After seven matchdays in the  APAT Premier League, the top ten teams competed in the Grand Final on Grosvenor Poker Online with over £4,500 of live tournaments entries up for grabs.  The four players in each of the top five teams would bag themselves a live event seat for later in the year.

1st – 4 x £560 GUKPT Seats

2nd – 4 x £225 25/25 Seats

3rd – 4 x £125 Goliath 2018 Seats

4th – 4 x £110 Easter Beast Seats

5th – 4 x £110 WCOAP Main Event Seats


The teams had been playing matchdays against their competition each of the four conferences, but the Grand Final would see all forty players compete against each other to crown the APAT Premier League Champions for Winter 2017/18.  The teams that had qualified were :-

Big Potatoes


FPG Team 2

Hitsquad Majors

Quad Jokers

Team Gotham

The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira

Trump Cards

UTFB Dragons

Yorkshire’s White Roses

Each team had played exceptionally well up to this stage, as could be seen by the individual performance stats from the seven matchdays.


After a cagey start due to the 10k starting stacks, the structure started to take effect and the first ten exits saw some of the fancied teams in FPG Team 2, UTFB Dragons, Hitsquad Majors and The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira all losing two players.

31st – Lazybadger (The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira)

32nd – Triggles (ColdstreamPKR)

33rd – BondiK10 (FPG Team 2)

34th – K1CK-A55 (UTFB Dragons)

35th – FishyFish999 (UTFB Dragons)

36th – JamesOrchard (FPG Team 2)

37th – Silverhunter (HitSquad Majors)

38th – redbaz68 (Yorkshire’s White Roses)

39th – Shammydebeer (The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira)

40th – drdon88 (HitSquad Majors)




The in running leaderboard started to take shape, with the top 5 teams all with their full team intact.  By the time the next ten exits had been concluded, we had already lost one team from the running in Hitsquad Majors.

21st – Aces_n_8’s (FPG Team 2)

22nd – disneyhaveaclue (Trump Cards)

23rd – _The_Nutz (Quad Jokers)

24th – Chrish1976 (Quad Jokers)

25th – Twinluck (Trump Cards)

26th – JJackFlash (HitSquad Majors)

27th – Dazler747 (ColdstreamPKR)

28th – IfAndWhen (Yorkshire’s White Roses)

29th – dand93 (Big Potatoes)

30th – ch3ckn0rr1s (HitSquad Majors)

Reigning champions, Quad Jokers took a major dent in their hopes of retaining their title, losing two players back to back in 23rd and 24th place.  With only half the field now remaining, it was only Team Gotham who still had all of their players remaining.

Their strong position was quickly eroded though, losing Tony ‘tonyj444’ Johnson in 20th place.  By the time Trump Cards had lost two players in a row and Team Gotham’s skipper, Simon ‘DJBigClub’ Brooke departed in 15th place, the table had closed up at the top, with the seats all very much to play for.

15th – DJBigClub (Team Gotham)

16th – 19pip78 (Trump Cards)

17th – psyberpixie (Trump Cards)

18th – FatcatStu (UTFB Dragons)

19th – Gr0spoisson1 (Yorkshire’s White Roses)

20th – tonyj444 (Team Gotham)

The next exits were crucial, seeing the Babloos and Pears27 from Big Potatoes outlasting BatBoy and tristiano842 from Team Gotham, meaning first place was guaranteed for Big Potatoes with 7 payers left on the final table.  Team Gotham would be guaranteed second place, and Quad Jokers guaranteed third.  The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira still had two players in and would need to outlast the remaining ColdstreamPKR player to secure fourth place.

8th – tristiano842 (Team Gotham)

9th – MrCucumber (Big Potatoes)

10th – Bleach99 (ColdstreamPKR)

11th – Steeeeeve (FPG Team 2)

12th – BatBoy (Team Gotham)

13th – Credo74 (UTFB Dragons)

14th – TheOtherGuy  (Quad Jokers)

The final table played out, with The Chips Don’t Lie – Shakira Shakira having to settle for fifth spot in the end.  Quad Jokers ‘harvey111’ beat Big Potatoes ‘Pears27’ heads up to finish a competitive Grand Final tournament


1st – harvey111 – £120.00

2nd – Pears27 – £80.00

3rd – mrbtings – £60.00

4th – justinskippy – £60.00

5th – MintTrav – £20.00

6th – Babloos – £20.00

7th – Cuzza23 – £20.00

8th – tristan842 – £20.00


The APAT Premier League will be back later in the year.  Keep an eye out on social media and for details.