Christoph Kreindl Wins APAT Central European Championship In Vienna

Over the weekend of 15-16th May 2010 APAT held the latest event in it’s fourth season, sponsored by Betfair Poker, with the Central European Amateur Poker Championships held at the Concord Card Casino in Vienna, Austria consisting of 179 runners and a €15,215 prize pool.

Courtesy of Betfair the winner of the Championship wins an entry to a GUKPT main event as part of an overall sponsorship package where APAT members have the chance to win thirty three seats to GUKPT main events and twenty three seats to APAT Professional League tournaments. In addition, each of the season’s seventy five amateur, professional and online tournaments are run completely registration free for players.

In addition, the winners of the Online and National Amateur Rankings will join the 17 Amateur Champions from season four and the player with the most points finishes across Amateur and Online events, to compete in the APAT Champions Final, to play for an APAT £20,000 sponsorship package in 2011.

Of the 179 participants, players came not only from Austria and the UK but from as far afield as Germany, Italy, Russia, Slovenia and Norway. Of the UK players, in a generally disappointing performance Don Logan was last to depart in 30th, his Ace King outdrawn by Ace Queen.

The early pace of play and exits was extremely brisk but by the end of the Day the chip leaders amongst the eighteen remaining players were:

Gerhard Göschl 254900
Dietmar Nopp 223800
Franz Triebl 174200
Goga Giorgadse 103500
Anthony Ghamrawi 102200

Season 4 Tournament Schedule

Goga Giorgadse cut a swathe through the field in the run down to the final table, eliminating four players most notably Dietmar Nopp to reach the final table as chip leader, in the following line up:

Goga Giorgadse – 429100
Franz Triebl – 87300
Manuel Tögel – 130600
Albert Engel – 130700
Christian Horvath – 55400
Jaime Antiga – 316500
Mario Leitner – 64800
Christoph Kreindl – 169000
Erwin Hammer – 47300
Gerhard Göschl – 359400

First exits on the final came on the same Hand. Albert Engel with Ace-Queen and Jamie Antiga with Ace-King both falling to Goschl’s flopped set of tens. Goschl then knocked out Leitner in eighth, a pair of fours holding against King-Jack and Triebl in seventh, King-Queen versus Pocket eights.

Finishing in 6th was Erwin Hammer, follwed by Manuel Togel in fifth. Four handed Goschl had half the chips in play, the others evenly stacked. Goschl then knocked out the Russian Giorgadse, flopped top pair versus middle pair.

Goschl continued to smash through the field finding Queens against Christian Horvath’s Pocket Eights three handed sending him Heads up against Christoph Kriendl with 80% of the chips in play. After forty five minutes play Kreindl doubled through Goschl with Ace-Nine against pocket twos and then Goschl flopped top pair, Kreindl flopped the straight and the chips found their way to the middle.

Christoph Kreindl from Linz thus became the APAT Central European Amateur Poker Champion 2010.

APAT now moves on to the Scottish Amateur Poker Champiponships at the International Casino, Aberdeen on 19th-20th June. Details of this and other events can be found on