BlackBelt Win UK Team Poker Championship

The Amateur Poker Association & Tour (APAT) stage-managed their most recent event – the Coral-sponsored UK Team Championship, at the Genting Club, Stoke with 30 teams of 8 members each from around the UK combining into the 240-player 2-day deepstack MTT.  With a £12,000 prize pool paid out on a 50/50 basis to the top 20 individuals and top 3 teams, all eyes were on those team members who made it through to the top 100 positions, which secured points towards their team score.

It was an emotional start to the event as a ‘round of applause’ was enthusiastically given by all in attendance in memory of the APAT Champion’s Team Captain, Vaino Tiik, who recently passed away, which also certainly engendered ‘team pride’ in everyone’s mind.

As players exited and the pressure grew, especially on teams like Gambling Network Forum who were returning to defend their title and try to win the event for the third year in a row, but with the departure of too many players outside the top scoring point positions, it was realised that it would be a new team crowned as Champions for 2014 – although GNF had players still in the event.

Deep into Day 2 there remained three teams in contention for 3rd place and Bronze medal, with only two teams – The Hendon Mob and Blackbelt Poker – who could be crowned Champions.  With Frome Poker Group securing Bronze, and with The Hendon Mob losing their final two players in positions 18th and 12th, this left Blackbelt Poker with three players who made it through to the final table who secured the UK Team Championship 2014 glory for Blackbelt Poker.

UK Team Championship 2014 – Team Results

Pos         Team                                     Prize

1st           Blackbelt Poker                 Gold + £3,000

2nd          The Hendon Mob            Silver + £1,800

3rd           Frome Poker Group        Bronze + £1,200

Even with team positions secured, there was all to play for with the individual results having a £6,000 prize fund alongside the coveted APAT Gold, Silver and Bronze medals.  Departing in Bronze medal position was Glen Hopley from Live Pub Poker League, thus leaving Nick Mazur (Blackbelt Poker) and Rob Hallworth (Gambling Network Forum) to fight it out – and it was Gold again for GNF, although this year for the third year running, it was to be ‘individual’ as opposed to ‘team’ that brought them the coveted Gold medal.


UK Team Championship 2014 – Individual Results

Pos         Player                                   Team                                                     Prize

1st           Rob Hallworth                   Gambling Nework Forum             Gold +£1,950
2nd          Nick Mazur                         Blackbelt Poker                                 Silver + £1,080
3rd           Glenn Hopley                    Live Pub Poker League                  Bronze + £660
4th           Paul Lamonby                    Blackbelt Poker                                 £480
5th           Dan Crabbe                        Frome Poker Group                        £390
6th           Simon Brooke                    London Poker Meetup                  £234
7th           Dawn Cooke                      Blackbelt Poker                                 £180
8th           Lynford Hall                        I Love Playing Poker                        £150
9th           Trevor Roberts                  Hetton Social Poker                        £120
10th         Derek Kavanagh               A World Of Poker                             £84
11th         Damon Delaney                UK Deaf Poker                                  £84
12th         Tony Moores                     The Hendon Mob                            £84
13th         Iain Ayre                              Hetton Social Poker                        £84
14th         Phil Colls                              FISO                                                       £60
15th         Sonia Lee                             Duke Street Poker                           £60
16th         Ben Walton                        Edgeworth Cricket Club                 £60
17th         Mark Morris                       Frome Poker Group                        £60
18th         Alan MacDonald               The Hendon Mob                            £60
19th         Omar Khan                         Elite Amateur Poker                       £60
20th         Jack Prime                           APAT Forum Team                          £60