lyell and Kev O’Hanlon get it in pre-flop, Hadyn showing Kd 5c and Kev Ac 2s which holds and Hadyn departs in 12 place ‘on the bubble’, and with the departure of Tony Napolitano in 11th for £160 and Sam Beckwith in 10th for £170 the remaining 9 took their seats on the Final Table:

S1 Kev O’Hanlon 250,400
S2 Craig Dawson 34,800
S3 Terry Evans 162,000
S4 Dave Harvey 43,200
S5 John Murray 140,400
S6 Michael O’Mahoney 174,800
S7 Graham Cutler 22,000
S8 David Griffiths 226,600
S9 Robert Battell 306,000

In relative quick succession departing was Dave Harvey in 9th, Graham Cutler 8th, John Murray 7th, Craig Dawson 6th and Michael O’Mahoney in 5th, taking the event to the ‘National Champions Medal Bubble’, which was Robert Battell who moved all in when a Board of Ad Js 7d was checked to him by David Griffiths who after asking for a count made the call… Robert flips Qs Qh and David shows As 9d and with no help for Robert on the Turn or River he left in 4th place for £640, leaving those remaining ‘in the medals’:

David Griffiths 835k
Kev O’Hanlon 305k
Terry Evans 252k

Kev finds As 9h and raises to 37k, only to see David move all in from the Big Blind… and Kev quickly called… David showing Qc Jc and the Board ran out 9s Jh 5h 6d 4c to send Kev to the rail in Bronze Medal position with £910.

With pretty even stacks David Griffiths and Terry Evens fought it out for nearly an hour until they get it all in pre-flop with David showing 7c 7d and Terry Ac Qh… Terry dejected with a flop 6h 8s 7s before 9c Turn and Qd River ends it all… Terry Evans finishing in Silver Medal position for £1,395, and David Griffiths being crowned European Amateur Poker Champion for the Gold Medal, £2,140 and the Added Value of a trip to Las Vegas in June 2017 as part of APAT’s 10th Anniversary celebrations, where he will be joining Chris Alexander who won the Vegas 2017 event on Sunday, and previous winners from the English Championship recently played at Grosvenor Casino Newcastle… Ali Ahmed and Paul Herbertson.

APAT’s 10th Anniversary tour continues, where each Main Event gives the ADDED VALUE prize of a 10th Anniversary Vegas 2017 prize to all our Champions:

12-15 Aug 2016 Belgian Amateur Poker Championship, Spa
16-18 Sep 2016 Welsh Amateur Poker Championship, Cardiff
30-31 Oct 2016 Irish Amateur Poker Championship, Dublin
10-13 Nov 2016 Benelux Amateur Poker Championship, Namur
26-27 Nov 2016 UK Amateur Poker Championship, Portsmouth
4-5 Feb 2017 Scottish Amateur Poker Championship, Edinburgh
11-12 Mar 2017 UK Team Poker Championship, Blackpool
8-17 Apr 2017 WCOAP, Manchester