An action packed and competitive weekend filled APAT’s most recent live UK stop with a return visit to Cardiff, and a return to Les Croupier Casino Cardroom, for the Welsh National Championship, which included 2 Championship Medal events with NLHE and PLO.


The Main Event, The Welsh Amateur Poker Championship (NLHE), played out with 2 live Day 1’s over Friday and Saturday which saw a total of 32 players qualify through to the final day, with a min cash of £200 locked up.


RUMMING Stephen Day 1a 1,657,000
MUNDAY Paul Day 1b 1,222,000
WIFFEN Jack Day 1b 1,093,000
FISK Nick Day 1a 1,070,000
MARTIN Benjamin Day 1b 1,052,000
ANDERSON Vincent Day 1b 1,037,000
MONCADA-MEDINA Juan Day 1b 898,000
BARTON Oliver Day 1a 862,000
HOMEWOOD Chris Day 1b 860,000
CAVANAGH Martyn Day 1a 819,000
MEAGER David Day 1a 785,000
GULLEN Guy Day 1b 770,000
MACKEN James Day 1a 764,000
HOLMSTROM Seth Day 1b 729,000
JAMES Georgina Day 1a 690,000
BUSH Darren Day 1a 675,000
HUSSAIN Mohammad Day 1a 637,000
LEWIS Richard Day 1a 592,000
BELL Adam Day 1a 573,000
DE VOS Niels Day 1a 476,000
VICKERS Neil Day 1a 473,000
LLOYD Owain Day 1b 454,000
SUCH Jack Day 1a 415,000
HEALY Michael Day 1b 391,000
TAI Ho Day 1a 391,000
JONES Andrew Day 1b 365,000
PERCIVAL Shaun Day 1b 357,000
BAKER Richard Day 1b 356,000
OLIVER Emma Day 1a 332,000
STUBBS Sophie Day 1b 325,000
HOWELLS David Day 1b 206,000
MISTRY Dipesh Day 1a 191,000


David Howells was first to collect a £200 min cash, and with the action flowing with no draws, re-draws and out draws aplenty, players reached a Final Table 9 when the QQ of Neil Vickers got beaten by the AK of Richard Baker to send Neil to the rail in 10th position, picking up a £500 payday.



1 Stephen Rumming 1.65m

2 Guy Gullen 2.52m

3 Richard Lewis 2.0m

4 Georgina James 2.4m

5 Ben Martin 4.26m

6 Richard Baker 5.3m

7 Darren Bush 0.9m

8 Paul Munday 2.65m

9 Jack Wiffen 1.45m


Chip leader Richard Baker was first to strike when his pocket 10’s held against the pocket 9’s of Paul Munday who hit the rail in 9th spot, with Steve Rumming following in 8th when he shoved from the Small Blind with 7c5c and got a call from the Big Blind of Guy Gullen.


Jack Wiffen (7th) departed when his pocket AA run into a Turned Straight of Ben Martin, with Darren Bush exciting in 6th before Georgina James shoved KT from the Button and got a call from Richard Baker in the BB holding JJ – no luck for Georgina saw her depart in 5th.


Next hand Richard Lewis was all in and finished 4th, again at the hands of Richard Baker, this time holding QQ.


As hands continue fast and furious, Guy Gullen shoved with an Ace, got a caller in Ben Martin who got there with the King as Guy took 3rd spot, £2,000 and Championship Bronze Medal.


Heads Up with Ben Martin (11.5m) and Richard Baker (8.5m).


Ben got paid handsomely with a flopped set of Kings, and moved to a 3:1 chip lead with Blinds 125k/250k, before a huge hand for Ben who got his 2m River bet paid off by Richard’s Pocket 10’s – Richard dropped to 2m as Ben hits 18m – before Richard looked and shoved with Ben snap calling with pocket 6’s – Ben held and Richard Baker takes 2nd place, winning £2,700 and Championship Silver Medal.


The Welsh Amateur Poker Champion 2023 is crowned – Ben Martin, claiming the title in his hometown of Cardiff and picking up £3,700 and National Championship Gold Medal in his first-ever APAT live event.



1st Ben Martin £3600

2nd Richard Baker £2700

3rd Guy Gullen £2000

4th Richard Lewis £1600

5th Georgina James £1350

6th Darren Bush £1100

7th Jack Wiffen £950

8th Stephen Rumming £800

9th Paul Munday £650


A great conclusion to the Welsh PLO Championship on a fun final table, with lots of banter and chat and excellent to watch it play out as Joseph Knight took Bronze, Sean Bevan Silver and Barry Dunford from Bristol bagged the title, £1,440 and Championship Gold Medal.


1st Barry Dunford (£1,440)

2nd Sean Bevan (£900)

3rd Joseph Knight (£540)

4th Andrew Balfe (£360)

5th Andrew Jones (£215)

6th Glen Frost (£145)




Sunday’s NLHE Side Event:


1st Jamie Fisher £1,488

2nd Ping Chen £920

3rd Gary Smolinski £565

4th Stephen Manning £355

5th Daniel Beniest